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((Have fun, go crazy. Remember to make a charrie first!))

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♥KASSIDY♥ ummmmmmm

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Relja wondered where Artemis was.

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ak (anne-kat) Aza walked up behind Relja with her exceptionally quiet steps. "Loza!" she called out loudly. She wondered where her bat went. Probably messing around with Artemis, she reasoned.

Artemis swooped low over Relja's head, brushing her bond's hair. "I am here," she said, "But that's stating the obvious." Her voice was slightly humorous, she was in a good mood today for whatever reason.

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ak (anne-kat) ((is anyone online?))

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Palooza flew to Aza's call, her wings stretching widely, almost hitting Relja and Artemis.

"Watch it!" Relja snapped, completely suprising everybody. "Artemis, lets go."

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ak (anne-kat) Artemis looked rather surprised at Relja's demand, but swooped below the edge so her bond could drop.

"What's up with her?" Aza muttered, mounting Palooza.

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♥KASSIDY♥ ...........

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"I am afraid I do not know," Palooza informed Aza.

Relja lauched herself far off the edge so that Artemis had to swoop outwards quickly. Relja winced as her bond's wings snapped out sharply, but she just wanted to go away.

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ak (anne-kat) Artemis glided out, a little angry that her bond wasn't telling her anything. "What... is... wrong?" she asked, swooping between rock pillars.

Aza watched Artemis and Relja go, her eyebrows knitting. "Something has got to be wrong," she muttered. "Let's go," she then said, and jumped off, landing on her bat.

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Relja's eyes were set. "I'll tell you, once we get away from here." She glanced behind her, where Aza and Loza were taking off.

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ak (anne-kat) "Fly behind them, let's see if we can catch up without being seen..." Aza whispered in Looza's furry ear.

Artemis flew tightly, her wings snapping as they moved. She went fast, wanting Relja to tell her everything, so she went far away from the cliff.

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Palooza obediently tightened her wings and dropped some 50 feet. She relyed mostly on echolocation, stealthily beating her wings in rhythm with Artemis so as not to be heard. She felt a little bad about following them, but she was concerned for Relja's problem.

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ak (anne-kat) Artemis flew faster than just about any bat when she tried. Right now, she was trying. She was irritated, and that made her motions sharp and quick. Quick and strong enough to snap pillars of rock.

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Marj slumped in his beige chair, feeling regret. Why does it have to be this way? He thought. Why does she love me? Why can't she understand I don't love her, because- He froze, midthought. "I do love Relja, but not like that," He whispered to himself.

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ak (anne-kat) "Hello Marj," Katlyss said cheerfully, pulling out a chair beside him. "You look rather... down."

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"Um..yah." Marj rubbed his face like he was trying to wipe off his pale skin. "I guess...it's just Relja." It felt good to tell the truth.

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ak (anne-kat) "Mmm..." Katlyss said sympathetically. She leaned on her elbows, which rested on the table. "So, what happened now?"

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Marj looked around nervously. "It means you nothing, so I can tell you. She...well, she loves me. Since like forever. And I-" He huffed out a breath. "Love her, but like a sister! But everytime a try and tell her, she looks like I killed her family or ran over her with a truck or something. I finally told her today, which....." Marj trailed off, burying his face in his hands. "I wish I could love her." He whispered hoarsely. "But I love another..."

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ak (anne-kat) "Mmmm... I get it," Katlyss said. "You love her enough to not want her hurt, but not more than 'another'. Who's another?" she looked over with a mischievous grin. "You know I won't tell."

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"Mean you, that?" Marj said pleadingly.

"I..I sense something," Relja whispered to Artemis.

"We're losing them!" Looza rumbled softly.

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ak (anne-kat) Katlyss giggled. "You're really hopeless." She mussed up his hair. "It's kind of cute." Then she resumed a serious expression. "The council would go insane if they knew you loved someone. You know that. So I won't tell anyone. Other than my bond, naturally."

Artemis nodded, "Whatever it is, not for long."

"Pull back then..." Aza sighed. She knew they couldn't beat Artemis when she was angry.

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Marj couldn't help it. He grinned. "Wish I had a bond," He joked. "Anyway, its..." He turned the color of a rose. "-Aza," He whisper softly.

Relja kept her eyes forward, comforted by her bat's speed.

Palooza unhappily pulled back sharply, floating back out into the dark air.

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ak (anne-kat) Katlyss banged her head on the table. "Idiot... idiot... idiot..." she said, "She's Relja's best friend! AND a Halflander!" she sighed. "But you already know that.

Artemis skidded through the air, spinning like a top. "This is bad...." she said quietly. "The currents...."

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"I know, I know," Marj rubbed his eyes tiredly. "What can I do?"

"Turn us, back?" Relja asked, panic creeping into her voice.

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ak (anne-kat) "I have no idea," Katlyss said, her voice slightly muffled as she squished her nose into the table. "NO IDEA."

Artemis didn't reply, diving down, wings firm against her sides.

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Palooza felt the slight currents from the north. "Oh no!" She said, startled. "If Artemis kept that pace they will have reached the currents by now!" Looza glanced up at Aza's stricken face.

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Saerie swooped low into the large room, and, seeking out her bond's scent easily dived to meet her. "Kat!" She gasped, and suddenly turning on Marj yelled angrily, "What happened! Is she hurt?"

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ak (anne-kat) "We can't help...." Aza murmured, staring into Looza's fur. She looked up. "But we have to go anyway."

"Hold my wings," Artemis choked out, wincing as she hit another current, rocketing up into the air.

((think penguin hits ice... ;) ))

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ak (anne-kat) "Marj is the stupidest guy I have ever met...." Katlyss mumbled. "No I am not hurt. Except my brain, trying to fathom just how stupid Marj is."

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Palooza let out a rumbling war-cry and threw herself back into the blackness.

Saerie chuckled throatily, mostly relieved.
Suddenly she stiffened, red wings unfurling in distress. "Palooza!" She screamed. "She's in pain!"

((she can hear real well ^_-)

Relja's limbs locked in fear and she bucked like a bull-fighter. Help! She screamed internally.

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ak (anne-kat) Artemis let out a high pitched shriek. Her wings groaned from the stress of remaining tight to her body, but it was a lot better than breaking Relja.

Katlyss jumped onto Saerie, "Marj, come on! And get your own bat...." she added in an undertone.

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ak (anne-kat) ((I have to go!! but I might be back.... later....))

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((ok...same here. except for the "being back later" part. this was fun!!!!!!!! continue later BYE))

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ak (anne-kat) ((goodbye... *sob*))

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ak (anne-kat) Aza saw another flier and their bond being tossed about, looking rather flustered and panicked. "Rain!" she called, recognizing the rider.

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"WA????!!!!!!" the human hissed agressively, clining 2 the black behemoth, Karthenian

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ak (anne-kat) ((um, proper spelling and stuff please....))

Aza recoiled. "Fine, I won't help you..." she muttered, keeping Looza's wings down as the bat shot towards Artemis and Relja like a large furry bullet. Aza and Looza had experience with currents, and now could navigate them rather well, so long as Aza could keep Looza's wings down.

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((okay, sorry))
"I don't NEED your help. My bond and i are strong as one."Rainsorrow shifted her wait as her sleek ebon bat navigated the currents with ease.

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ak (anne-kat) Aza raised her eyebrows. "Fine then," she said, irritated, as she and Looza slammed into Artemis and Relja. Artemis wrapped her wings around Looza and Aza moved on top of them. "Do you know a way out?" she asked Rain.

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ak (anne-kat) Suddenly a large rock flew into a rock column, making it fall to the ground. Looza and Artemis broke apart, fluttering away from the column. Looza got caught in a current and was flung away. A second current had hit Aza, at a bad angle, and, unprepared, she was flung off of Looza. "Looza! Relja! Artemis!" Artemis was caught as well, Relja doing her best to keep her bat from going insane, and Looza was too far away now, unable to move very much. "Rain!" Aza called desperately.

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"COMMING!" Rainsorrow shouted as Karthenian clumsily stumbled through the upset currents to the unfortunate Aza "GRAB ON!!!" still hanging on for dear life, she mantained a firm grip on Voidsong, offering its shaft to her.

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ak (anne-kat) Aza disliked the ax, but grabbed on anyway, screaming for her bat, who was pinned in the current. ((sry Tanglesky but I had to make some explanation...))

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Looza felt like a million hands were pulling her in all directions. Her eyes rolled back and she almost blacked out, but a familiar scream pulled her back to reality.

Relja tightened her grip on the frightened bat as Artemis swung her wildly.

Saerie mostly followed them through hearing, because the screams and shouts could be heard frequently in the blackness.

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ak (anne-kat) Katlyss leaned down on Saerie, getting as streamlined as possible.

Artemis dove like a bullet, "Hold my wings!"

Tears ran down Aza's face as she screamed for her bat. Artemis swooped by her, and Aza jumped on recklessly.

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Looza opened her eyes and tried to unfurl her wings. She watched Aza mount Artemis with relief. She will be safe, She thought, just before she slammed into a rock wall.

Relja's muscles bulged as she pressed down on Artemis's wings. She shifted her knee to help bear the weight as Artemis dived.

Saerie froze as she watched Looza's body crumple on the floor. Her scream echoed as she hung in the air.

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ak (anne-kat) Tears streamed down Aza's face, "Looza! Looza!"

"Dive!" Katlyss screamed. She and Saerie were closest to Looza.

Artemis skimmed the ground as she got low enough to avoid the currents. "We're safe now, release my wings!" Artemis said, trying to keep the panic out of her voice.

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Relja knew what she had to do. She released Artemis then wrapped her arms around Aza. The girl was even harder to hold then the bat, but Relja was strong.

Saerie landed and almost threw Katlyss off her back, swooping in on Looza. A trickle of blood ran from her mouth, but she was "breathing!" Saerie huffed out.

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ak (anne-kat) Aza fought against Relja, but she kept herself from raging. She went limp, crying hysterically and screaming her bat's name.

Artemis snapped her wings out, feeling the currents tug at them on the edges. She drew them in a bit and soared to Looza, where she lay crumpled against the wall.

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ak (anne-kat) ((don't forget Marj is with Saerie and Katlyss!))

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