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Eliana Perfect is about a 13 year old girl named isabelle lee who is going through a tough time,her dad died too summers ago,she is bulemic because he dad died,her mom is not the same anymore sence her dad pas away. so when her 10year old sister april aka ape face caught her in the bathroom makeing her self throw up she is forced to go to group. when she go's to group she is shocked to see Ashley Barmet the most prettet and most poular girl in school walk through the doors of group.

Ruby ok, what did you think about it?

Ruby any other thoughts about what the book meant? any other thoughts period?

Antoniya:) its goooooooooood. VERY inspirational to me. Just a great book with a great moral...."a person may not be as strong as they appear"

and yes i know thats not the MAIN moral, but its one of them.!

Alyssa Dobens I loved this book. It was amazing and made a huge impact on me.

Kendyl this was an awesome book

Maya Bourgi I loved this book! It was very inspirational and taught me to be happy in my own skin :)

liTTleTalks Amazing! and so sad how this really happens!

Ipsi I really love this book. Its awsome.

Mariam This book triggered me into having an eating disorder so I don't know how I feel about it :/ Loved it at the time, but maybe if I hadn't read it, I wouldn't have ever wanted to try it.

salad This book triggered me into having an eating disorder too.

Olivia I hope you don't mind me asking, and you don't have to answer, but how?

Katelyn Broad I really did love this book, it really started to hit home.

Mariam The reason it triggered me into having an eating disorder was because i read this book when i was young and just starting to be a little conscious of myself. one of the main girls in the book was this popular girl that was skinny and perfect in everyones eyes and she had bulimia. it made me think that having an eating disorder could make me lose weight and be seen as that too. and they talk about the disorder so vividly that it just made me so curious and made me want to try what they were doing and i remember that the first time i attempted to purge was the second that i had finished this book.

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Graciela Bonilla This book was honestly a really good book for teens like us. Because it helps us realize how we have to eat healthy, because if we don't eat we are now creating a new life of disasters just like the character did herself. I know she passed through a lot because her dad died but I'm pretty sure her dad would of not like seeing her like that. Instead she should of done something good that her father would of been proud of.

Ashlie Emberlyn I read this book in the 7th Grade and I reread it again. While I think it's really good to have for teenagers between 12-14 years old, it doesn't really suit older teens. I still think it's a great book but for my age range I found that it wasn't emotionally impactful and it didn't feel believable in some aspects.

Bella An amazing, emotional book

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