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Was Neal Shusterman hinting that the abortion issue needs to be settled?
IanGB IanGB Feb 26, 2012 09:08PM
I believe in Pro-Choice, however let's not get into that. Do you believe the underlying theme in this book was a plan to stop the fight over abortion and what do you think Neal was suggesting happen to change that? Could the ProLife and ProChoice veiws elevate to such a level? And how do you think unwinding compares to abortion? Your thoughts...

Neal Shusterman came to my school a few weeks ago, and he explained how he came up with the idea- he combined a statement of a surgeon who said that "within our lifetime, 100% of the human body can be donated," a story about rebellious teens in the UK and adults who said that they didn't deserve life, and a report about how people changed their minds about a politician over the single issue of abortion, and no other single issue.

So, yeah, he wasn't picking a side (which is awesome), he was just explaining how much the debate over abortion has taken over politics. Throughout the book, we get many different opinions without any character making a decision on which is the "less of the two evils", to quote the book. The characters basically say "I don't know," which is all that we really do know.

Fran This is great. Thank you for telling us this...I'm also pro choice but I didn't know if he was bashing that or not...this really helped. I love the bo ...more
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This was a very powerful and difficult read for me. It did also provide a valuable lesson to be careful of extrmes. For the the novel showed the danger when sides become so intent on winning that they refused to compromise because that becomes losing. That when people start valuing an ideaology over human life then you are sent up for a world like Unwind.

For me the scariest part of Unwind is that the idea is not as crazy as I would like it to have been. The way Shusterman present the society of Unwind you could almost believe it. Actually when parnets are willingly to dump their teenagers in the cities because they don't want to deal with their being LGBT then is unwinding so far fatched? Yeah, apprently it does happen and my jaw dropped to. My information came from a woman who helps a shelter for LGBT youth.

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I think it more to illustrate human rights where do they begin, where do they end. And to illustrate how we as fellow human beings manage to ignore, justify and accept suffering that happens to someone else as ok, not actionable, passively, if it's for the "greater good".

If you believe the pro-life point of view that 'life' is what creates value, and the mind is unnecessary to and irrelevant to value... then you have no basis at all for objecting to unwinding.

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I think we can all agree that Unwinding is wrong, right? (if you say otherwise there is something seriously wrong with you). You know what's funny? Back in ancient times people with unwanted babies threw their babies over a cliff. Today we say, that's awful! and it absolutely is! but the reality is we are doing the EXACT SAME THING today, just finding a way to make it sound better! Life begins at conception. Not at 3 weeks, not at 9 weeks, conception. The moment that embryo is made a new life begins. AT NO POINT IS ABORTION NOT MURDERING A CHILD!! The doctors don't let the mothers see the abortion on the ultrasound because they don't want her to see what they do and then tell people. Do you know what they do? They TEAR that child LIMB FROM LIMB! you can physically see the baby struggling to get away. They kill that kid and they know it. Do you know why these people say "yeah! you can abort the baby!" it's because of stupid money. They want your money, nothing else. I think anyone could see how wrong it is if they actually looked into it. Say a woman was driving to the abortion clinic to get an abortion, and a drunk truck driver hits the car and the mom dies. that man will be charged with two manslaughter accounts. Not 1, TWO. But if the mother gets the abortion, how many charges does she get? That's right 0. WE ARE MURDERING OUR FUTURE GENERATION.

you know why you are alive?

because your mom made the right choice not to abort you.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”
Jeremiah 1:5

Every child should be given a chance.

After reading this, look me in the eye and tell me abortion is OK I dare you.

One day our world will be good again, that is my prayer.

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Lily, in reply to what you said about killing a fully formed child, I think it explained that in the book. **SPOILERS AHEAD** Didn't Admiral Dunfee and the others on the board suggest that for shock value so people might see how crazy all of it was? But no one took the hint, so they accepted the idea of unwinding?

Melissa (last edited Apr 10, 2012 05:29PM ) Apr 09, 2012 02:55AM   0 votes
the whole point of unwinding was to facilitate the exploration of the abortion issue. Shusterman used unwinding as a retroactive form of abortion to draw parallels to the right to life. You are right everyone would agree that it is wrong to kill /unwind /whatever A fully formed child so then you could ask would it have been better to kill that child before it was born and would the termination be killing ectera ectera. I would say that the character Hayden is symbolic of the authors desire to explore these issues on an intellectual level below the veneer of the general plot. The novel is evocative and thought provoking so to discard the themes and political issues of the book in a favour of a mindless romp seems a little wasteful

Oh, I don't think so. I think that interpretation is far too liberal. I think if I had to pick a hidden them in the story it would be expecting too much from youths and "tearing them apart" with mixed messages. It's hard to be a teenger, etc etc. But I think it speaks more directly to the danger of dehumanizing ourselves by focusing too much on technology.

The way it was presented, I really don't think Shusterman was making a statement about abortion, he just needed something that made the plot make sense, which it did. It seems like the abortion debate is dying down somewhat, at least is America, as other problems become more of a concern. The only thing that really didn't make sense in the book's ideas was that people agreed to killing a fully formed child rather than a fetus. There are so many other things that people could argue with in the government but abortion in the only one I can think of off-hand that really makes sense with the unwinding idea, so that oddity can be easily forgiven in place of having a great book like Unwind.

IanGB You are Pro-Choice? If you are pro-choice then it's kind of like Unwinding, abortion under a different name at age 13-17. Anyway, I believe that Neal Shusterman was trying to make a point when it comes to abortion. It's almost as if he was trying to put the abortion situation in a novel in a creative way. Abortion is basically murder. Just like Unwinding is. "For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb." Psalm 139:13. Is it right for a mother to kill her baby? With abortion, the abortionists put a substance into a needle and inject it into the baby's heart to kill it. So tell me, would it be murder to kill a 45-year-old adult the same way? Did you guys think Unwinding was bad? If you were going to be Unwound would you think it is a crime? I think that Shusterman was exploring the abortion issue, and aren't clappers very similar to the people who used to bomb and blow up abortion clinics? This book at times can seem like an attack against abortion.

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Abortion is way worse than unwinding though. The embryo feels pain. the unwind does not. others get the body parts of the unwinds which help society. The blood gets donated to the blood bank. The harvest camp makes money from the body parts.

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