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((Roleplay here :) ))

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Mitchie emerged from bed groggily and turned the alarm off.She showered and changed into a red shirt,black short shorts and knee-high black converses.She ran quietly through the house and made her way out the door.She sat on the swinging chair out the front and watched other houses in the street,listening to her ipod.

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Rose sat in bed listening to her ipod but her brothers yelled and pulled at her.

"Get up" Stevens yelled

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Emile was sitting in the backyard, upside down, reading a book. Her puppy Milo was sitting on her stomach, enjoying the sun.

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Zac woke up 15 minutes later,showered and changed.He changed into a green hoodie,denim jeans and black converses,he looked handsome as ever.He crept down the stairs and went outside to the front yard.He sat beside Mitchie,stealing an earphone from her.

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Milo ran around the yard with Emile's book, very hyper. Emile sat up and chased him.
"Milo! Give me the book! M-m-milo!" She shouted, still chasing him.

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Rose could her the screams and yells coming from the next door neighbors house and she could partly hear the girls music who was sitting on her porch.

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Milo jumped into the pool and let the book drop to the bottom.
"Milllooooo. Aww, come on." said Emile helping him out. She got wet in the process, and hugged him.
"Your so adorable, yet totally evil." she teased. He yipped and jumped out of her arms, then began running around again, yipping louder.

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Noices echoed through the streets and Rose couldn't stand it being so loud.

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"Sounds like someones getting murdered." Zac said gesturing to the house next door.Mitchie nodded in agreement."Should we check if the persons okay?" she asked.Zac rolled his eyes,"I didnt mean...Oh fine, I'll go then." he said annoyed and stood up leaving Mitchie laughing behind him.He walked out the gate and went next door,knocking the front door of the house ((EMILES)),just to attract attention.

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"Come on, calm down." said Emile catching Milo. He quieted, and sat down next to her on the chair. She laid her head back and stared at the sky, completley silent.

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Rose watched people wonder the streets on boy knocked on the door at the house next to Rose's. Rose watched the boy from her front yard.

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Emile heard the knocking and ran inside, Milow following and barking.

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Zac sighed and waited impatiently.

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Rose watched the boy wait . The boy turned and saw Rose watching

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Emile opened the door.
"Um... hi." she said quietly, looking at the boy.

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Mitchie stood up,pocketed her ipod and went inside.She grabbed her car keys and went back outside."I'm going shopping or something." she called to Zac and he nodded but she ignored him.She got into her truck,started the ignition and reversed,speeding off.

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Zac turned to the girl and froze for a moment."Um hi,sorry for interupting anything." he said."You see my cousin made me come over here to see if your alright." he explained.

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"Oh no it's okay... um sorry... he's kinda hyper." said Emlie pushing Milo back with her shoe.

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(( Is milo her dog))

Rose turned back and layed on the grass.

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Zac smiled."Hes cute.Anyway,sorry for bothering you." he said and turned to leave.

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I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 156 comments Mod
Milo bounded out of the house and jumped up, licking Zac's hand. Emile blushed.
"I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with him..." she grabbed Milo quickly.

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Rose watched the boy walked back to his house her ipod changes song and Nobodies perfect flip on and she thought about her old friends.

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Zac grinned."Its okay." he said patting the dog in her arms.

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((Rose, Mark and Stevens just moved here I just added it))

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Emile blushed, and Milo nudged Zac's hand, very happy.

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Rose could hear everything they were saying but she acted like she couldn't

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Zac smiled."Anyway,I should probably get going, your probably really busy." he said.

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Rose ipod changed song and her mind started to sing to the old 80's beat

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"Um not really... besides trying to get this creature to calm down." said Emile softly.

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Zac laughed."Oh and I'm Zac by the way." he said.

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Emile smiled. "I'm Emile." she said.

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Stevens pulled Rose off the ground.
"How long have you been on the ground?" He asked
"39 minuets."
Stevens started to go back to the house but to Rose
"Mark owes both of us 100 bucks"

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Rose turned her attention back to the boy and the girl

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"Nice to meet you Emile.I'm going now,dont worry." Zac said,smiling and started walking back.

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Rose watched the boy leave and the girl tackle her dog back inside the house.

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Emile sighed and walked inside. "Little troublemaker..." she said hugging Milo. He jumped out her arm and ran back into the pool.

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Rose heard a diastance splash and guessed it was the dog

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Zac sighed and sat on his porch.He took his ipod out and listened to Teenagers by Mcr.

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((This Milo:
[image error]

OMG I LOVE THAT SONG!! They said all Teenagers scare the living...))

Emile sat down and listened to Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet by Fob.

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Rose stood up and her ipod changed to her favorite song, Fear of flying by a rocket to the Moon. She started to twist and turn to the beat of the song.

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(('S**t outta me,they could't care less as long as someone will bleed,so darken you clothes and strike pose they'll leave you alone but not me' Milos cute!))

Zac petted Mitchies cat,Smoky, who just joined him on the porch."You shouldn't be out here theres a hyper dog around." he said to her.

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Rose flipped through her ipod but continued to dance

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((Yeap!! :D
Omg wow eyes! Pretty!!))

Milo swum around, while Emile watched him.

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Smoky skipped off and Zac watched her.

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Rose walked back into her house and marched straight to her room and started to un pack her clothes.

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Emile snapped her fingers, her signal to take Milo for a walk. He shook himself dry, and she put him on his leash, then walked out front.

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Rose collapsed on her bed from pure boredom

((Is anyone on?))

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