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Book Issues > Can you pick which edition's cover shows in search?

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message 1: by Elisabeth (new)

Elisabeth | 26 comments For books that have multiple editions, how does Goodreads choose which one's cover image shows up as the thumbnail when you search for the book?

I've been adding/updating listings for a favorite author from years ago, who has a lot of books fallen into public domain. I have found that if none of the editions listed on Goodreads have a cover image, and you add an image to just one of them, it will appear as the thumbnail. But is there any way to choose one if several editions have covers? This would be nice for a lot of older books with a zillion public-domain editions that have cheap generic or placeholder covers. If you have a good image of the first-edition cover, for instance, it would be nice to have that be the one that shows up in searches.

message 2: by Darkpool (new)

Darkpool The one that shows up in searches is the one that is "most popular" i.e. the highest number of goodreads users have shelved that edition.

message 3: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments Its the most popular edition, the one that has been shelved / reviewed the most.

You can only choose which editions are shown on your shelves

message 4: by piznajko (last edited Jul 17, 2020 05:56PM) (new)

piznajko (shevchenkofan) | 18 comments How about this help article from 2019: ? If I read it correctly, it says we could edit a book and set a "default" edition. Although, I just tried it, and I don't see an option 'Set this book as the primary edition for this work' when editing an edition.

message 5: by Scott (new)

Scott | 17312 comments Only the author or staff can set the default edition.

message 6: by Emily (last edited Jul 17, 2020 04:02PM) (new)

Emily | 13206 comments Goodreads Authors can set the default edition. Please do not revive years-old threads. Anything about site functionality can be addressed in Goodreads Help.

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