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Christy Wilhelm | 282 comments Mod
Hey authors post a short excerpt and what the book is about here :)

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Natalie Star (nataliestar) The Keeper by Natalie Star

The morning of her sixteenth birthday, Billie feels blessed despite the reoccurring nightmare that wakes her. Loving parents, a caring boyfriend, and great friends surround her until an heirloom necklace throws her into a world she never imagined.

“Gifted” with supernatural powers and an unexpected destiny as the Keeper, Billie and a mysterious boy from her past must work together to find answers. But, as they begin to discover feelings for one another, he disappears leaving her to fight evil alone. Her life spirals out of control. She breaks up with her boyfriend, Tony, and alienates her best friends Arianna and Jocelyn to protect them from the truth.

As dark forces pursue her, Billie longs to run away from it all, yet a need to do what’s right compels her to face the future as the keeper of more than her own fortune.

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Jennifer Comeaux | 10 comments Life On the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux Life On the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux


Nineteen-year-old Emily is new to pairs skating, but she and her partner Chris have a big dream–to be the first American team to win Olympic gold. Their young coach Sergei, who left Russia after a mysterious end to his skating career, believes they can break through and make history.

Emily and Chris are on track to be top contenders at the 2002 Winter Games. But when forbidden feelings spark between Emily and Sergei, broken trust and an unexpected enemy threaten to derail Emily’s dreams of gold.


The wind picked up, rustling the trees and sending my empty cup skittering over the table. Sergei snatched it and noticed the time on his watch.

“Oh, wow, it’s two thirty. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stay this late.”

“No worries. I can sleep till noon tomorrow.”

He rose from his chair, stretching his arms. “Do you think they all killed each other downstairs?”

“My guess is they played so hard they passed out at some point. That’s been known to happen.”

I got up and smoothed my skirt. I’d kicked off my sandals hours ago, and the weathered wood of the patio was cool under my bare feet.

Sergei took a step toward me. “Thanks again for the great meal. And the even better company.”

“You’re very welcome. I’m so glad you came.”

I stood on tippy-toes to give him a quick hug, but Sergei’s strong arms held me against him, enveloping my small frame. His body exuded warmth. I closed my eyes and breathed in the woody scent of his cologne. We’d shared plenty of hugs at competitions, but this felt so different, like we belonged nowhere else but in this embrace.

After what seemed like both an eternity and a split second, Sergei pulled away, his hands brushing down my back. He glanced downward and gestured to the door.

“I can let myself out.”

My head bobbed weakly. “Okay. I’ll see you Monday.”

“See you.” He held my gaze a moment longer than necessary. Then he was gone.

I stood paralyzed, listening to the blood pulse in my ears. My heart beat so fast I thought it might pound out of my chest. I couldn’t have imagined the electricity I’d felt in Sergei’s arms. It was too real. And I had no idea how I could ever forget it.

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Shannan Albright (ShannanAlbright) | 6 comments Passion's Flight the second book in the Dark Breed Series.
Tegan Murin has his hands full these days. Feral attacks are increasing, targeting humans, and now he is ordered to find and destroy a deadly artifact known as Oman’s Seal, deal with his estranged step-father and find a missing archaeologist. He’s a bit irritable. Add into the mix a recurring dream of one sexy seductress leading him to his death… well, you get one very pissed off were-panther.
Kyra Navarone is more than what she seems. Escaping from the Ferals who captured her, she ends up running into a brooding, irritating man who makes her blood run hot just with one look. Her life depends on the betrayal of this compelling man, but how can she live with herself afterward?
More than their lives hang in the balance. In order to survive they must learn to trust one another before the world they know and the one hidden beneath the waves are destroyed forever.

“Is that all you got, asshole?” Tegan growled from flat on his back. The damn leech had packed quite a punch, but he’d never let him know that. He rose from the ground, spitting a wad of blood on the alley floor. “You hit like a girl.”
The vampire hissed, baring his impressively large fangs, his fingernails lengthening to razor sharp points. Tegan laughed with dark intent. His claws punched out of his hands with the sound of tearing flesh. The dagger sharp points, catching the light from the crescent moon shining above the filthy alley, burst through his knuckles. Forming a fist, he fought off the rank odor of rotten garbage and urine trying for a permanent home in his nostrils.
“Mine are bigger than yours,” he said with a menacing smile, wiggling his claws “Game on.”
The vampire’s eyes glowed red. Snarling his contempt, the beast leapt, its sharp nails aiming for Tegan’s exposed jugular. Tegan twisted to the side at the last moment and raked his claws up the vampire’s unprotected stomach. Crap, the vamp even screamed like a girl. Wasn’t that just fucking pathetic?
The vampire wrenched free of Tegan’s claws. Its nails tore through the leather of his bomber jacket, past the soft cotton tee shirt and gouged deep into the muscle and tendons.
Pain exploded through his shoulder, clear to the bone, traveling like wildfire down his arm, followed by the unpleasant prickling sensation like a thousand fire ants were eating his limb off. Gods damned vamps, he thought disgustedly. What was it with these feral vampires and poisons anyway? The venom pulsed though his system like toxic sludge, warning him there would be very little time before it rendered him immobile. Reaching for the knife strapped to his chest, he pinned his gaze on the cocky asshole. No more play time. Now it’s die time.

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Pauline (paulinebairdjones) | 7 comments Kicking Ashe: A science fiction romance novel by Pauline Baird Jones

When you save Time’s tush—or its version of one—it ought to cut you a break, not kick your tush some where and some when. Though boo yah on providing a hot guy in leather to pull that tush out of the impact crater that Ashe so did not make despite the somewhat damning evidence to the contrary.

So, the sitrep:

*She's stuck on primitive planet
*Time Tracker suit down
*Lurch (her nanite) unable to connect to any tech (see primitive above)
*Surrounded by a bunch of buccaneer types who haven’t been around nubile, young women cause it's against their law
*The one guy (Vidor Shan) she’d like to kiss on the mouth is off limits (time rule)
*Someone gunning for Shan from somewhere in time
*And, oh yeah, some really strange meteorites are making landfall in some very strange ways.

Seems Time has a new hobby: kicking Ashe (and shame on It for doing it when she’s down).

Not that she plans to stay down. Or give up the guy.

Tags: science fiction romance, sexual tension, no sex, alternate universe, time travel, alternate realities, space opera, connected series.

Kicking Ashe

“How thoughtful.” Ashe produced the fake smile, saw this scientist note it. She took the packet, turning it to study its contents, too weary to wholly conceal that it puzzled her.

“Fresh soap, shampoo, a hair comb, and of course, a toothbrush and toothpaste.”

“Right.” Lurch had to explain everything but the comb. Ashe blinked, then smiled politely. “How quaint. And kind,” she hastened to add, before Lurch could chide her. “Very kind. Really…kind.”

“Quaint?” Calendria’s scientist look went turbo. “How do you brush your teeth?”

Ashe blinked. The swing between high and no-tech was a bit much. “They are self cleaning.”

“And is your hair self combing?”

“No, but I usually use my fingers,” she admitted, fluttering the free hand’s worth of them as a sort of demo. An Earth hair stylist who specialized in vintage hair design had showed her the technique, since carrying a purse was not an option for a time tracker. And even when she could, weapons were always a higher priority than hair combs.

Calendria’s attention, not unnaturally, shifted to Ashe’s hair. Since she had headgear hair, Ashe was unsurprised when Calendria reflected Ashe’s mock-neutral tone back at her with an, “Interesting.”

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Lindsay Downs | 16 comments A Body in the Attic
Emily, with Dakota in the sidecar, headed for the Carlyle house to
start the interview. The rest of the team were following in the CID van,
which had to be retrieved from the motor pool where it was stored when
not in use.
As Emily came to a stop, she couldn’t help but note the surprised
expression on the woman’s face when she saw Dakota sitting up, a collie
grin on his muzzle.
“Yeah, he loves the wind in his face, but not his eyes,” Emily said
as she swung off the bike. A glance over her shoulder to him and with a
silent ”join-­‐‑up” signal he hopped out, pawed off the goggles, put them in
the sidecar and joined her.
Turning back, Emily gave Annabelle her most reassuring smile.
“So what makes you think your house was broken into?” What she hoped
Annabelle didn’t see was the subtle ”seek-­‐‑find” hand signal Emily sent to
Emily followed Annabelle over to a pair of slated wooden chairs
set under a picture window. Once comfortable, or as comfortable as she
could be, Annabelle explained what she’d found when she’d gotten
home. “Small things really. The hall rug was out of place, a chair I’d been
restoring had been tipped over and almost destroyed, and several of my
fashion shots are missing.”
Until the photos were mentioned, Emily had forgotten in
Annabelle’s former civilian life she’d been a rising star in the modeling
world. For her, Emily had learned one evening, Annabelle and most
Americans’ lives had changed on one particular day in September, a few
years back.
With a critical eye to detail, she noted with a touch of jealousy,
Annabelle wore her honey blonde hair long and over her shoulders. The
style, while not regulation, was acceptable since she wore civilian clothes.
Emily remembered ever so briefly that on the rare occasion their paths
had crossed on base, Carlyle had her hair tied up in a tight bun at her
As they were talking, the rest of the team arrived. As they exited
the vehicle she saw they—except for Brett, who had the camera—had
their evidence-­‐‑gathering equipment with them. They were also donning
paper one-­‐‑piece suits and had paper booties and vinyl gloves in their
While Emily listened patiently, out of the corner of her eye, she
watched Dakota sniff around. Periodically, he’d stop and re-­‐‑sniff a spot
before continuing on his trek. Satisfied he’d covered the deck, he returned
to her side. Absentmindedly, she ruffled his white mane, then looked to
Annabelle. “If you’ll wait out here, I’m going to have the team—”
without looking, she signaled them forward “—go through the house.”
Emily started to rise but stopped and resettled herself in the chair.
“Besides you and your husband, has anyone been in the house since you
bought it? I’m only asking because we’re going to need to dust for
fingerprints, and in advance, I’m sorry about the mess.”
“No. Just do what you have to do,” Annabelle easily responded.
“Good. Now if you’ll excuse me, we’ve got a possible crime scene
to process.”

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Kacey Hammell (KaceyHammell) | 1 comments ILLUSIONS
By Kacey Hammell
Romantic Suspense/Erotic Romance
Available at Decadent Publishing

Protection. Adventure. Love.
It's all found within The Arms of the Law...

Detective Isabella Knowles, a tough-as-nails cop, lives by the law, and knows what she wants out of life. And it doesn't include marriage or all that comes with it. Everything Isabella has ever known seems like an illusion when a new relationship makes her feel more alive than ever before. She isn’t happy about it and fights it every step of the way.

Burned by his fiancée years ago, seer and P.I., Brady Jacobs never wants another commitment in his life. But his bachelorhood and heart are threatened when he has one of his visions and see a killer striking too close to the woman he has recently come to love.

Danger lurks close to home and neither Brady nor Isabella like that they can’t control every situation…especially matters of the heart.

Excerpt, Kacey Hammell, © 2012

Knowing she would soon run out of time before his arrival, and getting more aroused by the second, Isabella hurriedly reached for her bath sponge. Soaping it up, she cleansed her body with an eagerness she was growing accustomed to feeling whenever she had plans to see him.
Sponging all suds from her clean body, she pulled the plug in the drain, stepped out of the tub, and grabbed a thick, blue towel from the shelf.
She rubbed vigorously at her body, drying it, and reached for the strawberry body lotion that went with her bubble bath. She poured a generous amount into her palm, rubbing her hands together to coat them in the sweet smell. Then she smoothed it over her arms, her breasts, stomach, and legs. She smiled as the strawberry scent filled the room. She shivered, both from the cold and appreciation for the deep and rich aroma that she loved to apply all over her body.
Humming Destiny’s Child’s ancient hit Soldier to herself, Isabella wondered how many more minutes she’d have to wait before her soldier made an appearance.
She recapped the body lotion and tucked the towel loosely around her once again. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the sound of the front door closing. She hazarded a glance in the mirror. With the mussed, damp tendrils of hair around her shoulders, the towel haphazardly wrapped around her, she looked like a woman eager for a man’s—her man’s—touch.
The sound of a boot hitting the floor with a thud caused her to smile, and she moved to the doorway of the bathroom.
Hearing another boot drop and the sound of heavy breathing, Isabella peered into the hallway. When he finally came into view, she was already breathless, even though she had been expecting him.
Dressed in his usual black denim, form-fitting jeans, and dark hair damp as if he too had taken a few moments to clean up, he was a sight to behold.
Isabella’s heart thudded rapidly and her legs threatened to give out. She noticed his leather jacket, undone, over a naked torso. Obviously, his zealousness to be with her had him forgetting a few things.
There they were. The abs, the washboard stomach, had her literally teetering on the edge of orgasm already—and he hadn’t even touched her. Finally lifting her gaze to his face, his smoldering silver-gray eyes captured hers. She had to lean against the doorjamb for support.
He always made her speechless. His beauty, his charm oozed from him with no effort at all. How she had gone so long, so many years as friends with him and never really noticed him in such a way before? Some detective she was, not seeing what was directly in front of her.
As he moved toward her, his pace slowed, as if he knew the effect he was having on her and wanted her to crave him more desperately than ever. His face broke into a sinful grin, telling her he knew exactly what he was playing at.
Never one to let anyone, least of all this man, have the upper hand, Isabella let go of the towel she was still holding around her. It slithered downed her body, pooling at her feet. Noting his small stumble mid-stride, she relished the power she had over him.
Naked and confident, she smiled at the man she needed to feel against her. Desperate to have his hands on her, she called to him.

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Thomas Wilson (StorytellerTDW) | 2 comments No Rules Of Engagement
By Thomas Wilson

Plucked from a correctional facility for boys because of a test he never even finished, Alexander is sent to train for combat against an alien race of Alligators which is attacking another group of aliens, the Macktonics, who have allied with United States in return for advanced technology.

The United States' gathers an army of children so they will arrive at the perfect age for fighting. Alexander faces grueling training exercises as he struggles to rise to the challenge of preparing to save the placid Macktonic alien civilization from pending attack. Before his training is complete he comes face to face with the enemy. Alexander becomes student and teacher as they square off against a superior aggressor. Traveling through time portals crossing time and space to gain intelligence, and ultimately to hunt down their foe before they attack the Macktonics.

“Hey, you can’t just go in there!” The secretary’s voice followed him into the room.
The commandant looked up from the papers on his desk. “Excuse me. Can I help you?”
“I’m Colonel Harrbinger.” said Deke as he put his briefcase on the commandant's desk pushing stuff aside as he did so. He removed another copy of the Presidential directive, and handed it to the commandant. Deke closed his briefcase and turned to the secretary who had followed him into the office, who was trying to explain to the commandant how he had just walked straight in here without permission.
“Please excuse us. This is official government business.” He shooed her out of the office.
“Well, I never.” She said as he shut the office door in her face.
The commandant read the directive as Deke walked over to the window behind the commandant's desk and spread the blinds to look out into the courtyard where a crowd of boys were playing.
“I am here to collect one of your boys, an Alexander Hawk. Is he one of the boys in the yard?” Deke asked.
“Yes, he would be the one by himself staring at the ground.”
Deke realized he had answered without coming over to the window and observing the boys, yet there was one kid all by himself in the corner of the yard where there was no grass. The kid was just standing in the dirt staring at the ground.
“What is he doing?”
“He has a fascination with ants. Why are you, how’d you put it, collecting him? Collecting him for what purpose?” the commandant asked.
"Why do you care? He’s trouble. He killed one of the other boys last month. What is he to you?” Deke asked as he watched the boy.
“Excuse me! He is one of my boys. Yes, he has been difficult, but so are most of the boys we get. I want to know what the Army wants with him?” the commandant asked.
“Difficult! He killed one of your boys, less than a month ago. He has a history of beating kids up so badly they end up in the hospital. That piece of paper in your hand says you are going to do everything I ask you to do or by tonight you will end up in the big boys' version of this place. You will get the boy for me and bring him here to your office.”
The commandant shifted nervously in his chair as Deke continued.
“While I have a private little chat with him you’ll gather up his records, all of them, and no copies. When I am done speaking with him, I will take him with me, with all his records, and any personal effects the kids owns. Go get him, now.” Deke’s voice went up in volume as he talked so by the time he finished he was yelling.
The commandant left and moments later, Deke saw him walk across the courtyard and speak with Alexander. They argued and then the commandant motioned to the window of his office. Alexander stomped the ground and dust rose up around his feet. He turned and stared at the window before he followed the commandant into the facility.
Deke retrieved his briefcase off the front of the desk and placed it front of him as he returned to behind the commandant’s desk. He looked at the regular desk paraphernalia and with his arm and swiped everything: pictures, desk pad, telephone, calculator, and even the lap top computer off the right side of the desk onto the floor. He set his briefcase down and removed his file on Alexander and placed it on the center of desk. Closed his briefcase and placed it on the floor. He sat down in the commandant's chair, leaned back with his hands behind his head and crossed his feet on top of the desk, while he mentally prepared himself for the upcoming interview.
The commandant entered with Alexander in tow.
“What the hell!” The commandant viewed his now empty desktop.
Deke swung his feet around the corner of the desk back to the floor as he sat straight up in the commandant's chair.
“I don’t give a rat’s ass about your shit! Get the boy’s files, and shut the door on your way out!"
“Sit down, Alexander.” Deke motioned to one of the chairs before the desk. “I need you to answer some questions.”
Alexander plopped down in one of the two chairs seemly amused as he cocked his head checking out the contents of the commandant’s desk piled up on the floor.
Deke waited until the boy’s eyes fell on him, surveying and sizing him up. He studied Alexander. The file on the boy said he was eight, but he seemed much older than that. Alexander had sandy colored hair, blue eyes, and had a medium-build; he had some muscle on his frame, but not what you would expect for a rowdy bruiser the way the file portrays him. This kid didn’t look like a bad ass, but he didn’t look nerdy either. He just looked average.
"So Slack Nuts finally did it! People have been threatening to send me to a military school for years. You don't want me; you can't handle me. So you might as well just leave me here."
Deke smiled at the kid's defiant attitude, and raised his left eyebrow a notch.
"You're not from a military school?"
Deke saw understanding dawn on the kid's face, and turn to a questioningly look.
"It's the test. You're here because of that messed up test they made everybody take."
It impressed Deke this kid had figured out in seconds what none of the other ten had. This kid was very perceptive and smart.
"Why was the test, messed up, explain that?"
"They said it was a standardized national test. First the questions were way too hard, and then some were worded funny. They were looking for something besides intelligence and knowledge. The funny questions required moral decisions, judgments, life and death stuff. Who decides if things like that are right or wrong? I didn’t feel like being that honest on some test. I felt like it was an IQ test designed by a shrink."
"Is that why you didn't finish the test?"
"Yeah, I was trying to avoid you, apparently. So how did you find me? It couldn't have been from my test score. I don't care what your game is, I'm not playing."
Deke laughed, "I'm not playing either. What you did finish put you on top of ten others selected, and you're coming with me, whether you play or not. I could care less."
For just a moment a worried look crossed Alexander’s face, but as soon as he noticed Deke saw it, his poker face returned.
"Why do you keep beating other kids up?"
Alexander leaned back in his chair, "Cause people screw with me."
"Why do you continue beating the kids when they are down? Why do you hurt them so badly?"
"So I never have to fight them again. You beat somebody bad enough they don't think about revenge, cause they're scared,” said Alexander as he started tapping the commandants stuff on the floor with his foot.
“Leave that shit alone,” Deke stared the kid straight in the eyes. “Why did you kill that kid last month?”
Alexander straightened up in his chair and returned Deke’s stare, "Cause he screwed with me."
"No. That's why you beat the kids up. You crossed a line. You killed another person. I want you to tell me why? I know the answer, but I want to hear it from you." Pressed Deke as he leaned forward in the chair.
Alexander looked up to the ceiling, fidgeted slightly before regaining his composure, he leaned forward looking Deke straight in the eyes, "Because I didn't want to fight every kid in here. If I hurt him, his friends might come after me; but if I killed him, they would all think twice before coming at me."
Deke liked the kid. Straight to the point, no bullshit, and he was smart enough not to try lying. Alexander hadn't insulted his intelligence or his rank. He hadn't challenged Deke's authority …yet. I would have to be on my guard not to insult his intelligence or lie to him, Deke thought.

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Laura Thomas (laurathomas) Something Deadly
Veterinarian Markie Cross has an almost psychic connection to animals, especially her husky/wolf Kato. Together with Doctor Declan Quinn, they race to discover what is killing the ihabitants of the island of San Martin. The killings are violent and mysterious in their origin. Something supernatural has come back to claim what is theirs and exact revenge.
Humans were strange creatures. They seemed to take pride in denying themselves that most basic of pleasures,sleep. Kato knew better. There was a time to hunt, a time to play, a time to train pups, atime to reinforce roles in the pack. All of that was important. But sleep...sleep was where life really happened. Sleep was where he could curl up in the souls of his pack mates, share minds, roam far and wide over pristine meadows and dense woods, noses in the breeze, scenting leaf and loam and the essence of life itself. In awake times, he lived mostly within himself, save for those all-too-rare times when Markie opened herself to him. But in sleep, he was whole.

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PJ White | 4 comments Thanks Christy,

Ashen (Black Dawn, Book One)


In 2065 a nuclear strike was initiated that almost resulted in the annihilation of all mankind.

On the 11th of October 2078, leaving behind their irradiated homelands and heading out into the night, the survivors of the Earth start the hugely ambitious and dangerous task of building a permanent colony on Mars.

The year is now 2102 and against the odds the Sanctuary colony and its inhabitants have thrived.

Meanwhile on the distant planet of Ashen 2, a team of scientists have made an unprecedented breakthrough that could herald a new golden era for the survivors of the Earth.
Though when communications are inexplicably lost, an elite special forces unit are sent to investigate and amongst the team is Robert Hewson.

Hewson is an experimental physicist who is responsible for the on-going terraforming of Mars, and, more importantly, bringing his late father’s dream of the planet having a breathable atmosphere to fruition.

Hewson soon finds himself being carried along in a whirlwind when he and the team make a terrifying discovery that could have devastating consequences.

Something has been watching them from beyond the veil and the fight for survival has begun.

It was just after 4am. The well maintained lawns that lay between the string of outbuildings and the main laboratories shimmered as the first few shards of daylight reflected in the early morning dew.
Moisture though, was not the only substance in evidence on the lawns.
Lois Palmer shivered as she lay on her stomach underneath the porch of one of the residential suites.
Her hair was matted to the side of her face with grease and sweat and her hands trembled as she looked out across the now quiet compound.
Chloe Sanders, one of Lois’s closest friends, had been with her only thirty minutes beforehand.
Taking her turn to go out and search for food and water, Chloe had crawled out from underneath their hiding place and disappeared up the slope, in the direction of the halls of residence.
A few brief moments later Lois had heard Chloe cry out.
Lois had laid there frozen, barely able to breathe.
She had wanted so badly to run out and help Chloe, but her muscles hadn’t obeyed her commands.
Never before had Lois felt so helpless. All she could do was lay there and listen as Chloe fought for her life.
Unable to halt her attacker’s advances, Chloe let out one final scream which was brutally curtailed and faded to nothing more than a muffled whimper. There had been no gun shots, so Lois had been left to imagine the manner of her friend’s passing.
One by one she had seen all of her friends and colleagues killed or succumb to whatever dark forces were at work in this place she had called home for almost two years.
Lois wasn’t a religious person, but this she imagined must surely have compared to Hell.
Only in Hell could one be so utterly desperate and alone, beyond any chance of salvation and in an environment completely impossible to become accustomed to.
All Lois wanted was to be at home with her family.
She could remember how, as a child, her mother had told her to hide under her bed clothes if she was ever afraid of the dark. But as she peered out from underneath the porch, she knew there was no safe haven. Even daylight would not afford her any kind of safety, “They” were everywhere.
A few days ago, Lois and Chloe had been hiding on the edge of the rain forest, when three of their co-workers had burst out of the jungle on the opposite side of the compound.
Bringing up the rear had been Craig Bellamy, a well liked and respected senior member of staff and a few metres ahead two of his second year students, Carol Andrews and Sonia Masters.
Taking care of his subordinates right to the end, Bellamy had verbally and physically pushed his charges ahead of him, in a desperate bid to keep them alive.
Sprinting out across open ground, running for their lives, the three headed straight for the chapel, while behind them, erupting out of the brush, were six of the armed psychopaths.
Strangely none of them opened fire.
Bellamy and the others quickly rounded the far side of chapel, but as they did their hearts sank, as lying in wait were another ten of the dark vessels, all carrying bush knives.
Lois could still hear their screams. So much blood.
After Davies and the senior staff had learned of Jonathan Braymer’s murder, the Pathfinder data had been analysed countless times in an attempt to determine the cause of the psychosis. No firm conclusions had been drawn, leaving only vague theories and speculation to fuel the already soaring bonfires of anxiety. Everyone knew that Bill Sykes and Jonathan Braymer had been the very best of friends for over twenty years, so Davies knew there had to be a connection to the project.
It had taken a few days for them to mutate, but to begin with, those who had “changed” appeared no different to anyone else. Certainly the “things” she had seen walking in the woods earlier that day were no longer human! And if it hadn’t been for a few remnants of torn clothing, Lois would never have known they had been human at all.
Somehow these poor souls had warped into something that should only have existed in the darkest of dark dreamscapes and as Lois had found out to her horror, they were far from the cumbersome, dim-witted creatures they appeared to be. Instead they were intelligent and moved with surprising speed, though more alarmingly, Lois suspected a hidden agenda and a purpose.
Dragging her back into the present, Lois heard a noise off in the distance, roughly in the direction of where Chloe had been killed. Concentrating on the sound, Lois heard the slow and deliberate rhythm of footfalls, though from who or what she couldn’t tell.
Retreating further under the porch, Lois made herself as small as she could.
Out across the blood stained lawn, cloaked partially by mist, a lone figure walked slowly in her direction.
Halfway to her, the sub human creature stopped and looked up at the sky.
As it lifted its head into the early morning sun, Lois could clearly see the torn remains of a set of jungle DPMs. There had been twenty soldiers stationed in the compound and when the slaughter had begun, it was they that had done the most damage.
Only three of the soldiers had been unaffected and with the assistance of Bellamy, they had temporarily rescued twelve others, including Lois and Chloe. For four days they had managed to repel the zealots, but now they were all gone and Lois was engaged in what she knew was almost certainly an endgame.
Continuing to observe the creature, she shuddered as she saw the half metre long bush knife in its right hand. Immediately her mind flooded with bloody images of the massacre outside the chapel.
As if sensing Lois’s fear, the creature paused and then appeared to test the air with its tongue.
Almost at once it turned its head and looked in her direction, breathing in sharply through its nose.
Lois backed away further still, until her spine came into contact with the building’s foundation.
She couldn’t see the beast’s eyes, but it felt like they were now locked only on her.
Advancing much more quickly, the heavily muscled creature closed on her position.
Stopping in front of the Porch, it tasted the air again.
Lois didn’t dare breathe, but her heartbeat was so loud in her ears, she was sure that the sound would give her position away to the creature.
Once the creature had walked up the stairs under which Lois was hiding, she felt a small measure of relief. Perhaps her mind had been playing tricks on her? Perhaps “they” didn’t actually have some form of extra sensory perception?
Above her, the beast slowly shuffled around the room, tasting the air.
Having completed two laps of the room’s perimeter, it came back to the porch threshold and stopped, remaining completely silent.
With unimaginable force, the black souled abomination drove its bush knife through the porch step and pinned Lois to the ground, impaling her through the back.
As her life slipped away, the last vision to flash before Lois’s eyes was that of her family.
With arms outstretched, Lois ran to her Mother and Father and was finally at peace.

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Sandra Dodson | 5 comments I have it started on wattpad. Nova in August it in mature section.

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Nell (nell829) | 1 comments Discover the New Bay Cornish series - Making Waves by Nell Dixon
Also available from Amazon in Kindle format. and B&N for Nook! Try September Song , A Cornish Christmas, Easter Holiday and New Bay Wedding for other New Bay stories.
Cassidy Jones needs a holiday and her friend's cottage in New Bay sounds perfect. The beach could heal the bruises from losing her job and her fiancé. Perfect for some time alone to gather her thoughts and heal her broken heart.
Josh Parker is also looking forward to a much needed break after eighteen months of non-stop work. His out of town friend offers her cottage and Josh thinks it would be just right for some time to let his hair down and revive his social life with his old surf buddies.
One cottage, two unsuspecting occupants, a recipe for romance or disaster?

An outside table stood empty in the far corner near the seawall under the shade of a gaily striped umbrella. Cassidy took a seat and pulled off her hat, dropping it on the table. She ruffled her hair with her hands in an attempt to restore some bounce to her smooth auburn bob.
The pretty blonde waitress was busy taking an order from a group of surfers crowded together on a couple of tables near the outdoor service hatch. Cassidy sat back in the shade to wait her turn.
The male surfers were all wearing black or blue wetsuits, unzippered and rolled down to the waist. Pretty girls in tiny bikinis laughed and chatted as the group placed their orders.
One of the guys with his back toward her seemed strangely familiar. It was something about his stance and the untidy mop of dark brown hair. Cassidy sat up straight, willing him to turn around so she could see his face. Her heart thumped in a mix of fear and anticipation as she watched him chatting to the girls.
The waitress came toward her with a pad and pen in hand. Cassidy ordered a fruit juice, her attention still focused on the man with his back to her. Then, just as the waitress left to take Cassidy’s drink order inside the café, he turned around.
“Cassidy? Cassidy Jones?”
Her heart sank. It looked as if she had been wrong about not meeting anyone who knew her here in New Bay. Of all the people she hadn’t wanted to bump into,
“Hello, Josh, what a surprise to see you.” Josh Parker was definitely one of them.
He crossed the paved area between the tables to come and stand at her table, a bewildered expression on his face. “What brings you here? I thought you and Ethan were supposed to be headed for the Seychelles.” He looked around as if he expected Ethan to suddenly materialize beside her.
Cassidy bit her lip. It looked as if her famously work-obsessed boss hadn’t heard the news.
“I didn’t get married.” She tried not to sound terse. In her head she’d practised how she would tell people and explain to them what had happened. Now, confronted in the last place on earth she had expected to see someone she knew, all her carefully chosen phrases deserted her. “Ethan dumped me.”
Josh looked confused. “So, you’re not married?”
Cassidy clenched her teeth. “No.”
She did a mental eye-roll. For a supposedly intelligent man who’d built up a thriving dotcom marketing business, Josh could be mystifyingly dense. “Are you here on holiday?” She prayed he’d say no, that he was just a day tripper. He hadn’t taken a holiday to her knowledge for over a year.
“I’m here for three weeks. I’m staying in a friend’s cottage.” He made a vague gesture in the direction of the cliffs.
Cassidy’s heart sank. Not only was he staying in New Bay, but her cottage was on the cliffs overlooking the sea, too.
© Nell Dixon 2010
Romance with Heart
Look out for September Song, A Cornish Christmas, Easter Holiday and New Bay Wedding
Making Waves by Nell Dixon

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Matthew Akers | 1 comments Son Of Adam by Matthew Akers
Matthew Akers

Son Of Adam, takes us on the thrill ride exposing the monster lurking inside each of us.

Cal, a black, rough tempered, hard-nosed automotive engineer driving his way around life’s twisting race-track until the second Gulf War places him on a collision course with a pedophile serial killer in a distant war-torn land. Lives changed forever in an instant of horror.

Seventeen girls missing and seventeen weeping mothers with no hope of rescue confuse the soldier’s motives and missions. A small, foreign village with a fledgling infrastructure barely able to support traffic stops was a pedophiles playground. The shadows of war and the prowling despot have free reign over the frightened village families until the killer gets sloppy, exposing his bloodstained trail. All the gory pieces fall together and the Army platoon moves in for the arrest. Mission accomplished for all, except for the soldier that found him – the one who had to search the killer’s bedroom and catalog all of his bloody souvenirs.

Back home and years later, the demons of that horrible day are still lurking in the darkness, pushing him from odd job to odd job around the country, spiraling an out of control life but weaving it back together with help from some unlikely outsiders – just like him.
The suspenseful story winds its way from the foothills of the Alps to the foothills of the Appalachians as a new journey begins. With twists and turns along the way, finishing in the unwanted answer to an age old question. A life redeemed in the midst of disgraceful mistakes and youth’s tiresome baggage, bringing him back to the tender answer to a divisive social issue: How can anyone be Pro-Life and Pro-Death Penalty?

From first homes to the German Oktoberfest and jumbo jet rides across the Atlantic Ocean to automotive assembly plants in the new south, Son Of Adam, exposes the inner workings of the fall-out from the heinous crimes and bloody investigation, pieced by painful piece.

Be careful what you ask… Son Of Adam.
Son Of Adam by Matthew Akers

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A.H. Scott (ahscott) | 1 comments Free Monday, November 25, to Wednesday, November 27, 2013 -

#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Mythology & Folk Tales > Mythology

#27 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Fairy Tales

Brian fell in love with a dream.

Yet, the fantasy was a nightmare, because this woman was not what she seemed.

Her name was....."Sangre".

A.H Scott takes you into a new dimension - "Sangre (Daughters Of the Rose Moon)"

Excerpt - “Valeria, he told me he loves me” She gave a proud smile in acknowledging that miracle “We made love” Blissfully recalling those moments of magic “I left him sleeping in bed and went into the bathroom” Visibly showing Valeria the bane of despair, she pulled up her pink cotton tee shirt, “Then this, Valeria”.

Having to see Sangre’s flesh for what it is, Valeria placed hand over mouth, “Does he know?”

Sangre hated to admit the truth to anyone, but had to tell everything to Valeria, “When the sun rises” Inhaling the air, as if courage were in the wind, “He will”.

Valeria knew Sangre better than anyone. She’d seen the tears and fears of this young woman in all its’ vividness. Event of this night was the last thing she ever wanted Sangre to have to deal with, “My heart is with you, dearest one” Placing Sangre’s smooth hand in her wrinkled one, “Get some sleep and things will be as they should be in the morning”.

“I just wanted….” Sangre looked downward in a pause and said a trio of words she never thought would come from her lips, “…To taste life”.

“And, you have, sweet Sangre” Valeria stood up and lifted Sangre upward also. She softly spoke to her, “Rest your eyes and your mind”.

“You are right, Valeria. Everything will be as it should” Sangre hugged her and rested head on Valeria’s shoulder, “I love you”.

“I love you, Sangre” Returning that hug and letting her go gently, Valeria traced both thumbs along those tear stained cheeks.

Sangre nodded and retreated upstairs to her bedroom for rest and a smidgen of solace.

Wishing to wash away the fiasco under a shower head, Sangre turned the silver knob to release a stream of warm water.

Closing her eyes as that liquid splashed against skin, she thought about Brian. His kisses, kindness and smile gave Sangre pause in her decision to leave him sleeping.

Wondering whether things could ever be normal between her and any man, suddenly was answered in a most unusual way.

Placing her hands forward against the white shower tiles, she began to second guess herself.

Holding head down and slowly opening eyes, Sangre’s choice was crystallized, as a stream of crimson color swirled down the shower drain.



"In the end....we are left with ourselves" - A.H. Scott

A.H. Scott

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