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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments Getting the most out of your Shelf Settings: visible columns.

Want to see publication dates, pages, notes, recommender, reviews, and other things when you look at your bookshelves? Pretty handy, if your in a challenge involving a page count or maybe a Lifetime or Decades challenge which go by publication year. Here's how to turn those options on.

In this example I'm going to select publication date & page numbers. You may want to select "to-read," if you're trying to make a selection of what to read next.

◈ Select a bookshelf. In this example I selected my "mystery" shelf and then "shelf setting," as noted by the green and red arrows in Screen #1.

Screen #1

◈ Then you will see something similar to Screen #2, indicating the visible columns you can select.

Screen #2

◈ Click on what you desire: date pub & num pages as indicated by red arrows in Screen #3

Screen #3

◈ Click on "save current settings to you "mystery" shelf" to save your changes.

Screen #4

◈ GoodReads tells you "Your bookshelf was updated" as shown in Screen #5 with the green arrow. The red arrows show there are now columns for num pages and date pub.

Screen #5

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