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Maze Runner vs. Hunger Games
Aashka Aashka (last edited Sep 27, 2012 05:19PM ) Mar 08, 2012 03:01PM
The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
I loved both but for different reasons! Maze Runner was suspenseful, and had a fast-pace to it, but Scorch Trials was a bit dry(no pun intended). I liked Hunger Games because it was a completely new topic and had well thought out characters, but that said, it took me forever to get through Mockingjay and the romance side of the book began to overshadow the main plot.
*It can be about the whole series or just the first books!
Thanks for all the posts!

Zeterniouss (last edited Oct 03, 2012 12:58PM ) Sep 08, 2012 06:05PM   3 votes
I think i like the maze runner more than the hunger games(first and as a series)because u get more attached to the characters wen they get killed. In the hunger games u dont get as attached to Rue wen she's killed as wen Chuck dies because u only kno Rue for like 5 chapters, then BAM! stabbed in the stomach. While with Chuck its near the very end of the book wen they rnt in the maze. Srry for those of u who havent the Maze Runner/Hunger Games

Maze Runner deffenetly(bad grammer im sure of it) beats Hunger Games-both as series and as first book. One- Im more excited for the Maze Runner becoming a movie than the Hunger Games.
Two-U get more attached to the characters.

Oh and altho the Maze Runner can be confusing at times, i think thats another reason for my vote;it brings more supense and mystery into the book

Emma Jones I have only read Maze Runner, but would like to read Hunger Games. Maze Runner is a amazing book/series. Honestly one of my favorites next to Harry Po ...more
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Maze Runner. it doesn,t have some much romance, sure its has it but is a romance that guys and girls like. iits better because it has more adrenaline and danger and those incredible mysteries!!

Hunger Games. By a long shot.

The Hunger Games Trilogy hands down. Even if I didn't like it that much at first read there was something in it that made me gave it another chance and I'm glad I did because it got better the second time around. But if there's one book TRILOGY that I can burn it will be the Maze Runner Trilogy. Book 1 was interesting if a bit 2 was downright disappointing and where all things went downhill...but Book 3? I have never even skimmed a book but there's a point while reading Death Cure that I've had enough I just read the dialogues just so I can say "the end". That's how much I've hated it. The best book out of the entire series is the prequel..Kill Order and heck I'll say the first book is okay too.. but the next two? MEH

U 25x33
Qwert There's more similarities to like how the future is in some sort of catastrophe (although I'm not sure about hunger games because it only mentions pan ...more
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Wait. Are we saying just the first book, or the entires series? 'Cause if it's just the first book Hunger Games, but if it's the entire series Maze Runner by far.

The Hunger Games:
Book 1- 10/10
Book 2- 5/10
Book 3- 1/10

The Maze Runner:
Book 1- 10/10
Book 2- 8/10
Book 3- 6/10

I really hated Mockingjay.

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I think that The Hunger Games was better, but there is a lot more potential in The Maze Runner, Dashner just didn't develop the book/characters as much as he could have

Definitely the MR was better than Hg for a lot of reasons. but also i think HG had its own credible things. however, the people who think HG should be given more marks for its different theme, no offense to you but just wanna clarify that MR had a brilliant concept too. so they kinda tied it. And i will give MR 9/10 and HG 8/10 (the whole series for both of them) N yea Both are pretty good

I enjoyed MR MUCH more than I did HG.

I am thoroughly surprised by how illiterate some of these commenters are, and unsurprisingly, most of them picked Maze Runner. Hunger Games is by far better written. The books just got better and better as they went on. Maze Runner was opposite.

The Maze Runner, and that does NOT count the movies.

But I do love The Hunger Games a lot.

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Sorry, I'm gonna have to go with the Maze Runner, but I am so excited for the Hunger Games movie!

Albert (last edited Sep 26, 2012 05:00PM ) Sep 26, 2012 04:58PM   0 votes
Maze Runner times a million.

The Hunger Games, it just clicked with me more then Maze Runner.

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Definitely Hunger Games. Maze Runner was kind of slow.

I loved the entire Maze Runner series! The first book in the Hunger Games series was really good, but after that it all went down hill for me...

Both series were good in their ways. I love Hunger Games more. Maze Runner had it's moments and had Minho. God, I love him. I love him more than Peeta and Gale put together.

Both setting were interesting and the story was gripping. Maze Runner won the scary and gory award. Book 3 of both series had their deaths that made me cry and left me heartbroken. OMG did I cry. Book 1 of both series had a death that was just heartbreaking.

There was not much of a romance in Maze Runner as there was in Hunger Games which was good as MR was more for guys as HG was for girls. Still I enjoyed both very much.

The Maze Runner:
Book 1 - 8/10
Book 2 - 9/10
Book 3 - 8/10

The Hunger Games:
Book 1 - 10/10
Book 2 - 9/10
Book 3 - 8/10

I liked Hunger Games better but The maze runner is still a very good book.

Hunger Games!!! I still loved the Maze Runner, though.

The Hunger Games by a long shot. The Maze Runner had an interesting premise but the writing was too simple and there was no description.

I love The Hunger Games! I think there is better character development and the story is more believable, like an actual possibility, than The Maze Runner. Also, Thomas really gets on my nerves for the majority of the first book. I'll chalk that up to the poor character development in that series.

I will say, however, that I think the first Maze Runner movie was a little bit better made and more well-rounded (in terms of content that was in the book) than the first Hunger Games movie.

Overall, though, The Hunger Games wins in my book!

THEY WERE BOTH AMAZING BOOKS! But I think I'd say the Maze Runner, it always left you with wanting a lot more! your sitting there reading like OMG!!!
The 1st and 2nd Hunger Games books were good but then you just have the last one which made me go a bit crazy at some points with all the deaths and stuff... I know its war but COME ON, REALLY!?!

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I used to think The Hunger Games.... and then I picked up The Maze Runner.

Definitely The Maze Runner - sorry!

Still, I love The Hunger Games more than some could believe possible.

Maze Runner... by far.
I mean since the first pages of the first book you just can't stop reading.

Maze Runner is far more terrifying, which i like.


I would totally say the maze runner, because in the scorch trials I kept on saying on more chapter, instead i kept on reading, it was a total cliff hanger.

I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy (Final book last night) and I vote The Maze Runner.

The Hunger Games are better at the world building and the plots.

The Maze Runner, on other hand, are better with the character development and providing a deep emotion from each character even the minor ones. I was such a emotional wreck when I read The Maze Runner series.

The Hunger Games...I had no feeling when I finished the book. Every time the character was killed off, it was done too fast before I even realize that character is actually dead and we're already moving on to third or fourth scenes ahead of the death scene. As I discussed with one of my co-worker, she mentioned the author seems to be writing for a much younger audience, so that could be why the kill/dead scenes were so weak.

The Maze Runner series are the series that I probably will remember for a long while. As for The Hunger Games, I actually remember movie more than I do remember the books itself, so I'm pretty sure I'll just forgot about The Hunger Games novels.

So, in the end, The Maze Runner is the choice I would pick at a heartbeat. :)

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Hunger Games=8
The Maze Runner=10
(I have only gotten to read #1 of Maze Runner because my library didn't have the others. And #1 of Hunger Games because #2 killed me just reading the first chapter.)

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I love the Hunger Games and i read a couple year ago before anyone even heard about it and it will always be one of my favorite books ever.
I also love the Maze Runner very much. But I read the Hunger Games first so i would have to say the Hunger Games.

"The Hunger Games". Though "The Maze Runner" had a pretty unique idea, Dashner can NOT write his characters as anything more than two-dimensional blobs that are impossible to find any empathy for. They could have all died, and I wouldn't have cared. It never resonated at all for me, like "The Hunger Games" did.

the hunger games.

the maze runner was a tough book to read. the first chapters got me hooked but after it was just a huge mess. Thomas was frustrating throughout the complete series and I like that the books are narrated in the third person because honestly, I don't know if I could keep reading from Thomas narrative. but Mr. Dashner has a tiring narrative and a very slow plot. There are countless pages where nothing happens and I felt no connection to any of the characters.

the hunger games was a tough book to read when I first picked it to read. I almost gave up on reading but I tried a second time and wow it was so awesome and I couldn't put the books down. the maze was interesting, but the arenas make me speechless, and mostly the arena of the quarter quell. and I could feel something for the characters now, while the maze runner characters felt lifeless and just robots. I could spend days pointing out why the hunger games is better but this is getting way too long and I'd like people to read this.

anyway, the hunger games

Maze runner was great but the hunger games was much better

I've read several comments here and am perplexed by the amount of people that actually think the Maze Runner series is good.

Hunger Games
Book 1: 7/10
Book 2: 8/10
Book 3: 9/10

Maze Runner
Book 1: 6/10
Book 2: 7/10
Book 3: 2/10

the maze runner is better 100%

Hunger Games all the way!!! I liked how in the Hunger Games, I actually got to feel what Katniss felt, instead of being told what Thomas was feeling, yet not feeling it with him. Also, The Hunger Games was more intriguing to me.

Well I made it through 30 pages of The Maze Runner, and as interesting as the plot is, there is no way I can finish it. The writing style is awful, and it does matter. I was really intrigued by the plot and still am, but I can't get past the hollow writing—no depth to the characters, no concept of flow or construction. It's like Dashner decided to just write everything down that was in his head and didn't bother to go back and actually edit it or turn it into prose. To be honest, I'm surprised they even published it as it is—essentially just an outline of what the book should be. And I liked one of Dashner's other novels! I read the first in his Atticus Higginbottom series and really enjoyed it. But this was unbearable.

So my vote would be for The Hunger Games. I'd take thoughtful writing over terrible writing any day.

They're very close, but Hunger Games is a little better. I don't really know why. I guess it has more meaning.

Hunger Games: 10/10
Catching Fire 10/10
Mockingjay 5/10

Maze Runner 9.5/10
Scorch Trials 8/10
Death Cure 7/10

I liked them both but I think the Hunger Games was a hair better.

Hunger Games by a long shot. I enjoyed both series and of course they both had good things and bad things. In Hunger Games I really hated the love story thing, but I felt the overall story just kept getting better and better (I read the whole series in 2 days 'cause I couldn't put the books down).

The Maze runner was pretty entertaining, then I got to the Scorch trials and I really liked it, but I found the last book to be a bit lacking.

Regarding the narrative I preferred Thomas' than Katniss' perspective by far.

the maze runner when I first read thg I loved it but compared to this nahh its more focused on staying alive then romance and more suspenseful and it kept me on my toes I feel like romance gets in the way of the plot it always does oh and compared to divergent the maze runner is wayyyyy better

MAZE RUNNER all the way! Besides, the "Hunger Games" is basically "Battle Royale" with a few tweaks. Talk about plagiarism!

i just finished reading the first book of the hunger games series and i was hella disappointed.
seeing as they can portray the picture more clearly and in any way possible i go for books, i just love the details and movies lack them. the details i wanted ro read weren't presented-so it was a dry read- and there weren't major differences btw the books and the movies which is a big NO NO, and the writing wasn't smooth and i didnt like the flow, also the plot didn't seem connected, it felt as if we were jumping from one thing to another.
even though it could've been better, it had a very catchy and different plot, that i didn't put the book down before finishing it.

now talking about the maze runner, both the book and movie were amaazing, the book had so many details nailed to perfection, explaining just everything you need to paint the bigger picture,
the flow was smooth and you cant but help but fall in love with the characters

To be honest, this book had more action then the hunger games did.

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For me, I would choose The Maze Runner as being better. I loved both books, but I just felt more attached to the adventure and the characters in the Maze Runner.

First books: liked them equally. Second books: Hunger Games, because Scorch didn't answer any questions and I'm not sure where it is headed. Third books: haven't read the last of the Maze series, didn't care for the final Hunger Games.

DEFINITELY THE MAZE RUNNER!!! Both of the series were really good, but I liked how there was more action and suspense in TMR. It always made you want more. THG was nice, but it turned into a love story, and I had to try several times to finish Mockingjay.


Hunger Games the maze runner is to creepy at some points

I thought they were both excellent and I like that The Maze Runner was told from more of a male point of view and The Hunger Games more female. I work in a middle school library and they are both very popular. Both of these books are great at getting reluctant readers (especially boys) reading.

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