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message 1: by Laekan (new)

Laekan Kemp (laekanzeakemp) Has anyone had their book translated into other languages? I'm thinking about self-publishing and would like for my book to be available in both English and Spanish but I would rather hire a professional translator rather than do it myself just to save time. Has anyone worked with a translator to do something like this? How much did they charge? What is a reasonable price for a manuscript 70,000 words or more?

message 2: by Ginger (last edited Mar 02, 2012 05:52PM) (new)

Ginger Myrick (gingermyrick) | 226 comments I also had the same thought, because my book, El Rey: A Novel of Renaissance Iberia, takes place in Portugal and Spain. I was in touch with a service that gave me an estimate of $8USD per page. Well El Rey is 500 pages, which would tally out at $4000. Muy caro! I've heard that Rosetta Press has reasonable prices, but I don't have any personal experience with them. Here's the link:

I also had the idea of translating it myself (if I could ever find the time!) and then having a Spanish editor go through it. Just a thought. Hope this helps!

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