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Name: Dylan (is a female)
Age: 16
Appearence: Tall, long thick brown hair, very pale, big green eyes
Personality: Doesnt talk much, quiet, mysterious, can be a very dangerous person to be around as in, very rude and protective
other: New student, loves sports, is basicly addicted to them except soccer hates soccer, wants to play for the girls basketball team and is trying to convince the coach to allow her to play.

More shall be reveled later!

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Name: Rayna Thomas
Age: 16
Appearence: Tall, Black Hair that goes to her elbows. Average height. Heart shaped face. Grey eyes.
Personallity:Fun, nice for the most part but willl be mean if you push her to her limits. Stubborn when she sets her mind to something. Shy at first, but lively when you meet her.
Other: New student, is good at history.

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LOL! But thats cool,so he isn't one of those perfect characters. He is dealing with something.

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Is that a real person? The photo looks like it was taken for a year book!

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Problem, I think Greg like deleted his account so hsi character will need to be taken over!

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Oh, and I think Josh deleted his membership too. I wander why? Hmmmm...IDK

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