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message 1: by Stephen (last edited Mar 03, 2012 10:06AM) (new)

Stephen Herfst (stephen_herfst) | 54 comments Hi fellow readers/authors,

Just a question on whether anyone has any experience using the
CORRECTION: booktango

distribution system? It's similar to smashwords (just a little more professional ... for the moment).

I'm in the process of publishing my books via their website (I'll tell you how it goes). Outside of the 'quirks' of using their upload-your-novel-into-an-HTML-editor thing, it's been pretty smooth.

There was a minor issue with centered text, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with post-editing. The only quirk I wasn't able to fix was the vertical space prepended before each paragraph. Here's hoping the final product doesn't have that same quirk.

They've been good at liaising with me with any issues they had. It's a bonus that they cover all the major book labels and only take a 10% cut (on top of the distributor cut).

So, yeah, has anyone had any experience using this?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

What's the website? The link above doesn't work. takes you to a web design company, whereas takes you to a children's novelty book publisher.

Thanks, Mona

message 3: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Herfst (stephen_herfst) | 54 comments Oops.. I meant booktango

Experiment BL626 Wow, the website looks so much better than Smashwords.

message 5: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Herfst (stephen_herfst) | 54 comments It looks pretty schmick, although it is still in beta. I've 'officially' got my books distributed now, although they haven't released any tracking tools yet.

Experiment BL626 A con of BookTango is their bookstore; it's not user-friendly. It took me a couple clicks before I could find their genre list on the sidebar, whereas Smashwords it's automatically there the first time you visit the website.

Also, I'm not too sure about their format. When you buy a book on SW, you can download the book in any format the author has made available. But on BookTango, you are restricted to buying only one format.

BookTango may be author-friendly, but it's not reader-friendly at all. =/

message 7: by Stephen (last edited Mar 03, 2012 02:20PM) (new)

Stephen Herfst (stephen_herfst) | 54 comments It is a WIP, though. I'm sure they'll refine it as it stabilises ... maybe.

The big benefit for an indie is having it distribute out quicker than smashwords (I'm still waiting for premium status for my novel) and to a wide array of sites. Also, their cut is 0% on books bought through their website .. and 10% for everything else.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

The interesting thing is, BookTango are able to distribute to Amazon. Smashwords says:

"Although we have a distribution agreement with Amazon via their Kindle Direct Platform, they have delayed receiving our books pending their creation of a bulk upload facility.

"In the meantime, we're only distributing a few hundred titles to Amazon out of our catalog of over 90,000. If your book has earned over $1,000 at Smashwords and you would prefer to consolidate your distribution via Smashwords to Amazon as opposed to working direct with them, please click the "comments/questions" link and let us know you're in the $1,000 club and would like to be considered for our distribution to Amazon."

If BookTango can distribute to Amazon, why can't Smashwords? If Amazon doesn't have a "bulk upload facility," how do other companies distribute large numbers of titles to them? I know Smashwords would have many more authors than BookTango, but it still seems a little weird to me.

I appreciate what Smashwords does, and will stay with them, but it just seems a bit weird to me.

Thanks, Mona

message 9: by Keith (new)

Keith Ogorek | 1 comments Thanks for spreading the word about Booktango. There were a lot of interesting items addressed in this comment string and I would like to add some additional information, and hopefully get additional feedback from the group. That's why we have a beta out there. We listen to what you say and implement improvements all the time. Your comments are helpful. Let me address the features one at a time.

The Booktango Editor:
The space prepend is an issue we are aware of and will be fixed shortly. On a positive note, our tests indicated this space does not affect the format of the final product.

Tracking Tools:
Online sales and royalty reporting figures will be available in the near future likely in time for first quarter 2012 payouts and calculations.

Booktango Bookstore:
We appreciate the feedback about the Booktango bookstore. We designed the bookstore homepage with a different focus in mind than Smashwords. We wanted a site with a cleaner, more contemporary feel that featured both a “browse by subject” capability and a great search module. Additionally, the bookstore allows users to purchase and download an e-book one time, in only one format, so authors receive royalties for each book they sell. Also, we just recently released the opportunity for authors to set their own price through their author center.

We’ve put a lot into Booktango, but we’re not done yet. Over the next few weeks, we plan to launch an online cover designer better than anything out there right now. Our goal is simple. We want Booktango to be the best DIY e-book publishing option for authors on the market.

Thanks very much for your help and support.

message 10: by Experiment BL626 (new)

Experiment BL626 Well, since you're here and receptive to feedback, I do have more points I want to bring up if you're willing to hear them out.

I agree that your website does look more contemporary, but I disagree on it looking cleaner. Smashwords would win on that part despite its... retro-look to put it kindly. (Euphemism, got to love them.) From a reader's standpoint, there is no distinction between your "Noteworthy Titles" bar and the "Books We Love" bar. I think you can do without the top slidebar that shows the book covers. It doesn't help with anything except making the website look busier and slower to load. (Lendle is extremely guilty of this.) I think you should also rid the Facebook widget at the bottom. Great to see there are Facebook users liking your bookstore, but what does it do for the readers? Nothing, really. Except maybe making the website load slower.

On your "Browse by Subject" webpage, I hate how your bookstore list the same book thrice. It would be much easier listing it once and then in its description, listing the formats the book is available in. Right now the way it is, the bookstore is misleading reader into thinking it have more books than it actually have. I do mean misleading in an extremely bad way. It triggers my "bad website, possibly a phiser" warning.

On your "Browse by Format" webpage, it's slightly misleading too because when a typical reader think of format, they think of paperback, hardcover, audiobook, and ebook. They don't typically it as just epub and mobi. I guess since BookTango is exclusively an ebook seller, it would make sense from a business's standpoint to do this. Yet, it has been in my experience as an eBook readers, we're not overly concerned about whether the book is in mobi or epup. As long the ebook doesn't have DRM, we can use Calibre to convert the ebook in a format of our choosing. At worst it's a minor inconvenience to convert the book, but it's easily surpassable. Unless BookTango is foraying into audiobook and dead-tree books, the "Browse by Format" is pointless.

The fact that your homepage advertise on how it can help authors self-pub their books clearly speak to me as an exclusive reader that you're purposely focusing on authors. Where at Smashwords, it clearly focus more on the readers by displaying what books it has available for purchase. The big text display of "Discover Great Ebook from Indie Authors and Publishers" bring that to a homerun. I have no judgmental opinion about your homepage at BookTango. I just wanted to point this out.

Anyway, if I were to combine Smashwords' friendliness to readers and BookTango's modern appearance, I would get Feedbooks if Feedbooks was an ebook distributor.

message 11: by Lynn (new)

Lynn | 2 comments I also have my book published with Booktango but as it has only been one week I do not have anything good or bad to say just yet. But it does seem user friendly to me.

How has your experiance with them been since March? I am a brand new author who has only just started to get word out about my book (mostly through friends and family via facebook, but looking into other avenues as well.) So curious about your experiances if you do not mind sharing.

message 12: by Vineetha (new)

Vineetha Sampath | 2 comments can anyone please tell me the procedure to delete account in Booktango??

message 13: by Barbara (last edited Jun 21, 2013 01:16AM) (new)

Barbara Tarn (barbaragtarn) Vineetha wrote: "can anyone please tell me the procedure to delete account in Booktango??"

wow, you do sound desperate. I can understand why, since in the contact page the media is by dreaded Author Solutions...
Isn't there any "close my account" button? Or, if you used for example your Facebook account to log in, you can probably detach it from FB (it's an app or some other thingy)...

message 14: by Vineetha (new)

Vineetha Sampath | 2 comments Barbara wrote: "Vineetha wrote: "can anyone please tell me the procedure to delete account in Booktango??"

wow, you do sound desperate. I can understand why, since in the contact page the media is by dreaded Auth..."

thanks for the reply...!! but there is no "close my account" button. Is there only one option i.e. to mail them??

message 15: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Tarn (barbaragtarn) Vineetha wrote: "Barbara wrote: "Vineetha wrote: "can anyone please tell me the procedure to delete account in Booktango??"

wow, you do sound desperate. I can understand why, since in the contact page the media is..."

I don't know how Booktango works. You have stuff up there? Take it down. Leave the account blank. Maybe eventually they'll close it because it's virtually dead...
There should be a "delete" or "close" account - the lack of it smells like a scam place! or try to contact "Keith" above, since he seems to be working for them!

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