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message 1: by Richard (last edited Dec 11, 2008 10:04AM) (new)

Richard I never wanted to write anything. My history didn't compel me to document anything, I was to busy living. My story is not what transpired but what I learned in life.
I returned to Massachusetts once done with Viet Nam to a circle of friends that were so involved with drugs that it repelled me. Even some of my fellow veterans were willing to experiment with things that they bought from street vermin.
I went to work almost immediately to find that many of my coworkers were also experimenting. That was a dismal experience that drove me into school . . . it was the worst there.
I studied aviation, got married in 1971 and started building a family and rebuilding an old home. Both the studies and the family were diversions from social entanglements that I found untrustworthy.
My son was born in 71 and by 72 I began to have minor neurological symptoms. In 1977 my daughter was born multiply handicapped and found her the love of my life.
By the time she died in 1983 we had moved away from family and friends to Utah. The essential catalyst of the book was when the doctor was telling us that she was terminal, I asked him "What could have given her kidney failure?" . His answer was vague and unacceptable. He actually tried to tell me that "it was a mystery."
It was that instant that changed my life completely. I took a step forward, in an intimidating way and demanded a rational answer and he said, "Heavy metals would do it."
That was it, the book was started but I didn't even know it. In the same year I was diagnosed with MS and all the doctors told me the same . . . "nobody knows". That was never good enough for me. (more to follow)

message 2: by Devon (new)

Devon Sampson (devonforobama) | 1 comments Richard wrote: "I never wanted to write anything. My history didn't compel me to document anything, I was to busy living. My story is not what transpired but what I learned in life.
I returned to Massachusetts onc..."

I wrote my story for myself because my uncle died and now its very popular!

message 3: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth One of my sisters asked me this (Why do you write?)...
My reply: I write to quiet the voices of our ancesters.

I listen to them and I write.

message 4: by Eric (new)

Eric | 2 comments I've always been interested in biography. I guess A Book of Ages is an anthology of all the biographies I've ever read, and a few I've read about. I began collecting the most interesting anecdotes and key moments and writing them down: lucky meetings, famous disasters, early and late masterpieces, as well as ordinary things you or I might have done, like Churchill getting fired and taking up painting. I liked the idea of organizing them by year of age; it gave a running commentary on my own life, on everybody's life. I got into the habit of asking, whenever I read about somebody doing something interesting or brave or strange: how old were they when this happened? When any collection of words reaches a critical mass it becomes a book manuscript if only to justify itself.

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Mike | 1 comments Writing. A cathartic experience for me.

In 2003 my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and my dear dad had trouble dealing with it so I took mom to all her radiation/chemo treatments. I was retired at the time so I was available while my siblings were not. My mom slowly succumbed to her illness and my younger, single, brother died suddenly of a heart attack a month before mom passed. This pushed my dad over the edge into dementia. To put it mildly, I had my hands full juggling three lives plus my own. I took refuge in writing a work of fiction to save my sanity.

I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and joined the NYPD after High School. As a hobby I took up scuba diving and continued my scuba education until I was a certified Dive Master. My entire adult life revolved around the insanity of police related murder and mayhem and the serene beauty of the underwater world. Naturally I wrote a book of fiction combining my two loves, police work and scuba diving. Cutting to the chase I wrote the next Jaws using a mutated barracuda as my villan and a vacationing NYPD detective as my hero with a plethora of bad guys for added suspense.

After my completed manuscript was rejected by more agents/publishers than stars in the Milky Way I decided to go Indie. I love my book and 30 reviewers on Amazon also love it so I'm glad I went POD. I look for guidance from sites such as this and the Amazon forum, Shameless authors who self promote their work. I have learned the ropes of the publishing business from people who were burned by it. Indie authors who have broken into the mainstream publishing world come back to the forum and enlighten us. In fact one of the forum members told me of this site and I'm proud to tell my story. Good luck to all of us.

Mike Monahan
author of

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