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Massie | 19 comments Children of Elsewhere

Chapter 1

Megan searched through her special trunk for her spellbook. She had put an isvisabilty charm on it before hiding it from her sister Kay. Megan was 14 and a very talented witch. Though she hated the term witch. Just the stereo-type made it unappealing, even to a real one.
Megan finally found the book and opened to the marked page. The Study of Searching Spells. She hopped on her bed and began to read. Kay opened the door.
"I knew you were hiding that thing." She said, snatching the book from Megan, before making it vanish into thin air.
"Get it back, or I'll turn you into a toad." Megan screamed at her sister. Kay was most beautiful, much better looking than Megan or their other sister Bridget. Kay's hair was a light blond, but just dark enough to look natural and her green eyes always sparkled. Kay looked just like their mother, Peggy, but she had died long ago. Kay was 17.
"Just try." Kay taunted.
"Fine." Megan mumbled some words, like toad...sister...ugly...annoying, under breath and suddenly a flash of green light filled the room with heavy smoke.
"Megan!" Kay screamed. The smoke cleared to reveal Megan standing in a purple and yellow polka-dot sundress and Kay with short, purple and yellow hair.
"Fix this now!" Shouted Kay.
"No. I think I like you're hair better that way." Megan said before leaving the room and dashing down the stairs to the kitchen.
In the kitchen was the youngest daughter of Peggy and Marcus Duvaan, Bridget, working on building a birdhouse with only magic. And for a ten year old, it was complicated.
"What did you do to Kay this time?" Bridget asked. She was used to her sisters fighting. Bridget adjusted her glasses and pushed her shoulder length, curly dark brown hair behind her ears. Her blue eyes were shining with concentration.
"This!" Kay shouted, pointing to her new hair-do. Bridget could not help but laugh. With a wave of Bridget's hand, Kay's hair was back to it's original beauty. "Thanks."
"Now give me my book." Megan demanded.
"No!" Yelled Kay. "I told you not to read them and you did anyway. No more magic! I've told you that."
"You can't deny our powers." Bridget said, placing the roof of the birdhouse on her project.
"Yeah. We all have great abilities and even if you don't like them, that can't change the fact that they're there." Megan said staring at Kay's perfection. Megan had hair that went down her back, but that was the only thing that seperated Megan from Bridget, besides the glasses.
"Well," Kay said, sitting down at the table. "we do have powers. But I don't need you two experimenting. We visit Elsewhere every Wednesday and that is where you use magic. Nowhere else. Understand?"
"I don't see why we can't practice in the privacy of our home." Bridget said, and with a swish of her hand, the birdhouse was finished.
"What if someone saw you through a window? Like now." Kay said, and with a swish of her hand, the curtains of the kitchen were shut.
"What if someone saw that?" Megan asked.
"Please," Kay begged. "just listen to me this once. Today is Tuesday, which means tomorrow will be our trip, and then you can use your magic. But only then. And if you truly want to practice, tell me and I will send you on a quick trip to the Mother House."
"Then we might as well live there, because I want to practice all the time." Megan said, while making the fridge open and apple start to float toward. Kay used a counter-spell and the apple fell down.
"You know we can't live there. Too much magical war."
"There's war here." Bridget reminded her sister.
"Magic wars are different, and if anything, more dangerous." Kay said.

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Massie | 19 comments Thanks--I wanted to spruce it up a bit. That's why I posted it. I'll work on it and maybe post it again.

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