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Ramnik (bobisfunke) | 4 comments Mod
*SPOILER* just wait until u get to the end of eldest. u'll be surprised...

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i no hes gone but...other than that not much...

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Court I'm reading Brisingr its so-oh boring right now.

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Murtagh is my fave!

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Lynny (lynnyo4) | 1 comments i *love* Murtagh!!! he is the reason i finished the first book. is he in all the books?

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Court Yep.

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He's so awesome! I didn't like him in the end of Eldest because of Galby, though...

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MarielaBlu (queenscove) Even though he's bad i still love him the most!

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I know! I mean, it was against his will and all. So that makes him bad in a good way!

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Wait.. what? Umm... OK... How much have you read?

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Court Uh-oh..I think we spoiled an ending..

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I think so, too... oops...

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thats alrightl...all i no is hes BACK!!! =D

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i figured anyway...they cant get rid of a charie like *snap* that!

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