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message 1: by Mrs. Mendoza (new)

Mrs. Mendoza Please post a personal response to Smoky Night be Even Bunting. After posting your personal response, post your connections between this text and the seminar (history or English)and your tensions with the text.

message 2: by Seran (new)

Seran Halter My personal response: I decided to just choose making bullet points and doing a drawing for my response. Since I can't show you the drawing on here I will just put the words that I bullet pointed. So here they are:
-The collage had spiky edges ---> "Tough guy"
-Matches on the collage ---> Start to a fire: Anger
-Observing Calamities
-Right ---> Wrong
-Broken windows

My Tensions with the text:
I had a massive issue with the fact that people wouldn't go to a store because it was better to buy from only "their kind" even though a perfectly good store is close by. I believe that it shouldn't matter about who looks like what etc. I also didn't like the fact that everyone in the book said that the kids cat would be fine and then in the end the cat turned out to be still in the house and scared silly.

I connected the book to Blacks rights. I feel like that the kids mom was racist to Ms.Kim because she wasn't black. So I connected that to Martin Luther King and the fact that he fought for Blacks rights and racism against blacks.

message 3: by Bryce (new)

Bryce Kreger My personal response:
To some degree or other, my strategy was one of thoughtful contemplation. I jotted down very few words other than ones that had stuck out to me from the book. I was intrigued and struck by the tone. It was quite Innocent and childlike juxtaposed with the extremeness of the situation.

One of the tensions I had was the imagery. It all seemed to be People of color or minority. It also came across as unnecessary for the mother to avoid shopping at Mrs. Kim's store. The last tension that I have to share is the tension I had with the symbolism of two cats scared by fire cuddling together. It just felt cliche, but perhaps that is a personal issue.

I connected the book to the quote on the statue of liberty, and thought about the shelter that they took refuge in as a more true and pure version of what the statue of liberty has come to stand for as evidenced by our current actions.

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