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Blind giants run amok, voracious Weendigo who eat everything in sight, the horned one riding on a dragon-cat, characters from Ojibwa mythology come to life, a dark shaman, the Corrupted Horde, and a blight on the World Under the Flesh and the World of the Flesh. What's a young fiddler to do?

Sixteen year old Ojibwa Rene DeClaire is disillusioned and alienated from the modern world in which she lives. She would rather play her fiddle, inhabiting the backwood of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, practicing the old ways and learning to be a shaman like her Grandma Rena. Her older brother Stephen lives in the forest, hiding from the government and the Eater of Souls. Her mother Judy worries about her children and their inability to compromise with the dominant civilization. But Grandma Rena knows how important it is that the siblings and their mother find the right path. She has dedicated her remaining days to helping all three of them to open their eyes.

Soon the younger DeClaires will find themselves in the World Under the Flesh, locked into a merciless battle to save the Heart of the Wilderness and the Land Between the Sky Waters from the Horde, the Blight and a powerful and corrupted shaman known as the Ogimauh.

Along the way, they will have many adventures, joined by other characters first introduced in the Tales of da Yoopernatural, as well as new friends of myth and legend. They will find this struggle for the World Under the Flesh is also a struggle to awaken the world from which they came, the World of the Flesh. And it all revolves around the Heart of the Wilderness, a magical fiddle, and a fiddlestick.

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