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Sarah Fernandez Ok,so this book is starting to grow on me.It's also obvious that Jan thinks her life sucks.First,her name.Have you ever heard a poplar girl or a celebrity with a name like Jan.NO!Second,her name is not pronounced Jan it's pronounced Yhan.Weird huh?I can tell why she thinks her life sucks.Third,her bff is the exact oposit of Jan.She wears cute clothes,she is more attractive aperaently because she's always dating older guys.I feel sorry for Jan because she never said it but it looks like Jan compared to her bff she kinda looks like a loser.I guess that's why the book's called "Confessions of a not it girl"I think this book is perfect for people like Jan and me.People who sometimes have low-self-esteem.We shouldn't underestimate the power we have though.

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Great! Loved the entry! Keep on reading!

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