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Lia woke up on the beach. The sun was barely begging to rise over the horizon. "Another sucky day," she said.
Orca woke up next to her boyfriend Mike. He wasn't awake yet so she joined with Lia.
"Hi Lia! Did you have a good sleep?"
Lia turned around quickly at the sound of a voice. "Oh yeah," she responded. "You?"
"Yup,"Orca siad softly trying not to wake Mike who is NOT a morning person,"so where to? I tired of Orlando. We can fly to Atlanta! Thats where the biggest aquarium in the world is!
Orca jumped up and down since she has powers to talk to fish and breathe under water.
"Georgia Aquarium sounds awsome! Thats also where they held the olymics and World of Coke!!!!!
Lia shrugged. "Whatever's fine."
Orca sighed,"I guess you're the silent one.But now I am happy Atlanta here we come!!!!!"she screamed.
Mike jolted up in his sleep."And people think YOUR the shy one,"he said sarcastically yawning.
"Oh shutup!"Orca replied looking at Lia she said,"I told you he was not a morning person."
Lia nodded. "Sure."
"hey guys," victoria appeared next to lia,"how's it goin'?"
Lia nodded. "Morning."
"u guys doin' anything today?" victoria asked.
Lia shook her head. She hated mornings. "Apparently we're going to Georgia."
victoria shrugged,"sure, it's better than wisconsin."
Lia nodded. "Hungry?" she asked, handng her some food.
"thanks," victoria took the food and started eating.
"Hi Vic,"Mike said.
"Morning Mike," Orca said rudly since Mike was checking out Victoria but she was only 12 and Mike is 16.
"Who burst your bubble?"Mike asked.
"No one,"Orca replied.
"Yeah ok"
"Orca sometimes you are so rude!"Mike exclaimed.
"Your the one checking out a 12 year-old!!!!"Orca screamed back.
"So Victoria you want to be in our flock,"Orca asked after she finished with Mike.
"Hello I'm the flcok leader!And I was NOT checking out Victoria!!!I was staring because she is so hungry!!!!"Mike argued.
"So you weren't going to invite her"
"I was!"
"Sure Mike"
"Trust me and why did you invite her but didn't ask me?"
"Because you were being a JERK!"
Then they both turned to face Lia and Victoria and both smiled and turned around.
Then a few minutes later......
"Victoria,we would love you to be part of our flock,"Mike said calmly smiling while Orca was nodding but frowning.
"No thanks, I'd just slow you guys down," victoria said
Lia watched. It assmused her and she smiled a little.
"No you won't you need a family and were it,"Orca replied smiling.
Then Mike started laughing so Orca pushed Mike into the sand then turned around to Victoria and just smiled.victoria disapeared.
"Victoria!!!"Orca screamed but she was gone.
"She said no Orca give it up,"Mike said.
"Ok so where to," Orca asked Mike.
"I'm thinking about NY,"Mike said staring east the way they had to go.
"Mike I want to go to Atlanta since it's closer beacuse we are in Orlando!"Orca excliamed.
"I wanted to go to Disney World but you said no!!"
"Thats because were not kids!"Orca shouted and started heading NE the way to Atlanta.
"Maybe we should go to Virgina," Lia said suddenly.
"Why?"asked Mike and Orca hit him playfully.
Lia shrugged. "I'm not sure."
"Well we all have different opinions, MIKE!!"Orca said and Mike stoped picking his nose.
Lia sighed. How did I get stuck with them? she asked herself.
Orca just turns and smiles.
Orca thinks Why did I chose to date him? When she looked at him he was picking his nose and said:
"I think we should go to all.You know pit stop at Atlanta,Virginia, and NY.Its perfect."
Orca jumped up and said,"Thats a way to use your brain Mike!"
"Ok!!!!Yes!Lets take off NOW!!!!"Mike excliamed.Then he suddenly shot up in the sky and Orca shot up to follow him up to the sky to wait on Lia.
"Victoria!!Lia!!Come on!!!!"Mike screamed.
Orca flew down and grabed Victoria's hand,"come on!"she screamed griting her teeth and pulling with all her might.
"Lia go with Mike!Vic please come on!Your only 12!!!!!Please you need us!!!"Orca screamed.
When Victoria became invisible Orca let go and went to go face Lia.
"Come on Lia lets go.And Vic if you are still there we are going to Atlanta just in case you want us!"Orca said and flew up to Mike and looked down on Lia and said,"Lets go."
victoria walked towards the freeway and jumped onto the back of a car.
"Bye!"Orca screams,"bye".
"bye," victoria said. the driver of the car victoria was on freaked out and was out of there in 2 seconds.
Orca saw the car dissapear.

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Karina ((what's this?))

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Its the whole beach roleplay thing and you dont have to use those

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Karina why?

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about the roleplay thing
or the (())?

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