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☼Book her, Doesn't  Like New GR Format☼  (ren_t) Nancy over on the Vine db posted this report.

She wrote: "This is a study that was done at Yale looking at the impact of customer reviews on sales. They were specifically looking at book reviews and sales but I would think that the results would be applicable across most of the product lines at Amazon.

So if you ever wonder why the Vine program exists and why vendors are so eager to throw a few free printers at us, I'm quite confident the answer is "because it works!"

I'm still looking for the summary so have no comments of my own.

message 2: by Glenda (new)

Glenda Bixler (goodreadscomgabixler) | 4 comments How, thanks so much for sharing the article. I'll be reading and probably blogging about it.

On the other hand...

What I mean by the other hand is that I've noticed on various sites lately that people got an advanced readers copy of a book. And yet, there was little if any worthwhile info about the book, at least in my opinion...

Vine obviously is giving me free books--books that I can select based upon my personal preferences. But just because I'm doing them does not mean, to me, that I treat those books differently than those coming to me from clients.

I guess what I'm asking, are pure "numbers" of reviews the bottom line? Guess I'll reconsider after reading the article.

Thanks again for reference!

☼Book her, Doesn't  Like New GR Format☼  (ren_t) <>

That's kind of the conclusion I've come to. That it's all about getting a media bump where there is lots of mention of the book. Quality doesn't seem to matter so much as quantity -- which from my point of view is a good thing ;D

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