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This group is the shit!!

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message 1: by Micah (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:47PM) (new)

Micah Issitt (micahissitt) | 4 comments Mod
I just joined this group and realized that the group is awesome! I may be biased because I also started this group and am, as of today, the sole member. Still this group makes all the other groups look pathetic. If you were to take all the groups and line them up for a battle, this group would end up covered in the blood of the other groups. Especially the poetry groups.

message 2: by Micah (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:48PM) (new)

Micah Issitt (micahissitt) | 4 comments Mod
Hey Micah, Micah here. I totally know what you are saying. This group is so totally awesome that I am tempted to cancel my membership to all other groups. In fact, I am calling Borders book store as I write this to cancel my membership to the "Borders Rewards" program, despite the fact that I will miss the daily spam-love they sent me. How can I even think about being a member of another group when this group is so totally great?!?!

message 3: by Maia (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:48PM) (new)

Maia | 1 comments I thnk ths forum is the perfect place to pontfcate about the overratedness of the i key. As you can "see", my i key is stcky, and does not alway come out to play. But really, how mportant is said key? I mean, can't you tell what am writing wthout it?

Overuse of the i key should be termed "abuse." And I wll flag that shit in a second!

message 4: by Micah (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:48PM) (new)

Micah Issitt (micahissitt) | 4 comments Mod
Good point Maia. In fact, why use any keys at all? Those who are really our friends should know what we're thinking without our having to type it. Now that I think about it, my typing this message is actually a violation of the proposition I am putting forward in the message. Weird.

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