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Anyone have suggestions for RP?

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Laika | 41 comments I would suggest that you don't have different topics for every place that we're going to rp in. Although it seems organized at first, in my experience, it makes a group more confusing and more difficult to manage for you.

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Well, actually it is easier that way... because if we have one topic, people will be all over everywhere and no one will know what's going on... that's just what I think...

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Laika | 41 comments I...I'm not telling you how to run your group; I just made a group in the past and that was how it was. But maybe this will be different
Either way I wish you the best of luck on moderating it.

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XD Its fine~ You were just making a suggestion on past events~ Thanks for suggesting something~

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Laika | 41 comments problem
when is the rp starting?

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Laika | 41 comments I can make a first post?

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Matthew (phoebus) | 17 comments Wammy's House

where all these awesome detectives come from: Mello, Near *drumroll* and L

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