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Clare D' Lune Hey everyone, sorry I got so late in posting this weeks. My grandparents are up from Virginia and we've been really busy. Sorry, hope I haven't kept you waiting too long!

Please do not use a story previously used on goodreads. After the week's contest, you are welcome to put it on your profile writings, but please refrain from using stories you have already put on there.

You have until Saturday afternoon to post a story on here. Please post it directly onto this topic, rather than posting a link. Also, please do not discuss stories on here. You must go to Weekly Short Story Contest Discussion ( for that. This will avoid any clutter and confusion, so that people can simply come on here and read the story, without having to read comments on the story.

This week's Topic is Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Holidays. If anyone has any objections to this topic, please go to the Objections post. The rules are pretty loose. You could write about past experiances, what you are doing this year, or just have on of those 4 words in the story. NOTE: you do NOT need to use all four words in story.

Weekly stories must be at least 500 words long to 2,000 words long. (if the whole story won't fit in one post, divide it into two)

Good luck!


P.S. PLEASE say if you would like to have your story on Short Story Galore, if you win. This way it wouldn't take me ages to get your consent afterwards. This includes adding a link to your stories. If you want to have your story on the Short Story Galore, but not the link, just say so.

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yay! i have one for this!

Title: Christmas Spirit
Author: Adrienne
Words: 737
Short Story Galore: YES!!!!

Amy crawled out of bed, slipping out of the warm embrace the blankets gave her. Her feet landed in the slippers she had laid out, and she padded out of her room. The house was lit with a white glow from the full moon outside. She reached the stair case that led down to the living room. Carefully, she took each step, not to wake anyone up. Once on the bottom floor, she hurried into the next room. This room was illuminated with a different glow – a glow with many colors. For standing in the middle of the room, was a tree lit with the sparkles of every color of the rainbow. Candy canes and popcorn strings hung and wrapped around it. Amy stepped closer. Her tiny eyes lifted to the top, gazing mesmerized at the glimmering golden star above. She scanned down the tree, until she was at the very bottom. Eagerly she rushed forward, sliding down close on her knees, brambles poking at her rosy cheeks. She took hold of one of the presents spread out in front of her. Her small hand smoothed out the label. With a beating heart, she read her name.

To: Amy
From: Santa

The words, written in a scrawl, seemed to glow along with the tree. They were magical words, full of meaning. The little five-year old knelt down, hugging the present, giving it a little shake. She couldn’t wait for dawn to approach and grant her permission to unwrap it.

When it finally did, she was the first one to wake. At first, today was a normal day. Until she realized what day it was. Her bed covers were thrown to the side as she yelled. Still in her sagging pajamas, Amy ran to the tree. It had remained there, still as a statue, exactly like the night before. She could hear the muffled conversations of her parents upstairs, but they didn’t matter anymore. It was just her, the tree, and the presents. With excitement she reached out and grabbed a wrapped preset, bringing it towards her. She read the magical words again: “To: Amy, From: Santa.”

Now her parents joined her, watching her with pride. Amy looked over the present, until she found the tape. She ripped it off, tearing the wrapping paper with delight. With every tear she found herself squealing. It hadn’t really mattered that the present was just a bunch of clothes from Cole’s. It mattered that she had gotten something. That Santa Claus, with his sooty but velvety coat, had climbed down her chimney, and placed this present under the tree.

She leaned back, watching as her parents unwrapped their presents. One present was fine with her – her family was poor. Her parents smiled, hugged, and turned back to Amy. Her mother gave a knowing smile to her husband, and pulled out a little present from behind her back. Amy slid off the couch and took it from her.

“Thank you!” she whispered. The present was perfect: a square wrapped with rose petals. She gazed at it, smiling. This time Amy rushed. She didn’t savor the sound of ripping. Her fingernails scratched glass, and she paused, then ripped even harder. It was a music box with a snow globe on top of the stand, the shape of a baseball. Inside the glass ball, Joseph and Mary stood, with Joseph’s arm wrapped around Mary’s shoulder. They stared down at a little baby cuddled in hay. He was sleeping, in a white blanket. Jesus.

“Baby Jesus!” she cried, peering at him over his parent’s arms. She felt like the star of Bethlehem watching his pale face. It was all too perfect. Between two skinny fingers, she twisted the knob.
It was a beautiful, magical sound. It came slowly, a little hesitantly. It filled the room with grace, galloping like a silver deer around Amy and her parents. Then it flew up and changed into the shining star of Bethlehem. Amy felt herself looking up in wonder.

Amy’s father pressed a hand on her knee, smiling another knowing smile. “Merry Christmas,” he told her, then stood up. “What’s for breakfast?”

For them, it was just another year. It was just another day. It was just another time to wake up at midnight and throw the presents under the tree. But to Amy it was different. It was special. It was magical. It was Baby Jesus’ birthday.

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Clare D' Lune oooh!!!!!! : ) cute!! love it!

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Arthur | 554 comments Mod
Title: Road of the Future
Author: Arthur
Words: Way over the limit 3100
Notes: I wrote this for this contest but can’t make it shorter. Season Greetings and may all have a Merry Christmas!!

* ** * ** * ** * ** *
Road of the Future

And the crystal that had faded and spun until it disappeared from sight reappeared. Seeking a safe place to return and finding safety in the far future. The glow like Christmas lighted the bedroom only and grew brighter and continued brighter.
Marilyn woke and watched her dream for a short moment. Either she wished too strongly to see Christmas or hall lights wandered into her room. Perhaps she left her door open. And Bradley would then wander in too by mistake, not likely. Yet there it was mystical and magical luminous Christmas lights in her room.
She slowly found balance and pushed up the rustic bed spread that her mother and grandmother had handmade only last year as their gift for Christmas. She had heard stories, had learned such gifts would mean marriage, or other reasons but she had not expected the luxury of handmade and expensive gifts for her own room. Her mother had laughed almost into hysterics as Marilyn explained why she took fright seeing her Christmas gift was for her and not something for a chest and for the future. The fright of the suggestion of needing a husband dissolved. She smiled. Her father laughed. Bradley not understanding at all began to laugh too.
Marilyn had to cry in relief, and at their laughter she tried merely to understand her family. She only nearly made a silly goose fool of herself. Her father will forget her and her fears maybe. She would come to understand. He spoke to his wife about it later. And Marilyn had gone to get a cookie and overheard them. She then had realized that there is a big difference between believing she had known of something and the urgency of something she wouldn’t expect. She would at least seek a husband who was charming as her father and was just as understanding.
Her clock anyway had been set for at least another hour. And the nightmare she just had about Christmas lights was enough that she didn’t want to try to sleep again. She saw her door was indeed set ajar. She winced. Her mother had been awake too at some time and looked in. Good thing she woke, or Bradley would have seen it as open and run in to tell her it was Christmas morning with excitement on his childish fat face. One thing Marilyn could not understand was Bradley’s energy. If you put him on a treadmill with mom he could convince her to run a mile. Poor child may be up already, and with the TV on. He really is not allowed this early to be up without someone else, but he gets the idea when it’s Christmas that Santa will visit, and maybe Santa is on TV.
Marilyn decided the crack in her door was merely a sweet peek-in by her mother and maybe an operative message that may mean she couldn’t sleep herself, and if by chance I took any faith in my life I ought to check on Bradley when I woke. Maybe watch him until her parents woke for breakfast always early enough to enjoy gift unwrappings.
Last year Bradley puked up his cereal. But dad just sent Bradley to his room to change his pajamas. We went on and finished. Dad knew Bradley was over high because it had been Christmas, and scolded him by saying just that, so of course Bradley understood that much, and returned with his bathrobe around him instead. He had forgotten where his clean pair was. We’re not suppose to laugh at him, not at him so to lead him to become embarrassed, but still it was ridiculously silly of him to have puked up on his pajamas on Christmas morning.
Marilyn had grabbed her robe and went out into the hall. Not expecting to find anyone other than herself up. No one. She was alone. She spun around to see that she closed her door without thinking. And that might alert Bradley that she was also awake. She looked into the bathroom as she passed it in the hall. Nothing. She slipped to the stairs and down without a thump or creak. She saw the Christmas lights of the tree crystal clear and began to hum a merry-go-round Christmas tune to herself.
Santa had indeed been there again as every year. And left an enormous pile of gifts for children. She was amazed. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed something strange. Even the clock down here said it was an hour before her alarm would have gone to wake her. But something else, the three dimensional man warming his hands over the burning coals of the hearth. He was real. At least the three dimensions of him. But why was Santa or whoever here?
The mysterious figure turned, with bright green eyes. She thought Santa would have crystal blue ones. But these look so wise, but who else would have crystal wise eyes and a great white beard, and a hood and a well smelling cloak warming his slowly over-worked fingers in the house’s hearth? As he turned she smiled.
“Marilyn, good morning. And may I apologize for my appearance here.” His surprise was only one of several questions leaping in Marilyn’s mind right now. She realized she may look faint or worried in her morning robe, as if she suspected something in her household and had come to investigate. Had she? Was that Santa? And was it the lights in her dreams had it been an invitation to see him? And why?
As he remained turned with his green eyes focused on the half lady, he had the most funny smile Marilyn had ever the chance to first see. This Santa was a way better actor than any she had seen on TV or the live one’s who had photo booths at the shopping mall. He was the most handsome and beautiful man with grizzled white hairs she has seen.
“I’m afraid I owe you an explanation my dear girl.” He began to say, Marilyn smiled because he was so perfect. If she was only in one of her dreams she couldn’t remember she wanted to at least stay asleep for at least to meet this Santa Claus.
“Are you real?” Marilyn asked.
“Let me warn you first Marilyn. I am a wizard. How else could I have got into your house?”
And Marilyn thought about the legends of Santa. This much made sense. Now what was left was Santa to explain why he needed Marilyn’s help at five in the morning. Three hours early before her parents would set foot out of bed. And maybe Bradley too.
“I love you Santa…” It was it she heard herself say aloud to the figure in front of her in her morning robe and slippers.
“Yes. Marilyn do you believe in wizards then? Good. Try not to be frightened. I’m a little lost. May I suggest…trapped in your house first before you make a joke of my predicament my dear young lady.” His beard flared up with obvious embarrassment. She was about to giggle. Was that something she would remember when she woke?
“But secondly may I tell you that I am from another time. And you may wish to help me because I obviously look friendly, harmless, and perhaps I am worthy to be your friend.”
The question made her gut turn to porridge. Mushy really, as if she would ever wake up, but that she would end up waking later in another world in the night after she helped Santa find his way home. She looked at the clock and it still had not changed. It was still and hour before she would wake. Even this made her feel funny. She must be asleep.

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Arthur | 554 comments Mod
“Now please Marilyn let me explain a few things about time. It’s a tricky thing to explain. I am a cosmos magician, in books they just call it a thing now well known as a wizard. Do you have any idea what a wizard will really mean?” He smiled as he ended in a question because he hardly expected her to realize so much so young, but he still had known she was harmless, or more helpful that he was at first able to estimate. She had to help lead him around in an unchartered world that was in a far future and when the time had visibly stopped. But he didn’t know about the time. He had not seen a clock stop except the one when he left.
“So I am a wizard Marilyn. There…do you see?” He pointed to the clock. “Do you know when time will begin?” He asked.
“No.… Do you?” She realized from the sound of her voice that maybe she wasn’t asleep after all. There was only her and a figure that looked like Santa in her house. Where was her creative sleep’s imagination? And her mother and grandmother? Perhaps she ought to help Santa find his way out of this trap and time would just resume.
“No. It stopped before I left England. Is that where I am now?”
“England? Were you delivering Christmas presents with a sleigh and Rudolf in that country?” She woke up his old rusty imagination by answering his question with her own. She looked wise too.
“I take that I am not in England. Then where am I?” That pricked both their ears. How could Santa not know of America? In fact why did he say from another time? Was there no America yet?
“Did you bring Rudolf?” She asked. She had a harmless enough questioning grin that he wished he knew.
“No. I do not believe I have any knowledge of Rudolf.”
He was from another time indeed. Marilyn flinched from the fright. How would they save Christmas and get Santa back into his sleigh?
“You may think I am someone, young lady than I am. Who did you think I was?”
“Santa Claus”
“Oh, indeed. I do resemble him some. Perhaps I am. I will look into the matter soon as I may return. But hopefully I will not end up in the North Pole.”
“But why not, we need Santa Claus.” She kind of heard her own note of worry in her voice, and did not want to either confront him on the matter or frighten him. He was Santa because he said he would speak to whoever was responsible about the matter once she wakes up from her impossible save Santa dream.
“Marilyn, I would like to introduce myself, as Merlin the Wonderful Wizard. There I’ve said me and my name. And believe me my dear there is some reason why I kind of hide myself. And you found me. Thank you child for that. Now to get to the bottom of the matter, I know all about culture and the world’s myths and magic. And I am not really Santa Claus, but I wish I was, and I am not saying there isn’t such a thing, I’m just saying he may not be here to help us now. Nay in the universe we are together trapped until time begins to move. And I think we have to solve why I am here. Let me explain a wizard’s life.…”
She looked as though she accepted the difference in her dream. Santa had been released himself because Christmas must also go on, but time was still, stopped, and to explain this the wizard is now that legend other worldly traveler Merlin locked up like a prisoner in time in her house.
“You are not Santa?” She asked.
“No. Will you still help me?”
“Yes. Why not?”
The clock gave off a chime now that it was five, and then it repeated itself backward fives more times. They were trapped in time because it was just going on five AM.
“Are there unicorns and sea monsters?”
“Hum…some. They aren’t worldly creatures. But men have envisioned them for as long as I may remember and I believe those were meant to be put on display. Or monsters used in stories tell of men fighting great beasts in victory in great legends.”
She nodded. Merlin trapped, was that a display or will it be a victory soon marked in a great legend saying Marilyn my adversary who saved me from time and utter darkness and his own doom?
Just then David wandered into the room. He was just sniffing the floor. He trotted to the man in the cloak and sniffed him too. Then sensed nothing and continued to sniff the floor and wandered off on his own.
“A mutt?”
“Dad’s. He’s been in the family for generations, they have a new batch every so-often, and Dad’s family keep them. I think all my relatives have at least one. Some go outside. Some mustn’t. Dave when a pup broke free from me and slid into the ice and went in, he’s now almost deaf. And he isn’t allowed out much anymore. A walk once in a while, but its rare he will get outside. He seems bound to the house since he was saved. A gentleman passing saved Dave. And Dad thought we would need to replace Dave, but Dave has been real good since. It’s been three years.”
“Pups huh, where are you from, may I ask?”
“You don’t know? I’m not sure, but that’s a Basset Hound.”
“An English Basset Hound, I didn’t know, hum maybe a new breed. Then the whole family must have gotten your pups from there at one point too.”
“Something like that. Mom wants to wait till I’m older, maybe” She blushed. “married before she explains such things. She says too much of a good thing poisons young ladies minds some of the time.”
“I see, she’s very wise but old fashion.”
“I think so.”
They shared a small smile. They were bonding, she and um…Merlin.
Dave gave a bark.
“Sh…shhh. Dave. Shh… Don’t wake Mom or Dad. And don’t go…” Her eyes lighted up. If Dave kept barking, Dave may wake up Bradley. And that wouldn’t be ideal.
Dave barked a muffled hiccup. And dragged a package out from under the Christmas tree. Merlin went over to the dog.
“Dave? You find something you want us to see?”
Marilyn looked at the package. It was to her from her father. Odd. She didn’t see it there last night. And here it was now. She lifted it and gave it a firm hold to assess its contents. “If you open it, maybe Dave will stop.” Merlin said. He was right. And she tipped it over to one side and slid out a box. It was a handsome gift box wrapped in Christmas paper. She handed the box to Merlin. He held it in one massive hand. She opened the lid, and they looked together inside the box. It was a snow globe of Merlin. There he was standing with a glow in the dark staff in liquid, and if you shook it neon colors of snow swirled in the globe.
She took it out, and shook it. The dog grumbled, and gave out a low moan after it had groaned. The clock began to tick again. And everything went real quiet. They looked to one another. Was this some kind of magic? A snow globe with a figure of Merlin in the middle.

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Arthur | 554 comments Mod
At the top of the glass of the globe it pointed into two directions. Then the neon colors spread from the globe and flashed out into a distorted picture of the globe’s magical picture. There was more lights now then when Marilyn woke and the two felt fright. They disappeared from Marilyn’s home. And they reappeared in Merlin’s castle. And they could hear the crashing blows on his door. And the shouts of armed men seizing his home under his feet.
Merlin cocked his brow and blew off a sigh of grief as he dashed for a magical potion. Dave gave a fearful bark. And Marilyn hustled him. Merlin raced back. Then he held the potion, and realized he still hadn’t gotten it right.
He was a great and powerful man, but some reason the world was changing, even though with his powerful magic and wisdom, there wasn’t anyway to stop it. He grew sorrowful, and grinned. “I’m in the middle of a terrible seizure of England my young lady. Arthur has died, and he has lost his kingdom. And I’m afraid I will no longer be remembered. The universe sees me as Arthur’s wizard, though I am no man’s slave. I have helped children all my existence.”
“Like Santa Claus you help Arthur become king?”
“I assisted him, but he trapped me here because he was everyone’s favorite king of children in the centuries to come. The great men were forgotten of often.”
“I never knew.”
“Alas kings are easily saved to memories like the snow globe you have.”
He continued. “And I must send you back. Brace yourselves. Thank-you Marilyn and your silly little Dave. You released me from being trapped in time. And now I must save you,” He released his arms, that flashed, and Marilyn felt the floor return, and Dave wines brought Marilyn to look at him, then their time.
Seven thirty. And Bradley was coming around the corner, pulling his sleeper blanket and had a superhero pillow too, and looked at Marilyn then headed for the couch. He plunked down on it and closed one eye. “You know Marilyn, Mom is going to yell when she sees you’ve opened a gift early. She’s going to yell.”
“Yell about what?” She asked entering the room after Bradley but from the kitchen with a tray. “Where did the two of you come from?”
Marilyn looked up at her mother in a frightful state. “Oh, I’m sorry, I just wanted to open to see what Dad gave me.”
“Alright young lady. Alright.” She gave a sympathetic look, of warning though, then a sigh of relief, “But get your robe on Marilyn, you’ll get cold without it. And without the fire going, I’m surprised you are even out here. I’m giving this to your father. I’ll be out in a sec and start you two something. Well don’t just stand there, get going for your robe Marilyn.”
Her mother turned and Marilyn went to her room. She had the snow globe in her hands and Dave was following her wining in low short sounds.

The End

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Clare D' Lune wow long, but cool!!!

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Basing this off of what I imagine this Christmas will be like for my family! And my grandfather does have ahlziemers, all of the facts on my family in this are true. My sister are even funnier in person, I tried to reflect here humor the best I could.!

Perfect Chrismas

My eyes fluttered open. Something exciting was taking place today but I couldn’t quite place it. Memories of the previous night came to me, devouring six bag of popcorn while watching a marathon of Christmas movies, and laughing with my two older sisters. Then it hit me. It was Christmas morning! Jumping out of bed I tried hard not to trip over the litter of dirty clothing on my floor. Opening the door I nearly ran into my oldest sister, Alison, nineteen and engaged.

“Sorry!” She whispered excitedly. “Let’s go get Becca up! You know how she can sleep in!”

I rolled my eyes. Alison could sleep through anything

As we made our way to the stairs we nearly ran into some sort of creature. Something with horrible messy hair and whose body was as thin as a bored.

“Its alive!” I giggled, Becca moaned as she continued climbing the stairs.

“Go get mom and dad up!” She said in a scratchy morning voice, “We can’t open out stockings or presents without them!”

“We need to wait for John!” Alison cried.

“Ugh!” I said, “He has his own family!”

“Mom! Dad!” Becca yelled as annoyingly as possible. “Santa came! Santa came!”

Becca was seventeen and very pretty, her hair wasn’t as thick as mine but beautiful soft brown and bleached on the underside. She was sarcastic and funny 90% of the time.

“Alright, alright!” My dad called from his room, soon he and my mom emerged in their slippers and robes.

It wasn’t long before the living room floor was littered with wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon. Opened presents were surrounding each of us. But still a few more were left under the tree.

“Come on!” I moaned, “Where is he!”

“Yeah Alison!” Becca added, “If he isn’t here soon I m not waiting!”

“John will be here soon!” Alison said, sure enough a soft knock came from the door. And Alison cried, “John John!”

Soon we were on our way to grandpas. I sighed silently, grandpa didn’t know who his own grandchildren were, and it hurt seeing him not able to keep food on his fork, and miss it by a mile when trying to eat the stuff that did get on his fork.

All while we were at the home my sisters started fighting about how they were or were not texting. I helped my dad cook bacon and make the orange juice, along with the cinnamon rolls. The food was amazing! My grandfather practically slept through the whole thing and didn’t open his presents; my mom opened them in an attempt to get things going.

We finally decided to leave. Getting out of the parking lot wasn’t an easy thing considering barely anyone had even driven here besides my family. I found that sad, that even though your parent may have dementia or Alzheimer’s like my grandfather you couldn’t even drop by and say hello, and wish people a Merry Christmas.

The rest of the afternoon we were all lazy. I sat in bed reading a new book I had gotten and my sister were watching there silly movies the had given each other. Soon I decided I should clean my room. Slowly I got my I-pod out and put my headphones in my ears. The music slowly whirled around me, and it wasn’t long before my room was clean, well at least three hours, and by then dinner was ready.

John had gone home to be with his family, so it was just us five, Mom, Dad, Alison, Becca, and me. The food was fabulous. The roast beef, green beans, brussel sprouts, twice-baked potatoes, and relish tray were the best, as they always are on Christmas. I was sad that it all passed so quickly. I love the holidays; they bring our family together and make everyone just happy and nice to be around.

Next year though will be different, Becca will probably have moved out and will be going to collage over in Eastern Washington, Alison will hopefully move out also and go to her dentistry school. So it’ll just my parents and me. I bet that my parents are happy about that. I m more quiet then the rest of the family. I don’t say much and don’t lash out, so naturally I m the favorite. Yep, things will be very different.

((This may go on stories galore if I win!))

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Clare D' Lune wow! that was awesome...!

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when does the poll go up?

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jeeves... | 306 comments saturday afternoon, i think :)

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Clare D' Lune lol someone asks that every week, haha

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Oops. I totally forgot to even check this group this week. Oh, well.

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Clare D' Lune hahah

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Last chance to post a story *last chance to post for this weeks shory story contest* I will be posting the poll for voting this afternoon

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Clare D' Lune I tried to write a story this week, but I was soooo busy lol

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jeeves... | 306 comments haha, same problem... STILL "celebrating" too haha...

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Clare D' Lune LOL yeah

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jeeves... | 306 comments HAHA yeah

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Clare D' Lune brat : )

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jeeves... | 306 comments ;p

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Congratulations Adrienne!! Winning this week’s short story with her story Christmas Spirit!!

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jeeves... | 306 comments GRATS Adrienne! haha ;D

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Clare D' Lune awesome!

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Chandani  (milkduds920) | 311 comments XD

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yay!!! me first win!!

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