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Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) Sorry, but I just have to vent.

My husband does most of his banking online. Friday he had difficulty signing into his Chase Bank account - after he entered his user name & password it kept asking him for additional info ... like his social security number and other identifying info. No way he was going to enter that! He called Chase and the "customer service" rep said "you must have a virus." He'd already run the virus scan and it came up clean. He cleared out all cookies. Checked security firewall, etc. He called again ... transferred to someone who was more computer savvy ... in India. My husband could not understand the person; he politely said, "Excuse me, I have some hearing loss, I just can't understand you." The guy HUNG UP on him!

So today, he goes to the local branch of Chase Bank, with all his paperwork (he'd printed out the screen shots, etc). The "customer service" person says she can't access his account because her computer has different software than the main bank ... HUH? He asks if he can just use her computer to access the internet and show her what happens when he tries to access his account - "No, because we're on a different system." She doesn't even look at the printouts he provided; she doesn't offer to have him speak to someone in IT. She grudgingly agrees to check his account when he insists he wants to verify if there's been any fraudulent activity. Hubby leaves the Chase Bank p*&sed off.

After calling me to vent, he goes across the street to M&I Bank, where he opens a new account and transfers all his money there.

He had been a Chase customer for 20 years!

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Nicolle grrr

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