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Chapter 5 summary

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Gustavo Mrs. Bird is definitely against the new law. She’s sure the new law is injust, then forced to good and honest people to do wrong. She predicts that Senator Bird himself would send away a person in need, just because of this unjust law.
Mrs. birds soon would have the opportunity to defend what he said because old Cudjoe a servant, comes to let the Birds know that a poor, unfortunate woman has come to the door looking for help.
Mrs. and Mr. birds go to the kitchen, where find to Eliza, who asked for protection to Mrs. Bird say to Eliza that is safe and not be afraid
After they hear Eliza’s story, both the Birds are touched. They leave the runaway slave in the kitchen with Dinah (the cook), and let Dinah know that she should make a bed up for her, and they will do something for her in the morning.
Senator and Mrs. Bird go into the other room and Senator Bird says they need to get Eliza and Harry on the road tonight. Her master will be looking for her bright and early the next morning.
Senator Bird plans to take them to safety himself.
The Senator takes Eliza and Harry down a difficult road to honest old John Van Trompe, a man who has freed all of his slaves.

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