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Catherine yes

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Ninamarie yes

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Kati yes

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Carol Yes

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Carter yes

Marcia q I can't imagine reading State of Wonder & not reading Heart of Darkness at the same time. Was Conrad an influence for you when writing State of Wonder?

Gretchen yes

Nathan yes

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Sydney Young Yes.

Natalia Sylvester Yes.

Paige Humpston Can't watch, but also read all of hers in addition to State of Wonder

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Peg Yes

Renee yes

Jemetiens yes yes yes!

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Amy Yes!

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Alison yes

Roberta yes

emily yes

emily q Hi Ann, delighted to have this chance to hear from you. I live in Brazil and found your description of the country quite accurate in State of Wonder. Did you travel to Manaus and the Brazilian Amazon much to write this book?

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Annie yes!

message 72: by Mary (new)

Mary Mary Helen Fein: looking forward to joining in.

Tanya Yes!

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Adam Yes

Nancy yes

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Kate Yes, I'm very interested in attending

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Wordsmith Yes

Nathalie Highland yes

message 79: by Liana (new)

Liana yes!

message 80: by Mary (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mary yes- Just finished State of Wonder, thanks for a book that helped me understand the commitment people make when they leave their homeland to do studies or missionary work.

message 81: by Liana (new)

Liana q what were your favorite memories of reading growing up and did this influence the creation of Parnassus Books? What was your reaction when you saw yourself on Time's 100 Most Influential People list?

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Sam Sattler Yes.

message 83: by DANIEL (new)

DANIEL MAYORGA q I enjoyed Bel Canto as latin and witnnes of the taking of an embassy in my country for a revolutionary group. What actual event inspired you to write such a wonderful book?

Brian yes

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Elaine Baskin Yes

Shelly Yes, thrilled about this chat! Our book club is reading State of Wonder (my recommendation).

Julia Yes

Shelly q I also thought about Heart of Darkness when reading State of Wonder. Your writing was so vivid, I felt that

Alice Alice Kintisch: Yes

Shelly Your writing was so vivid, I felt that I was right there in the rain forest. q Although your writing was beautiful, I disliked Patron Saint because I could not believe Rose could abandon her daughter. In State of Wonder, a family is reunited at the end. Did you feel that State of Wonder had a "better" ending (more closure, etc.) than Patron Saint of Liars?

Karen yes, please send reminder

Nancy Yes! I so admire this writer for also opening a book store n this time of fear for small shops

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Eva Pohler Eva Pohler: After reading State of Wonder, I thought about Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible and how different the native people were treated by the missionaries versus the doctors in your story. Did the Kingsolver's novel influence you at all?

Rachel Rachel Clark: yes, please remind. q: this might be like asking a mother to say which child she likes best, but do you have a favorite among the novels you've written? Who are some writers you admire? What kinds of books are you most eager to sell?

Laura yes

Sanemets Yes

Barbara Yes

Joyce Yes, please.

Jacqui yes...

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Diane Stavrum Yes

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