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Stop Hating
Kassandra Kassandra Mar 01, 2012 05:23AM
Okay people if you do not like the book then you are entitled to your own opinion but stop being so rude to her work. If you think she is not a good writer then write a novel your self and make billions of dollars off of it once youve done that then you may be able to talk smack but until then get over yourselves. Her views are different and unique and I for one enjoy reading this book. Meyer can write and although it may seem the same or what have you nothing is perfect and it seems that it is working only to her benifit so Meyer keep doing what your doing. And dont worry you have enough fans that all these "haters" seem insignificant.

Kassandra, just as you are free to spout your opinion in this forum, others are free to do the same. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Your opinion is that Stephenie Meyer is a good writer. My opinion is that she is not a good writer. If you think my opinion is "rude", then what does that make your opinion from my perspective?

People really need to get over themselves. Like what you like, dislike what you dislike, and leave others to do the same.

of course everyone has a right to hate on the books and even the author as much as they want, but I don't think they should attack and insult the readers...and a LOT of people do just that.

so, I say, kassandra, just try not to let them get to you. as someone else said here, even avid readers love the twilight series, so don't let other people make you feel like you're too young or inexperienced to know what you're talking about. love twilight if you want, don't be ashamed of it, and keep on reading! :)

If in fact she has only read 7 books then maybe this is the series that has opened up a new door for her as a reader, which is GREAT! So props to Stephenie Meyer for doing that for so many people. I also work in a school system and know of MANY students that read now, thanks to the Twilight series. When the books first came out, one avid reader, graduated with a 4.0, valedictorian for her class, loved the books! So, I'd say it's a matter of taste, not reading experience. My sister, with a master's degree in education, has read and read and read and also loves the series. Any author that can inspire such a phenom, is doing something right. I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but I'd never begrudge the author her talent of writing.

Hm well said. I agree that the rudeness is unnecessary, from both ends. I dislike Twilight, but I don't think its rude to say so civilly.

Kassandra wrote: "Okay people if you do not like the book then you are entitled to your own opinion but stop being so rude to her work. If you think she is not a good writer then write a novel your self and make bil..."

I don't want to seem rude, Kassandra--and I do find it admirable about how protective and defensive you are about Meyer--if you think that people can't express their true thoughts or talk smack, in a few words, you're just a hypocrite. When you insult these people who write the reviews, you are defending the author, but in turn, 'talking smack' about the reviewers.

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I agree katrina and I agree with u too katy

Hear, hear.

I think the Twilight lovers get offended by the comments of how "horrible" the writing/characters/plot are because in a sense, it insults them who love it - almost like saying their tastes/intelligence is bad if they love the series. People get defensive when they believe other are essentially attacking their personal tastes and intelligence. Hope that makes sense??

Angrymog It does. I believe so too. I mean, why else would they get so raging mad when you say Stephanie Meyer's work belong to fanfiction.net and not in a pub ...more
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I think this post has been aimed orginally to the Twilight 'Haters' and you are welcome to correct me if I'm wrong Kassandra.
You, I and everybody else are entitled to there opinion no disputing that but there does seem to be a lot of awfully rude comments on the Twilight series and like stated by Melanie, if you are only stating your personal opinion and not harrassing people with your comments then thats fine. Thats exactly why this website and websites like it exsist. So we can share our likes and dislikes.
I love these books with a passion and I also have not read that many so maybe I can't compare them to anything or maybe I could read a hundred more and still feel the same.
We like what we like and we dislike what we dislkie. Point of the story, just be respectful.

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Kassandra Thank you Rachael and Lucy my age says nothing about what I know and dont know and as I said i mean the type of haters that are basically harrassing p ...more
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Well, for a person that has read seven books, six of which are Twilight and about Twilight, I don't really think you're in any position to judge people who have read hundreds, maybe even thousands of different books, and actually have something to compare it with.

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