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Ok I hope this is OK that I made another folder Danica but you said I should come here for advice and none of your other forum thingys had anything really to do with this!! Ok so the only thing holding me back really is getting baptised in front of the whole church!! What to you suggest for me to do about it??

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♥DARREN♥ a.k.a ☺danica☺ | 9 comments Mod
i don't mind its cool so i read your problem my advice is guessing its a pretty big church is when you get up there don't think so much about everybody and more about the big step you are taking towards becoming a better christian the only reason those people are there is to become a better christian so being there to witness a young soul become a better christian you might inspire others to do the same thing so take a risk step outside your safety zone you are going to have to many times in life and this might actually a good time to start because you are doing it for god,jesus, religion and for u its not always going to be that way

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OK Thanks!! I appreciate your advice very much!!

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♥DARREN♥ a.k.a ☺danica☺ | 9 comments Mod
your welcome
i hope i helped

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