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Abigail Jones Okay, so, I was rereading Clockwork Prince, and I realised something:

Charlotte's maiden name is Fairchild (she's from the Fairchild family). Also, she is *spoiler if you have not yet read Clockwork Prince* pregnant with Henry's baby - which leads me to believe, as I think Cassandra will most likely add a death into the third book, that Henry will die somehow, perhaps during battle. Charlotte will then drop the name Branwell and take up her old family name, and go on to become Clary's ancestor - because Clary's mother Jocelyn's original last name was Fairchild.
=) just a theory though.
I also think that Sophie and Gideon will likely become an item, and maybe Cecily and Gabriel. I'd love to see Will's reaction if THAT happened. I'm also hoping that Tessa will finally end up with Will.

Any ideas?

Amanda (Gale's Chosen One) Potter I actually never considered that Henry would die, but now that you mention it i can really see that happening. That's a pretty good theory.
I also remember Cassandra saying that there is a reason that Clary and Tessa have similar last names, i want to try and figure that out too.
I'm hoping that Sophie and Gideon become a couple, i'm not sure if Cecily and Gabriel will happen or maybe even Cecily and Jem. That way Tessa and Will can just get together, i'm dying for that to happen. It wouldn't be right if Tessa married Jem, it just seems like she loves Will more.
Except i have a feeling that Tessa will either end up Jem or no one. Maybe Jem might die too, then Tessa and Will simply drift apart because they can't bare it. Plus she's suppose to be immortal.
So many options! haha why does Cassandra have to be so good as cliffhangers and all this? She sure knows how to keep us guessing.

Abigail Jones I know! It's so frustrating, I just want her to be with Will and be happy :(

I was also thinking, in Clockwork Prince, Magnus makes a reference to demon dimensions where there are demons who can change shape - like Tessa. So, you know how Valentine infused Jace and Clary with the blood of an angel, right? Well maybe mortmain did the same to Tessa, except with the blood of one of those shape-shifting demons? Who knows, just an idea :P

I just hope that Tessa ends up with will - if not, I shall. Um. Write a strongly worded. Complaint.... letter.... :/

Amanda (Gale's Chosen One) Potter Same! Everyone is complaining though saying oh Will is the bad guy, the girl never chooses the good guy, it's Clary and Jace all over again. I totally disagree with all that though.

Oh wow. That is a good theory. I actually think that could happen :)

Haha and i'll help you write that letter of complaint.
Also i was reading teasers for City of lost souls and Magnus says this “I know about parabatai,” said Magnus, an angry, dark undercurrent to his voice. “I’ve known parabatai so close they were almost the same person; do you know what happens, when one of them dies, to the one that’s left —?” I have a feeling he's talking about Jem and Will. Maybe it's themwhen they were in their old age and one died, but i was thinking maybe one dies in Clockwork prince. I hope i'm wrong though.

Abigail Jones That sounds like it could be! Wow I just hope that Cassandra Clare doesn't make some drastic plot change like making Will die and Jem live, imagine if that happened 3 (Although I'm sure she won't. Hopefully).

Lol yes it shall be a fantastic complaint letter.

Even though Will had that outward facade, in clockwork prince you can kinda see that he IS the good guy, I reckon. I mean, both Jem and Will are good guys. They've both lived through massive tragedies and are both really sweet (although I'm still a will shipper, haha :P)

Amanda (Gale's Chosen One) Potter I hope she doesn't too. She'll probably do it to try and shock us but then again she deosmt seem like the type to do that :) hopefully anyway.

yeah I definetly agree. Both are good guys.
Cassanrda actually wrote about it saying that if anything Will is more of te good guy. I think it's on her tumblr site she talks about it. You should see if you can find it :) it was a good take on the two.

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Abigail Jones Yeah I'll definitely try to find it, don you know what her blog name is? :) That'd be awesome to see.

Oh, I can't wait till Clockwork Princess comes out... It's so far away... 3 haha

Rielly Walker I have a weird vibe that Jem will become Brother Zacharia!

Abby I think that Tessa will choose no one cause she is immortal and then jace will become a silent brother cause he said in the teaser he wants to be more than mortal or something like that

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Sally This is my theory. Jem and Tessa get married, and somehow have a child, because in the Dark Artifices, the main characters last name is Carstairs, and as Jem is the last of his name he HAS to live, right? But then, in the City of Glass, Magnus is seen talking with Tessa, so that means that she is a Warlock, right? But then she can never have children. Will will never end up with Tessa because he says that if Jem dies then he will never take Tessa as that would be taking some sort of pleasure in Jems death. As Jem is not going to die, and will never give up Tessa, Will becomes Brother Zachariah. In the Mortal Instruments Brother Zachariah says that there were two people who he loved very much (a.k.a jem and tessa)and also it said that he had dark hair. Cecily will get with Gabriel. How do I know this? Because Alec lightwood is a replica of Will, with blue eyes and black hair, which are also Cecilys colors. Plus she and Gabriel would go so well together. You have to admit.

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Lisa My prediction about Tessa's identity:

Mortmain was in love. His plan to marry Tessa has nothing to do with the war he wages against shadowhunters in revenge for his parents’ murder. Whoever this person dear to him was is dead. He needed not only a shapeshifter, but a shapeshifter that can actually ‘become’ whoever they change into, in the sense that they can touch this person’s thought. That is why he needs Tessa. That is also why the Dark Sisters made her change into dead people when she was training, to see if she was truly what the Magister wanted. To check if she ‘worked’, to put things crudely. Naturally no known creature, even the most powerful of warlocks, can do this. And so Mortmain set about his business of making one.

Tessa’s mother was a shadowhunter. How can this be? Enter Aloysius Starkweather. His granddaughter Adele is just born. She is trained properly, and age 10, she recieves her first marks. She goes insane and dies. Why is this? Because she was no shadowhunter. She was fay. A faerie changeling. Swapped at birth, she would have become forsaken when marked.

What about the real Adele Starkweather? She would have been raised as Elizabeth Moore. Tessa’s clockwork pendant is a faerie device. She was not raised a faerie - either because she was snatched from the faeries for Mortmain’s purposes, or because he bargained with them and they gave him the kid. The latter seems most likely - why would faeries have kidnapped a shadowhunter child instead of a human one? Not exactly an easy mistake to make, so they must have been working for Mortmain. What is sure is that Tessa’s mother had no idea that she was Nephilim. Aunt Harriet cannot have been her real sister - Nathaniel and Tessa aren’t actually related.

Elizabeth Gray’s husband was most likely a human. Mortmain, who had been keeping an eye on her, tracked down her husband and made him his employee. He introduced him to the Pandemonium club, and that is when Elizabeth met Hyacinth. I also think that is when she was given the clockwork angel pendant, for protection, by Hyacinth or another faerie. (Another option would be that Elizabeth Gray was raised a faerie and met her husband at the Pandemonium club; she would have been raised thinking that she was a human changeling, and married her husband thanks to Mortmain’s secret deal with the fay - but then it doesn’t explain Aunt Harriet.)

Enter Tessa’s real father. He can’t have been a normal Eidolon shape-shifting demon - because the children of shadowhunters and demons are still-born, the contradiction between demon blood and angel blood is too great. Unless… her father also had angel blood. Let’s see, what demon also has angel blood? The first one. The one cast from Heaven. Lucifer. That is why Tessa has this incomparable power. That is why she wasn’t still born. She does not have a demon’s mark because she got her mother’s angel blood. That would also make Tessa Magnus Bane’s half-sister, but that’s a story for another time.

So Mortmain somehow made a deal with the devil, he got Lucifer to take the shape of Elizabeth Gray’s husband, and Tessa was born.






Now, when CP2 comes out in March, I can safely say ‘I told you so’. :D

Godwin What do you think of this theory: remember when Clary's mother left the clave she changed her name from Fairchild to Fray right? I mean the alteration was not that far. And remember *spoiler alert* that Tessa's mom was a shadowhunter before something happened which forced her to live in the mundane world, thus changing her surname to GRAY What if Tessa's mom's original surname was GRAYback as in Lucian GRAYback-aka Luke. I mean Gray isn't really that far from Grayback. I don't know but is it kind of a stretch?

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Maddster Abigail wrote: "Okay, so, I was rereading Clockwork Prince, and I realised something:

Charlotte's maiden name is Fairchild (she's from the Fairchild family). Also, she is *spoiler if you have not yet read Clockwo..."

well i think that if henry died she would want the child to have his last name, as sort of a memory or whatever

and what is really freaking me out! is the very true possibility that Will could be a silent brother, the facts are all their and i dont want that to happen!

and Godwins comment that was really smart about the Grayback thing But I knida doubt it, would sh echange her name back to grayback? No probably not because the child would take the fathers name...

I think that Cecily will bring trouble and most likely end up with Gabriel that seem logical enough, asl othat Jem will somehow be cured, i dont know how but he will, and I dont know about him and tessa though, i dont think Emma Carstairs is related to tessa it just doesnt seem right, but the likelyhood that Will has a child seems unlikely but then again he'd have to in order to keep the Herondale name!

Karina Zourik I think that Tessa will marry Jem. She will become pregnant with twins (because she's not really a warlock, she can have children. I think her dad's the same as Magnus' dad, her mom is Adele Starkweather. And though demons and shadowhunters can't have children, when Mortmain says he "made" Tessa, he means that Tessa has a clockwork heart that keeps her heart beating, so as long as her Clockwork angel ticks, her heart beats and she is alive). Jem will find out about Tessa loving Will and he will be so devastated he decides that he wants to be a Silent Brother (Brother Jeremiah to be exact). Tessa gives birth to her two boys. She gives one of her children to Jessamine or Jessamine steals one of the children in revenge because of what happened to Nate. Jessamine changes her last name to Morgenstern (because it means "loss of power" and she lost Nate) So the child is a Morgenstern (explains why Valentine and Sebastien have silver hair and silver rims around the eyes) Tessa and Will have a child. So Tessa now has to kids, one which is a Herondale (hence: Jace) and one who is a Carstairs (hence: Emma Carstairs "The Dark Artifices") And either Will dies because he gets his star mark (that all Herondales have, told in City of Ashes) or he becomes into Brother Zachariah. <-- Both ending are bad

Also, am i the only one who does NOT like the idea of Jem and Cecily? I think 1.the ending would be too happy and perfect if Jem was with Cecily and Tessa with Will. and 2. it's be SUPER weird! Jem and Will are like brothers. so wouldn't it be weird to marry your "brother's" sister? yeah.
I personally LOVE Cecily and Gabriel
I think Henry dies because then how does the Fairchild bloodline continue? Charlotte wouldn't keep the child's name to Branwell is Henry died because I don't think you CAN do that. And it's not one of charlotte's cousins or something because Henry has red hair (like Jocelyn and Clary) and his middle name is Jocelyn.
I think Sophie dies. Here's why. In City of Bones, Simon asks Isabelle what he would have to do if he wanted to be a Shadowhunter. Isabelle says that it's too late, that he's too old. They didn't know that in the 1800s (Hence Jem telling Aloysius that Tessa would Ascend and be his bride) Sophie tries to Ascend to be with Gideon, but she is too old and dies. DX that would suck though because I LOVE Sophie and Gideon.

Another thought (more for City of Heavenly Fire)
I think that Magnus and Tessa are half siblings. Tessa is going to go and reclaim her Clockwork Angel (which is at the Institute in New York) and she will see Alec Lightwood there. She will freak out because he looks like Will. Alec will be confused, he will look to Magnus (who is there with Tessa) to ask what is going on. Tessa will look from Magnus to Alec. She will notice that the way Alec looks at Magnus is the way Will looked at her. She will notice that Magnus went out with Alec. she will freak out because it's not right for a brother to go out with a look-a-like of his sister's one love of her life. Then she will remark how sick it is because Alec's parabatai is Jace, who is one of Will's descendants.

That's all for now.. I don't know if I WANT to be right at these. They're just thoughts.

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Maddster wow those predictions are really good karina! especially the last bit that was funny, but when the predictions turn to appearance like hair colour we can't forget that their are more generations to come before

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WinterRose it's be SUPER weird! Jem and Will are like brothers. so wouldn't it be weird to marry your "brother's" sister

Like say...Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley? :P I actually know a lot of people who have married the sibling of one of their friends. I need to see more of Cecily first. But I do think the idea that Will and Jem become brothers is sweet. I also don't think Tessa is the right choice for Jem, and there is another girl out there better suited for him. Might be Cecily. Might be someone else.

I really like your theory about Jessamine kidnapping a child. I'm actually leaning more toward her kidnapping Charlotte and Henry's. But I don't think she would choose a Shadowhunter last name since she hates them so much. Unless Morgenstern wasn't a Shadowhunter name back then.

I also think Tessa will have twins, but I think it will be with Will. My prediction is it will be boys, maybe named something like Sydney Carstairs and James Herondale. Therefore she and Will will pass down the Herondale name by blood, and Carstairs by name.

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Amy Karina wrote: "I think that Tessa will marry Jem. She will become pregnant with twins (because she's not really a warlock, she can have children. I think her dad's the same as Magnus' dad, her mom is Adele Starkw..."

Maddster wrote: "Abigail wrote: "Okay, so, I was rereading Clockwork Prince, and I realised something:

Charlotte's maiden name is Fairchild (she's from the Fairchild family). Also, she is *spoiler if you have not ..."

I love the bit about the Clockwork Heart. It just MAKES SENSE!!!

Therealbadkitty Abigail wrote: "Okay, so, I was rereading Clockwork Prince, and I realised something:

Charlotte's maiden name is Fairchild (she's from the Fairchild family). Also, she is *spoiler if you have not yet read Clockwo..."

I've thought of that too :( Or it could go the other way around with Charlotte dying after having the baby and Henry giving his son the name Fairchild in honor of her

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Tess Lisa wrote: "My prediction about Tessa's identity:

Mortmain was in love. His plan to marry Tessa has nothing to do with the war he wages against shadowhunters in revenge for his parents’ murder. Whoever this p..."

Whoa. Hold. The. Fudge. Up. That was the most detailed prediction I've read so far and it is so entirely possible that it's almost as if you have read the book already. And not once in there did you mention the love triangle which makes me happy to see that someone other than me cares about something other than who Tessa ends up with (though I do care about that). But I don't think Magnus's father is Lucifer. He might be, but I think his father's name is Baal. Magnus makes a reference to "You don't want to upset Baal do you?" or something like that to Marbus right after mentioning his father's happiness. But maybe I'm just reading too into these things.

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