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Emily | 142 comments Mod
Rue could feel the knots in her stomach. Once everyone was settled, she heard the phrase she dreaded each year,
"...And may the odds be ever in your favor." called Effie Trinket, her eyes glowing like coals from a fire.
She could hear the rustle of paper and then a woosh, the paper being picked. Then she heard the thing she dreaded most of all: "The girls tribute will be Rue." People stepped aside as she walked toward the stage. "I can't believe this is happening," she thought. And then, "This can't be happening."

message 2: by Leah (new)

Leah | 77 comments "Ladies first!" The sickening sound of the lady's voice echoed throughout the otherwise silent square. In pointy little shoes that had heels at least 7 inches high, the Reaper pranced over to the big glass ball that had the names. Leah's name. Lena, her best friend's name. Amy, her cousin's name. But Leah's name was entered the least...2 times. "There are hundreds of slips," she thought, her eyes widening in fear and the color draining from her face as the lady made her way to the end of the stage. When she reached it, the lady pulled the slip off the top, and even from there, Leah could make out the distinctive "n" in her friend's name. "Oh no!" she thought. But it wasn't was Leah.

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Emily | 142 comments Mod
Dante looked around. His grandparents looked at him and gave him the best smile they could. Dante looked away and tightened his fists in anger, greif, and recognition. It was exactly two years now. Two years since Lily had been sent to her death. Two years since that horrible woman had messed up his life. Two years since a poor innocent 12 year old had been sent off without help. 2 years 3 weeks and 5 days since Lily had died. He couldn't help but count the days. Now here he was again, fists clenched and telling himself as he did every year "Its me this time. You took her so now its my turn. Take me."

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Emily | 142 comments Mod
Luka stood. Waiting for the worst. Hoping for the best. "Not Dante, Not Dante." Luka knew that Dante had his name in 48 times. He had a slim chance, such a slim chance. But he had stopped thinking that way 2 years 3 weeks and 5 days ago. He knew all chances were the same in life and death.

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Leah | 77 comments Chicory looked at the people around her, the other contenders in the cruel lottery choosing, which kept its firm grip on their lives. But this was her last year. Her chances were slimmer than her cousin Alex's. He was also 18, but his family was poorer than she was. That and he had 5 younger siblings and parents which he was forced to take tessarae out on. His name was in 54 times. Hers was in only the required, 7 times. The despicable excuse for a lady trotted up the steps, her outfit an awful color orange. She stuck her hand in the reaping ball, choosing the slip she so desired to pick out. Chicory bit her lip, hard. She didn't have time to wish for her own luck, the name was spoken so quickly. Even so, the name was a shock...Chicory Anderson.

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Leah | 77 comments Alex stood, light headed, sick, and mad, considering that his cousin had just been called. Still, he stood straight as the Freak passed by Chicory, to the boys'reaping ball. The odds were not dependable. Alex knew that. Still, he nearly lost his meager lunch when he heard his name said in that awful Capitol accent...Alexander Anderson...he'd be forced to fight his beloved cousin, his only living cousin, to the death.

message 7: by Emily (new)

Emily | 142 comments Mod
Effie said, "Lets mix things up a bit! Gentlemen first!"
Effie reached her hand into the glass bowl. Luka and Dante stood tentatively. Slowly she pulled out a name and read, "Dante Smothern."
Dante knew this day was coming but it was still a shock. His legs began to march forward as if routine. Then a faint shout came from the back of the lines. "I volunteer!" came the cry of Luka. Dante was shocked. "No Luka. You can't." He said sternly. Effie piped in "Yes he can and has! Come here dearie!" Dante watched his cousin ascend to the stage in horror feeling the same way he had when a small girl went up to the stage. A small girl named Lily.

message 8: by Leah (new)

Leah | 77 comments Shimmer stood, tall and proud, ready to volunteer, or, better yet, to have her name called. She looked around. The whole district was abuzz with excitement. She knew that her district would win this year, she was coming back. The young man, who was from the Capitol, walked to the girls' reaping ball, and pulled out a name. He read it.
"Megan Reed." The words had barely escaped his lips before Shimmer came sprinting forward shouting,
"I volunteer!" She was proud and dizzy with excitement. And she was ready to win.

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Leah | 77 comments Avery, despite the rest of her district, was scared. For her own life, for her sister's. The Hunger Games were no celebration. Even so, as her name was called, Avery felt a burst of hope. And courage. And the sheer will to live overtook most of the fear.

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