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This is for discussing "Fantine".

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Really, I think her story is just one of the most heartbreaking stories in all of literature. She loses everything and everyone dear to her! She dies cheated from her money and her child and is still waiting for her baby girl to come to her!

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This is taking me forever to read. I can only imagine it's partly because the story is so depressing.

It's interesting to see how the narrator is relating the story as if it were an historical account. We're told that no one knows how Jean Val Jean entered the court yard of his house.

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Courtyard of whose house? The place where Fantine lived?

Do we know how good their locks were? Anyway?

Besides, he was the Mayor. Everyone loved him. Why shouldn't he visit the sick and dying prostitute?

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It's was the the mayor's courtyard, where Fantine was living. The quote says "It has never been known how he had succeeded in gaining entrance into the court-yard without opening the carriage-door. He had, and always carried about him, a pass-key which opened a little side door, but he must have been searched, and this taken from him. This point is not yet cleared up."

It makes the story read more like something related from years ago. As if it became well-known or something.

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