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message 1: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) The contest should be writing a short story starring a troll. Or something.

message 2: by Alexis (new)

Alexis Nosic (whitelightstar140) | 70 comments Test the readers skill in a poem contest. Have them write a poem over something to do with the series. You can limit the amount of space also to make it more challengeing and more intresting. Also it would have to be something you wrote no playgerisim. Sorry about my spelling. It's really bad. This would be intresting.

message 3: by Lys (new)

Lys | 17 comments I got a great idea. Describle ur favorite character buy using the letters in their name. Pick a word/words that you enjoy about this character in the process of describling them. Ex.

A awsome
L loveable
Y young at heart
S sassay
S sarcastic
A amazing

message 4: by Lys (new)

Lys | 17 comments Do somthing that everyone can participate in. Not everyone is a writer...not that thats a bad thing ofcourse, but it limits ppl.

message 5: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) I suppose you're probably right about not everyone being writers but that can make it harder figuring out what the contest should be.

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