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Ava Nazari a beautiful tragedy in which the tragic flaw is othello himself, actually his jelousy made him kill his nice wife and himself

Valorie I practically get dehydrated from crying every time I see this play. It KILLS me I think because of the whole misunderstanding. Othello truly believes that his wife has been unfaithful and then must be so decietful to act like she loves him when she's doing that behind his back.

I think its because misunderstandings can really happen so easily in marriage that this always strikes me as so believable and tragic.

The fact that someone would go out of thier way to make a spouse think that about the other is one of the most evil things I can think of and whenever I see that in any movie or book it always causes the same reaction in me.

Also being falsly accused is one of the most painful things in existance. So its her pain in not knowing what happened to make him like that that doubles the tragity for me.

Sandy Hunter Has anyone read the I, Iago that parallels this play?

Marsha Bridgeman I would love to get my hands on I, Iago! His character--as much as we love to hate him--is brilliant! However, when I teach this play, I like to point out to my students the superior intelligence of his wife, Emilia, as well. She was a woman who knew her place during her time period, staying subservient and quiet--until all her suspicions were verified. I like that she and Bianca both were presented as strong female characters, even though they had no power in society.

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