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Proofread/Edit my book get a $5 gift card

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message 1: by Anjela (new)

Anjela Renee (AngelaMyrick) | 8 comments I am currently about halfway through writing my book. It's an Erotic Paranormal Romance. I am loking for someone to proofread and Edit my book.


message 2: by Sandie (new)

Sandie I would like to proofread and edit your book, if it's ok let me know.

message 3: by Anjela (new)

Anjela Renee (AngelaMyrick) | 8 comments Sandie,

That would be great did you want me to email you everything I have so far? Or do you want to do it chapter by chapter?

message 4: by Sandie (new)

Sandie Whichever is easiest for you. My email is sjellsworth18@gmail.com.

message 5: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 13 comments It sounds like Sandie has you covered, but let me know if you're still looking for an editor (canarypost@gmail.com). We do substantive editing and proofreading, and our rates are reasonable and negotiable.

message 6: by Lynxie (new)

Lynxie | 8 comments Hi Angela,

I would be happy to proof read, or edit your work, but there would be a bit of a delay (your book would be #26 on my TBR list)

Let me know if you'd like me to review it and I'll provide you with my email address.

message 7: by Anjela (new)

Anjela Renee (AngelaMyrick) | 8 comments Lynxi let me know when you're available.

message 8: by Anjela (new)

Anjela Renee (AngelaMyrick) | 8 comments I want to show my appreciation so anyone who edits my book will get a gift card for $5.00 you chose what giftcard

amazon,ellora's Cave, ravenous romance,and Books on board

I know its not much but it's just a little thank you.

message 9: by Lynxie (new)

Lynxie | 8 comments That's very nice of you Angela, I believe that a free copy of a new authors book is payment enough, but the thought is very lovely.

message 10: by Sandie (new)

Sandie I totally agree with Lynxie.

message 11: by Anjela (new)

Anjela Renee (AngelaMyrick) | 8 comments I am finally finished with my book. I am looking for a couple editors. I would like someone who could get it back to me within a week its only 30,000 words so not that long.

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