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Lizzy start!

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Ani sat on the couch in her tour bus. She grabbed her guitar and started strumming her song "blame it on the boys" ((oh yes, I have lyrics to go with it. lol))
"Blame it on the boys
It's all their..." she started singing, then stopped to the sound of a crash in the back of her bus. She ran back there to find none other than Ryan Lamodo, one of her guitarists.
"What are you doing hiding in my closet?' she demanded. Ryan blushed.
"Well, I... I... I wanted to see the new stereo," he lied obviously, then clutched his knee. Ani saw him and guided him to the couch.
"Are you alright?" she asked.
"Fine," he muttered, and leaned on Ani.
"We'll be back in a few minutes, I don't think it will take very long to walk you home," Ani said shaking her head.

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) ((lol))

Alex had just moved in and was standing outside on his lawn drinking a margharita while watching the movers move his stuff in. It was a mansion size house that he heard of. He didn't realize it yet but he lived only two doors down from Ani Loke and next door to her guitarist, Ryan.

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((she treats him like a little brother. and I'm working on that song! I blame it on boys that I'm not the same girl I used to be... I've started caring about how I look...))
Ani and Ryan got out of the bus as it arrived at her house.
"Go inside, and don't let me see you come back out until you can walk on that leg," She said seriously, then added a "Byebye!" She was about to walk into her house when she noticed movers in the house next to her, so she went over to the person she assumed owned the house.
"Hi, I'm Ani. Who are you?" She inquired.

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) ((oh cool!))

"I'm Alex. Wanna drink?" he smiled not realizing who she was yet

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((ok, I'm going to be a little slow. my crappy computer won't stop being so stupid!))
"Um, no thanks, I don't drink. But thanks," she said, then started humming another one of her songs.

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) ((hi!))

"haha i didn't specifically mean an alcoholic drink but any drink really." he said still oblivious to who she was. "So what's your name?" he asked

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"I'm Ani. You are...?" Ani said.

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((I just got my computer fixed! yay! antivisur 2009 is not a protection thing! it's a virus!))

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) "Alex, I said that before." he chuckled

((lol i g2g i'll be back later tho))

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"Oops. My bad. And didn't I say my name was Ani before also, before I asked your name...?" Ani questioned.

((bye bye!))

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) ((nvm i can stay for a little while))

"Oh right. So, what's up?" he asked

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"Not much. Just got back from a tour." Ani said.

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) "Tour? You sing? and nothing much really"

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"Um, yeah, I'm Ani Loke. I sing." Ani said with a chuckle.

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) "OH MY GOD YOU ARE! Wow, I feel like a complete idiot," he said laughing

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Ani laughed. "It's alright. I get that a lot. I guess I look pretty different when I don't have make-up on," Ani concluded.

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) Alex shrugged, " I think you gorgeous with or without make-up on..."

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"Aw, thanks," she said and blushed. "So how'd you afford this house? Everyone that's been in there so far has been old retired movie stars."

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) "You're welcome," he smiled, "I'm rich. That's how. My father owns part of google."

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"Ah, that would explain it. Finally, someone who won't yell at me for having a party," Ani said shaking her head and the memories.

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) "party? where? i love parties. Actually, I'm having one tonight. You should come on by, I'll have the jacuzzi and pool open too so bring your bathing suit" he said smiling

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) ((g2g i'll be back in a few hours))

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"Thanks! The neighbors would always yell at me when I had a party because it got 'too loud'" she told him.

((bye bye!))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) Lilly had walked up and was silently listening to Ani's and Alex's conversation, "Hey! I've never yelled at you!" She disagreed.

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Ani turned around to see Lilly.
"No, you and Ryan would never yell at me. You guys were always at the parties Or we were over at your house having a party. But remember the Travoltas? They would always get mad."

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Mallory (malloryrose17) "Oh, yeah. But, you can hardly blame them," Lilly laughed, "They're like, old and actually sleep at night, you know?"

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"Weird. People who sleep at night and not in the car or bus," Ani chuckled.

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Mallory (malloryrose17) "Tell me about it. Well, I sleep at night when I'm filming, but that's kind of obvious. I can't have dark circles under my eyes in all of the scenes, you know," She laughed.

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"You can't? They put enough make-up on stars to hide anything. Remember that HUGE black eye that Britney ((spears)) got after Angelina ((jolee [sp:])) punched her at that party? it wasn't on her in that movie!"

((lol, anlgenia punching britney...))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((Haha!!))
"Well, yeah. But you know I hate being caked in make-up," Lilly shrugged, "So, I do my best to keep all that I can of it off!"

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"True. Me too. I'm so glad I can do my own make up, I hate having people surrounding me messing with my face."

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Mallory (malloryrose17) "Yeah..." Lilly agreed, "But I can't - I think the directors would murder me! Anyway, have you been working on any songs lately? I'm dying for your new album."

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"Whenever I have time on the tour bus and I'm not sleeping," she told Lilly. "I'm working on one about my a$$ of an exboyfriend. I wonder if there is a rhyming word for 'dirty lousy jacka$$.' If there is, I would like to know about it because it will certainly help my song. And if their isn't, oh well."

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Mallory (malloryrose17) Lilly laughed, "Well, I'll see if I can think of one for you, and holler if I do."

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"Thanks. I've already come up with lyrics if I was doing a parody..." Ani said and rubbed her chin "thoughtfully" then laughed.

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Mallory (malloryrose17) "When's the next time you're going on tour?" Lilly asked, "It's always strangely quiet around here when you leave. It's kinda scary."

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"Not for a while. I'm just sticking to local concerts until my next cd comes out."

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Mallory (malloryrose17) "Oh, well, that's good. It won't be quiet for a while then!" Lilly exclaimed.

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Ani laughed.
"Are you working on a movie right now?"

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((if you want to read the parody, click here: you won't get who it's about or the drama going on though))

message 42: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) "Memorizing the script," Lilly laughed, "It's different then anything I've done before. Hopefully, thought, people'll like it!"

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message 44: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) Lilly nodded, "Sooo..."

message 45: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) "Sooo I'm Alex. And don't worry, if she goes on tour again, it WON'T be quiet." he said to Lilly smiling

message 46: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) "Oh, good to meet you," Lilly smiled back, holding out her hand, "I'm Lilly Pritins! Are you the one that just moved in?"

message 47: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) "Yep I am. Wanna drink? Alcoholic? Non-Alcoholic?" He said shaking her hand

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Mallory (malloryrose17) "Too young for alcohol," Lilly said, with a small laugh, "So I'll have to say yes to the non-alcoholic."

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((Ugh, I have to go. I'll be on later, though. See ya!))

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) ((kk bye!))

"Haha ok. What would you like?"

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