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20.1. Most Improved: Jen C's Task - Clean those shelves!

I live in a teeny house and have tried to keep my book collection to one large bookcase that my husband built to hold my textbooks when I was in college. It is filled to bursting with rows two books deep and another two rows stacked horizontally above those, for all 5 shelves. My philosophy has been if I can fit it (cram it) in that bookcase, I can buy it. I don’t keep books unless I really love them, and I need to clear some space! So for this season’s challenge I have decided I am only going to read books that I own or check out audiobooks, plus a few new releases, from the library - so I can buy more books, of course! Please join me in this task by choosing one of the following options:

1. Read any book that you own as of March 1. “Real” books, ebooks, audio downloads all work. If you have it, read it!

2. Listen to any audiobook.

3. Read any book first published in 2012. Advance copies are fine.

All general SRC rules, such as rules about ebook-only books, apply.

Required: Please indicate which option you chose in your post.

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Anne  (Booklady) Molinarolo (wwwgoodreadscomAnneMolinarolo) | 939 comments Jen, you're like me. NOW I can read 11/22/63 by Stephen King ! I had pre-ordered the book that is on the 3rd horizontal stack of 1 of 4 bookshelves ;-p
Love your simple task, and congratulations!

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JC (jmnc) | 640 comments Thanks!

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jb Byrkit (jbbyrkit) Great helps with the ever expanding book stacks.

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