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hypocrite clams... Which one should it be like? We could have people characters who befriend faeries, or people who go around in a random world, fighting each-other? Please help, and give me your vote, unless you have another style of faerie stories? Thanks!

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Just Plain Ray (Ray_of_Sunshine) | 882 comments *has never read the Spiderwick chronicles*
So, I don't really care ^-^

hypocrite clams... Well, you should read them, they are really good. Which one do you prefer? People who befriend the faeries, or people who go around in a random world, fighting each-other?

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Just Plain Ray (Ray_of_Sunshine) | 882 comments Lolz, I like it when humans don't interfere with the mythical i would choose the latter choice.

hypocrite clams... Okay!!! Thank you for your vote!!!

hypocrite clams... Hmmmmm... we need a tie breaker... we should wait until al LEAST three people (yes, three different people have posted, with me being the third, but I don't count...) have voted. Thank you for your votes!!!

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Kim i agree with grace

hypocrite clams... Hmmmmmmm... okay, we could have some faeries be friends, and others... not. That way, we can have fighting, and peace. Thanks!

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Kim can the fairies have powers?

hypocrite clams... Yes. In fact, I think that the RP would be much cooler if the faeries had powers. Keep in mind, that they are optional in ALL of the RPs.

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Kim i know

hypocrite clams... Okay.

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I haven't read them, so I'd say made up.

hypocrite clams... Okay, thank you for your votes!!! √

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