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message 1: by Tiffany (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:46PM) (new)

Tiffany | 59 comments I remember us wondering on a thread just where Logan was. Here he is:

He'll be appearing on Friday Night Lights as a very devout Christian. Definitely not being typecast as the bad boy!

message 2: by Alison, the guru of grace (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:46PM) (new)

Alison | 1282 comments Mod
That is a bad pic. But thanks for the update! I think that actor is originally from Tennessee?

message 3: by Shannon, the founder of fun (back from sabbatical) (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:46PM) (new)

Shannon | 254 comments Mod
yeah bad pic! he's a cutie. I was recently in Austin where they film the tv show and on the local news they were talking about how they only had enough writing for another week of filming. Tv is getting really bad. No new Stewart, Colbert, etc. I wonder how long this strike is going to last. I hate 98% of reality tv.
And I love Thursday night tv on NBC. 30 Rock is my favorite right now along with the Office. I'm going to be sad when I don't get anymore funny television. I'll be watching a lot more of my Arrested Development dvds- the funniest tv show of all time!!!!

message 4: by Sarah (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:46PM) (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) I know! I like Survivor and Beauty and the Geek but those are the only reality shows I watch. I'm going to be really sad if my Monday night NBC shows end early.

The thing about this strike that pisses me off is that these writers still make more money than the average American. I know the whole point is that they want a fair percentage of the show's revenue, but some of the comments I have read in the news have been ridiculous. Eva Longoria said she was supporting the strike because her crew people and hairdressers couldn't make ends meet or buy Christmas presents for their kids. I have a hard time believing that if you work on a successful TV show in any capacity, you can't afford Christmas presents for your kids. Maybe they can't make ends meet because they spent all their money on that Malibu home.

I'm all for capitalism and success and people enjoying the rewards of their hard work. But don't complain that you can't make ends meet when you work in a gazillion dollar industry.

message 5: by whichwaydidshego, the sage of sass (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:47PM) (new)

whichwaydidshego | 1996 comments Mod
You know what? Writers really are VERY underpaid in Hollywood. I've know successful writers there that are barely making it. You say they make so much more than the average American... but the average American doesn't live in areas where small homes or even apartments are exorbitantly priced. You have to consider cost of living.

However, if her crew are all so broke, why doesn't Eva offer to have her ridiculous salary cut to cover paying them what they deserve? I'm sorry, but I have no tolerance for stars and superstars in these situations.

I worked for an NFL team for a couple years some time back, and was appalled when the players went on strike for more money when I saw how they lived and what they did with their money. This is the main reason why I'm no longer a fan of the NFL. With stars I think it is even worse, because they honestly do so little for what they make and don't have salary caps.

The thing about the strike is that I'm on the verge of leaving the TV largely behind in my disappointment in most of the shows (for one thing, I ABHOR so-called reality TV). But two that I really enjoy are new shows and they will likely suffer the most. So I'm bummed in that way. Though I've gone without TV for over a year before, and it's liberating and fantastic, so no big. But I really want more Journeyman and Life. obviously I'm torn. LOL

message 6: by Meghan (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:48PM) (new)

Meghan Even more reason now to hang out on goodreads. The bookstores probably will see an increase. You know, you never hear that books have lost their creativity, their vision, that they just don't "write them like they used to." So that makes me wonder, why are scripts so terrible? Not just tv but movies too. (I think tv actually has been making better strides than movies...think of how many big name stars are now in their own tv shows--not just as guest stars--and not movies. It's because they feel they get better scripts.)

And why are movies just all books-turned-movie? You don't see authors deciding "You know, I LIKED Gone with the Wind, but I think I can write it better." (Or do a more modern version?) So if there are all these people out there who can come up with enough books to fill the NY Best seller list, why is there such a shortage of good, quality writers in Hollywood?

I understand writing a book is different than script writing. But isn't writing writing to some extent?

Eh, I watch football and food networks. I'm willing to watch reruns of both.

message 7: by Sarah (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:48PM) (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) During the off-season of TV I watch a lot of movies on DVD and also take the time to watch the DVDs of shows I never caught during their first run (that's actually how I started with Gilmore Girls). If this strike continues, Target's DVD department is going to be getting more of my business.

message 8: by Jenna (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:16PM) (new)

Jenna (jentobox) | 16 comments Oh, Logan how I love thee. Does any remember him from the show Young Americans.

message 9: by Shannon, the founder of fun (back from sabbatical) (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:18PM) (new)

Shannon | 254 comments Mod
Hey Jenna!
I've never seen Young Americans but would check into it for more Logan. At first I did not like the Rory pairing, but he really grew on me. Not all rich are bad - lol ;)!

message 10: by Sarah (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:19PM) (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) He's also in some movie with Piper Peraboo about a French exchange student who takes over the life of her host.

Weird... Piper was also in Because I Said So with Lauren Graham...

message 11: by Megan (new)

Megan | 118 comments Six degrees of Gilmore!

message 12: by whichwaydidshego, the sage of sass (new)

whichwaydidshego | 1996 comments Mod
I love Piper.

message 13: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jentobox) | 16 comments Definetly watch it Shannon!Young Americans is a WB show that only lasted for one summer. You can search it on You tube the have all 8 episodes. Kate Bosworth and Ian Somerhalder star with him. So there are oodles of eye candy. I don't think Logan appears until the second episode. Even though it only lasted one season, like My So-Called Life, its a coming of age show. I loved that show. And loved Logan.

message 14: by Jen Manning (new)

Jen Manning | 34 comments I LOVED MY SO CALLED LIFE. It has been extremely long since I heard someone mention that show.

message 15: by whichwaydidshego, the sage of sass (new)

whichwaydidshego | 1996 comments Mod
What's weird is I was just listening to NPR last night and they talked a lot about that show - which I really enjoyed. So strange.

A guy involved in it produced a network-quality show on the internet and NBC picked it up and will run it starting February. (This whole deal took place before the strike.) The thing is, it is the first time ever that a network is airing something they know nothing about and have no say over... they just get the finished project and air it. Really an amazing step considering that the networks have taken all creative control away and given all decision-making to the corporates. I think the show is called Quarter-Life. I'm kind of interested. The same guy produced Thirty-Something as well.

message 16: by Megan (new)

Megan | 118 comments My friend has been watching reruns of My So Called Life. She said their on ABC family- could just be her area of the country.

message 17: by Audreedee (new)

Audreedee | 47 comments I'm currently watching Freaks and Geeks for the gazillionth time and Logan is in the episode 'We've got Spirit'. His hair is way blonde and he doesn't look sexy at all. But very few people do compared to James Franco:)

message 18: by Dottie (new)

Dottie (oxymoronid) | 698 comments hee -- I loved My So Called Life -- and my girls didn't -- but I watched it anyway. I just recently bought the whole series boxed set of DVDs -- they are just as strong as when first aired I think. Loved Thirty-Something -- loved lots of shows that didn't last long.

message 19: by Arctic (new)

Arctic | 571 comments Loved both MSCL and Freaks and Geeks. Great shows. Never got to see Thirty-Something...I'll have to check Netflix for it.

message 20: by Audreedee (new)

Audreedee | 47 comments I'm still working my way through Freaks and Geeks and Tana just made an appearance as a mathlete!I love this show!

message 21: by whichwaydidshego, the sage of sass (new)

whichwaydidshego | 1996 comments Mod
Speaking of shows that didn't last long... Does anyone remember Home Front? I just LOVED that show and was so danged mad that they took it off the air. I'm still inexplicably partial to the actors from it.

Another one that was absolutely fantastic that didn't last long terribly long was Sports Night. That was so similar to GG in that the writing was so tight and fast and smart - and heart-felt and funny, too. I bought the series boxed set of that a while back. I remember rushing into the room (pre-dvrs) and sitting literally on the floor directly in front of the telly to be sure not to miss a single word. I'd yell for the family and they'd all come rushing in, too... but they sat in actual chairs more than three feet from the TV.

I remember Freaks and Geeks being cute... but it disappeared so fast. I don't think they ever even aired all of the episodes they made. I could be wrong, but I remember it barely being on.

message 22: by Dottie (new)

Dottie (oxymoronid) | 698 comments Home Front -- another one. I have a whole list of shows I loved that didn't "sell" to the wider public -- sigh.

message 23: by Greenfairylv (new)

Greenfairylv | 12 comments I've been reading the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr and the character Keenan reminds me of Matt Czuchry, Logan from Gilmore Girls. Thats who I alway picture talking to Aislinn.
Anyone else read these books and think he'd make the perfect Summer King Keenan?

message 24: by Grace (new)

Grace (Gracethe-weird-one) | 8 comments I saw a movie cover with him on it that looked recent.I was in a BestBuy,and the movie was "Unrated." Didn't look like that great a flick,but the guys gotta work,right?

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