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J J May 01, 2012 11:57AM
Ok, pick one of these girls from "The List" and give her some much needed advice.
Danielle DeMarco
Abby Warner
Candace Kincaid
Lauren Finn
Sarah Singer
Bridget Honeycutt
Jennifer Briggis
Margo Gablr

I agree Spw. I really felt for Bridget. I can only hope for people with her issue to find a way out and to know they have people who loved them. I am not saying this to put anyone down. I am an Anorexia survivor and it was accepting the love of my parents, my brother, my niece and nephew and my one amazing friend that brought me out of it. Even when the world and the teenagers around you tell you you are ugly and worthless remember the people who love you more than anything in the world. You are always beautiful, always precious and always free to just be you.

Danielle - You should always know that you are beautiful on the inside and out no matter what others say. Never let anything get you down. You are great at swimming so focus on that and who cares what others think! Also, be careful who you choose as a boyfriend especially if he's popular like Andrew because you never know if he'll get tired of having a girlfriend who's not popular like him and don't have the same friends. And I'm sure you don't look like a man.

Danielle. I think you should just be yourself and never let anyone dictate your life. you are the best swimmer around and are going to accomplish a lot when you finish high school.

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Sarah. She needs to know that no one really cares about what she does. The only reason people actually said something about her was because she gave them something to talk about (ex. not cleaning herself for a week). She just needs to clean up her act, stop being so distant, and start talking to people.

Jennifer. OK she really has to stop being so mean! Doesn't she remember how sad she felt when she was on the list? I mean, to put Danielle because she thought she was a slut??? She should't do that just 'cause SHE can't find a boyfriend! So...basicly, I hate her sooooooo much.

I would first give advice to Bridget Honeycutt. She has a severe eating disorder that has truly taken over her whole life. I would suggest to her to talk to her parents about it in order to get the help she needs.

Bridget. She thinks she that she is not good enough for anyone, so she develops a eating disorder. I would tell her that evryone cares about you, whether they show it at the time or not. I would also tell her that she is not alone and she needs to get help from her family and friends.

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