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I have to say I have never read a clique book in my life. I really want to though! I am just kinda scared because I have heard there a bad influence on 13 year olds. I have also heard there 5 stars! Which one? Give me your thoughts

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ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Okay, the people who have said that thte book is a bad influence don't read the book beyond the text. Its like Poetry and Sophocles. You need to read the book to find out, but I think you will feel an instant connection with a chacter. You see, the ones that say the book is a bad influence are moms that I think kinda forgot how it is to be 12, 13, or etc. Especially these days, there are a lot of pressure for girls to be thin and all that. Like the models on covers and having the right outfit that just came out on Seventeen. So for instance, I connected witht the character called Claire Lyons. You see, she is the new girl in town and lived in Orlando Florida. She didn't prepare herself for Westchester, New York where it is freezing cold, but not becasue of the weather, but because of the girls who live there. When she moves here, becasue her father needs to find a beter job, she meets Massie who also is the daughter of the man who is letting her family live in their Guest House. Yes, they are so rich thatt they have a gueest house,not just a guest room! As you might have susspected, Claire and Massie don't like each other. And of course Claire is sent to a stuck up only girl school that Massie and her group of friends called The Clique rule the school. So Claire is fighting to be herself and be frinds with her total opposite. But she soon finds out that even the popular girls have their momments of weakness.
Thats why this book is so good. It makes you see how girls that are popular are self conciouse too. And sometimes even more than you and me.

But others connect with Dylan who is one of the original Clique Memebers that shows how mch of her self conciousness she has. Because she has the most popular thing to worry about, her wieght! She is totally thin only about my a 6 and she flips out when she see's a magazine cover.

These characters are basically ourselves. Our worries and thoughts are put to them. Thats how come these books are so powerful to girls allover the world.

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Anne | 421 comments thts great isabella , but um, thts a bit loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg...

Point blank: Great book, shows both sides of mean girl.

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Yeah, its ah-wsome!

I guess to sum it up, the book shows how popular girls have problelms of their own.

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Thanks so much! Now I know I can read them!

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Anne | 421 comments ehmagawd i just l-o-v-e-d breakfast at tiffany's and i heart audrey hepburn so like yea... i heart ur pic taylor!!! ah-dorable... and i like mine too, of course

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Moonlight | 39 comments DANNNGGG IZZY YOU HAD A LOT OF FREE TIME TO WRITE THAT LONG PARAGRAPH!!! lol. I still have to get the massie and dylan summer colection then I'll be caught up with the series. And it know it has nothing to do with this book series but who here has read twilight?

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Moonlight | 39 comments Well, its not really a paragraph but whatever.

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Thanks for the comment about the picture Anne! I actully had no pics in my computer so I went on Google Image's and looked her up then saved it and then browsed it on! Anyone could do it really.~ Taylor
P.S I love your pic too! They are all so fasionable!

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Moonlight wrote: "DANNNGGG IZZY YOU HAD A LOT OF FREE TIME TO WRITE THAT LONG PARAGRAPH!!! lol. I still have to get the massie and dylan summer colection then I'll be caught up with the series. And it know it has n..."

I L.O.V.E it!

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Plus it just took me about 10 or 15 min at the max.

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Sydney | 17 comments did I invite you to my bbq no then why are you so up in my grill :)

message 13: by Sydney (new)

Sydney | 17 comments Did I call 411 no.. then why r u telling me all this info!

message 14: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 1 comments um sydney that first one was in one of the books

message 15: by Anne (new)

Anne | 421 comments ohh I've read all of the twilight books!!!

and btw, both of sydney's comebacks come from the clique books

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Y r u doing comebacks here?

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Lauren | 7 comments Syds comebacks are awesome
i listen to them every day
shes my bff
and she is doing them here because she wants to

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Anne wrote: "ohh I've read all of the twilight books!!!

and btw, both of sydney's comebacks come from the clique books


I read all the Twililght books 2!

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Sydney, if u have comebacks, go 2 the Comeback Contest, but they can't be any from the book.

message 20: by Anne (new)

Anne | 421 comments no, we wouldnt want u 2 get disqualified would u???...

message 21: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 7 comments syds comebacks r awesome even if she got them from the clique book.
shes going to blow u out of the water

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments I think she will come up wiht new comebacks

message 23: by Anne (new)

Anne | 421 comments well when she odes she can enter contest, right?

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Ahb-viously

message 25: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (xdxpx8xD) | 52 comments Ummm...what are we talking about? I wanna know.

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Oh, the comback contest!

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Its on the Are You An Aloha, Doubt It! topic

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Tiffany (xdxpx8xD) | 52 comments Thank you! I needed to know. Thanks, Isabella, even though I know you...hehe~

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments Welcome, whats bffs 4.

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The Clique series is awesome....

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments You tell me about it

message 32: by Anne (new)

Anne | 421 comments i cant wait till ps i loathe u ! 1 more month!!

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Sharkgrl920  (sharkgrl920) | 6 comments what is breakfast at tiffanys about... tell all im lost intrest in the books but i still like to be informend.

p.s. im starting a topic.... 'which clique character are you most like.'

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The movie Breakfast at Tiffany's or the book Bratfest at Tiffany's?

message 35: by Anne (new)

Anne | 421 comments Bratfest at Tiffany's... cz most of Lisi's title's are phrases but cutely twisted. and its about well if uve read Sealed with a Diss ull no wat happens at the end sooo Massie declares a Boyfast sooo tht means tht no crushin on boys allowed!!! heh well if u read it ull see how tht works out.

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments i have some spare time so here it goes!

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments *SPOILER OF THE BRATFEST AT TIFFANY'S*
The story opens with Massie meeting up with the rest of TPC after the long summer (read about each of TPC's summers in the Summer Collection). After the humiliating Boy Bust last year, Massie decieds to have a Boyfast where no one in TOC will have boyfriends or any kind of connection with one. So no flirting!! After each girl says the oath and swears aw-n Bean that they won't interact with the opposite Gender, Massie gives them all TIFFANY&CO bracelets with charms of each of their first letters aw-n it! Soon after, TPC finds out that ignoring boys will be hard to do since the boys were in OCD now! Making the school BOCD! Why do you ask did the boys decided to go to OCD? Its because their school was flooded from the pool that was aw-n their cieling! How did the school get flooded? Well first of all it was becuase of the Boy Cam that was implanted in the Briarwood school! When TPC inheirited the "room" it included a t.v. that showed the Briarwood School's Psychologist Room where all the boys told their secrets. Well somehow the camera was damaged and TPC wanted to know more about how the boys ffelt about them so they got Lay-ne to fix it but she just ended up busting a hole into the wall and having water coming out! Anyways inthe book, since the school isn't big enough for all of the students. The School's Board Members decided to get trailers so that a few kids would study there while the rest was still inteh main building. Since Alicia announces all the news, she reads that the tables 1-15 or something will be the ones that will be in the trailers. Alicia secretly sees Josh and they planned to be with each other in the main building so Alicia goes to table #18 with the boys since The CLique was kicked out of it! When Massie hears that she will be learning in a trailer, she goes into disaster mode. But she gets a plan to have the trailers designed and have the LBRs in the trailers made over. That's when she meets Dempsey, well she met him before but he had changed over the summer break. She soon finds herslef breaking her own rule. Oh, Cam and Claire are over but Cam and Faux-ivia are together. Cam changed for the worse when he's with Faux-livia! Claire is taking healthy class when she's partnered up with Cam and Faux-livia. She's the step mother. When TPC finds out that ALicia has been seeing Josh, tehy rip their A charm from their bracelets and put them in the fire.So how does ALicia feel when she is finally out of TPC? You would think kinda happy right, no one holding her back but it's the oppostie. Int he end she makes it up to them by having the xes go into the TIFFANY BOXES(THAT'S WHAT THEY CALL THE TRAILERS). As you can predict, Claire ends up with Cam ah-gain!

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Anne | 421 comments oh wow. she asked the plawt nawt the whole story!!! huh tht was funny to read tho.

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But she said "breakfast" so I don't know if she accidentally said that but meant the book or if she meant the movie that it's named after...

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 1076 comments i said bratfest

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Anne | 421 comments she said bratfest

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♥ Indu   (ilovehavefun) | 119 comments Mod
did u guys read ps. i loathe u yeT?

message 43: by Anne (new)

Anne | 421 comments yea

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Ohhh yeahhhh!

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh, and I was talking about Sharkgrl920's post. She said "breakfast" and that's what I was talking about.

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♥ Indu   (ilovehavefun) | 119 comments Mod

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Hillary Sanchez hello

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Karla Hi.

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