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A truly enjoyable story!

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Joy H. I enjoyed this book immensely!
I think everyone would enjoy it.
It's simple and sweet and entirely compelling.
Leave it to Gene Wilder to write such a lovely tale.

Danielle I agree completely!

Joy H. Hi Danielle. Welcome to Goodreads.

Glad you found my comment. I had forgotten I had written it. But I remember the story. I love Gene Wilder.

At I found the following short description:
"In 1918 when Paul Peachy's marriage is failing, he decides to join the army. Since he speaks German he's sent for to help interrogate notorious German spy Harry Stroller. Afraid of being sent to the front he deserts and passes himself of as Stroller. The German officials treat him like royality and give him a French whore for comfort."

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Joy H. PS-Danielle, have your read Gene Wilder's autobiography: Kiss Me Like a Stranger: My Search for Love and Art? It's very enjoyable, especially if you like Gene Wilder.

I've requested the audio version at my library. I read the book but I'd like to hear it in Wilder's own words since he's the narrator.

Danielle I have not read it. I'll add it to my list. I love to listen to the audio when it's the author who's narrator.

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Gaz Finished 'My French Whore' earlier today and enjoyed every minute of it. I completely agree, it's simple, sweet and compelling (and it only takes an hour or so to get through). I'd love to see a film adaptation directed by Mel Brooks! But of course, a young Gene Wilder playing the part of Peachy is obviously not going to happen now, which is a pity.

I read 'Kiss Me Like A Stranger' a few months back but I didn't know about the audio version. I will indeed seek that out. It's such a frank and honest account of his life which I found very amusing and often quite moving.

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Joy H. Yes, Gareth, Gene Wilder seems to be a very sensitive person and one gets the feeling that he's very vulnerable. When you listen to the audio version of his memoir ("Kiss Me Like A Stranger") you can hear the vulnerability in his voice. He has such expression when he reads the book aloud. He's very emotional at times. It's so refreshing that he's so open about his feelings. Most people are so closed in that respect. Most people cover up their emotions but in his memoir, Wilder lets it all hang out. He seems so sincere and that's what I like about him... in addition to his great sense of humor! I have the feeling that he'd be a wonderful friend.

PS-It would be fun to speculate as to who would be the best person (besides Wilder himself) to cast as Peachy in a film adaptation of "My French Whore". Any ideas?

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Joy H. PPS-How about Steve Carell as Peachy? Here's his photo:

Or perhaps, Kevin Kline:

message 9: by Gaz (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gaz Fun idea! Going by what I've seen, I quite like Steve Carell. He tends to play bumbling characters well and I'm sure, as long as Gene Wilder was involved with the movie, he'd be able to do the 'Peachy' character justice.

Kevin Kline? I did like his double performance in the movie 'Dave', and found it quite a heartwarming story with some good gags, but apart from that I have no other point of reference. Dave might be the only film I've seen featuring Kline, but he does such a great job of pretending to be someone else. Definitely enough pizazz and wit from the guy to make a character like Peachy and Harry Stroller work. Again, Gene would have to be involved somehow.

One actor I feel could really pull it off is Bill Murray. What do you think? He might be getting on a little now (to play a young soldier, anyway) but his acting chops haven't diminished at all. I can easily imagine him delivering lines like "because you have so much make-up on, I might miss your lips" in his usual deadpan and hilarious way.

Other than him (and obviously Wilder himself) I am having great difficulty suggesting younger comedic actors...

Oh, Jason Schwartzman just popped into my head:

His work with Wes Anderson is quite brilliant and I could definitely get used to the idea. What do you think?

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Joy H. Yes, Bill Murray is a good possibility. I've never seen Jason Schwartzman.

I think the job of casting actors might be a fascinating one. When I read Nobody's Fool, I automatically cast Jack Nicholson in the part of Sully. It was the first and only time I had ever automatically cast a book character while reading. When Paul Newman played the part in the movie adaptation, I was disappointed. Paul Newman played the character of Sully as laid back whereas I saw him as more quirky, like Nicholson himself.

I mentioned this in my review which is at:

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