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message 1: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 1458 comments Well! just wanted to say that im glad the photo for the group has changed from Bingley to Darcy!! much better ;)

message 2: by Nicole D. (last edited Mar 01, 2012 03:11PM) (new)

Nicole D. (thereadingrebel) | 80 comments I agree.How often does the group change the photo?Do we get to vote who goes there next?

message 3: by SarahC, Austen Votary & Mods' Asst. (new)

SarahC (sarahcarmack) | 1473 comments Mod
Good question, Nicole. I think we've been doing it when the mood strikes us. The moderators may be interested in an occasional poll to select the picture, but we may not be able to do that on a running basis.

message 4: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 1458 comments Yes there should be a vote next time :)

message 5: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 1458 comments and i vote Knightly (either 1996 Paltrow or 2009) or as in 2013 it will be 200th anniversary of p and p stick with that and get - well Firth ;)

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