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Malbadeen A friend once described a discouraging story he heard on NPR regarding schools and injusticies and so on and so on and so on and about 2 sentences into his summary I knew he was refering to Jonathan Kozol. Not sure if that speaks more to his repitious message or lack of other writers on this topic? He is also seriously dissapointing in person. My friend and I were all hyped to hear him and get empowered to kick the man's ass - but really in the end we were only empowered to go have coffee and tell stories about goofy students....again.
All that being said - It's pretty amazing the first time you hear his message and he does have a way of conveying his truths to people that are not living it everyday.

Helen Lopes I have lived it every day and find the messages in each and every one of Mr.Kozol's books relevant to today's world and valuable.
The one which made the biggest impact on me was Rachel And Her Children A Portrait Of Homeless In America

Phillip Casteel it's a wonderful book. I don't expect someone so gifted in writing on the topic to also be a dynamic personality. We are fortunate just to have someone writing so well on such an important topic.
Having said that, I must admit if I went to see him speak and he wasn't very engaging I might disappointed, too.

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