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THE RULES: Effective Spring Challenge 2012

General Information
1. Everyone is welcome and can join in at anytime during a currently running challenge.

2. Challenge dates are:
• Winter = December 1st to February 29th
• Spring = March 1st to May 31st
• Summer = June 1st to August 31st
• Fall = September 1st to November 30th
Note: Challenges start and end at MIDNIGHT EST on their respective start/end dates.

3. In order for points to be counted, tasks must be reported correctly (books & authors linked, for example) in the Completed Tasks thread by Midnight EST on the final day of the challenge.

4. All books read during the dates of the currently running challenge can be used for that challenge, even if starting the challenge late.
For example, should you join the challenge after any start date (January 1st, for instance), you can include all books read in the period of that current challenge (in this case, from December 1st) into that challenge, providing they fit a task.

5. Tasks can be completed in any order

6. Each task can be completed only once for points.

7. Each book must be read completely and can be counted only once per challenge.
All elements of books separated into multiple audio or paperback parts (often identified as “Part 1”, “Part 2”, etc.) must be read. Individual chapters of a book or unfinished serialized books (released by chapter) cannot be used.

8. Re-reads are acceptable unless otherwise stated in a specific task.

9. If you aren't sure if a book will fit a task, please ask about the suitability of the book in the appropriate Task Help thread.

10. Pre-reading: Books longer than 499 pages that were started before the beginning of a challenge can be used to fulfill a task if more than half the book is read during the challenge.
For example, if you were to read 249 pages (or less) of a 500 page book before the start of a challenge, this book would count if it met a task requirement. However, if you had read 250 pages (or more) of a 500 page book before the start of a challenge, this book would not count. Books less than 500 pages should NOT be begun before the start of a challenge.

Book Formats and Page Numbers Explained
1. Any form of a book (hard copy, audio (See #8 below) or e- book) is acceptable unless otherwise stated in a specific task.

2. Graphic novels are allowed unless specifically excluded in a task.

3. Books in languages other than English may be used. Please provide information on the book and/or title to your English speaking moderators so they can understand how the books fit the tasks. Any task requiring a specific title (number of letters, number of words, specific word in title, etc.) should apply to the title that you use.

4. All tasks require reading at least 100 pages unless otherwise stated in a specific task. It is okay to read two or more books to meet minimum page requirements (plays, poetry, etc.).
One book between 80 -100 pages may be used for one 5 point task.
Picture Books and collections of syndicated or internet comic strips or panels must be aggregated to at least 500 pages.
If you elect to use more than one book to achieve the 100 page threshold, all the books must fit the same aspect of the task. You may not mix and match options.

5. When determining page count, you should go by the copy you read- EXCEPT as noted below for ebooks, audiobooks, and large print books. Therefore, if you obtain (own, borrow, check out from the library, etc.) the hardback edition, use the page count for the hardback edition. If you obtain the paperback edition, use that page count.

If you read an ebook, or audiobook use the page count for the mass market paperback if one exists. If there is no mass market paperback edition, use the paperback edition and if no paperback is available use the hardcover edition.

6. The use of ’Young Reader Books’ aimed at the emerging elementary school reader is limited to the 5, 10, and 15 point tasks. Examples of Young Reader books would include: Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Ann M. Martin's The Babysitter's Club series, and Meet Samantha: An American Girl. They are formatted with larger typefaces, more whitespace, limited vocabularies and word counts, and other early reader accommodations. Children’s classics like Little Women or books like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone aimed at a younger audience, but without early reader accommodations may be used throughout the challenge. If you are unsure if a book qualifies as Young Reader, please ask in the appropriate Help Thread. Young Reader books may be used for tasks that specifically allow or require them.

7. Using ebooks
If no printed edition of a book exists, you MUST get the book pre-approved by a moderator in the topic "eBook verification-no print edition" in General Help.

ebooks without print versions cannot be used for tasks requiring a specific number of pages. ebooks can be used for specific page number tasks as long as there is a print equivalent that can be used to determine page numbers- see #5 above. ebooks without print equivalents can be used for tasks without specific page requirements, since it is usually possible to "guesstimate" from the word count that a book is at least 100 pages long.

8. Audiobooks may be used for SRC tasks. Page numbers should be counted as described for ebooks above. Audiobooks that do not have a written word equivalent, either published in paper or digitally, may NOT be used for SRC tasks.
Audiobooks that are noted as being “abridged” may be used to meet the general 100+ page book requirement as long as they are at least 2 hours in length. Abridged audiobooks may NOT be used for tasks with defined longer page requirements as there are no direct print equivalents.

9. Poetry and Plays may be used throughout the challenge. Regular page number rules apply. Tasks requiring these formats may modify the page number requirements.

10. Advance Reader Copies may be used to fulfill SRC tasks. Completed task posts MUST include a link to the book and identify the book as a publisher's advance copy. If no link is available on Goodreads, please provide a link from the publisher or a book retailer.

11. Books identified as an "omnibus" (a volume of reprinted works of a single author or of related works), as a "bundle" (a digital collection of works of a single author or of related works) or as collected works (The Complete .... , anthologies, etc.) may be isolated into component parts and read separately as long as the isolated work has been published separately and meets the minimum page requirements.
The Harry Bosch Novels: The Black Echo / The Black Ice / The Concrete Blonde contains 3 independently published titles: The Black Echo, The Black Ice, The Concrete Blonde. These titles in this omnibus may be read as separate books.
The Study Series Bundle contains 3 independently published titles: Poison Study, Magic Study, Fire Study. These titles in this bundle may be read as separate books.
From William Shakespeare: The Complete Works, Deluxe Edition you may select a single play such as Hamlet.

If you choose to read an element isolated from an aggregate work, you MUST include a link to the book (isbn) that you read AND provide a link to a separately published work that relates to the isolated title. The use of particular title words, cover colors, or cover images to fulfill tasks applies to the actual book that you read.

Page numbers should be determined by the copy you read whenever possible. If a component part has 200 pages in the volume you read, record those numbers. For digital or audio formats use the page numbers provided if possible or follow the page number guidelines in item 5 above for the isolated title.

12. Large Type books may be used. The mass market paperback edition of the title must meet the 100 page threshold. If there is no mass market paperback edition, use the paperback edition and if no paperback is available use the hardcover edition. Big Book tickets may be claimed for Large Type books if the mass market paperback meets the Big Book requirement. If there is no mass market paperback edition, use the paperback edition and if no paperback is available use the hardcover edition.

Posting Requirements
1. To determine if a book fits a task, moderators will rely on Goodreads’ main book page for information such as title, author name(s), Goodreads author status, page number, ratings, etc. Therefore, make sure that you provide a link to the exact version of the book you read. If you do not provide a link, moderators will make their decisions based on the most popular version of the book (the one that comes up 1st in a search for the books title and author).

2. New players and players returning to the challenge after seasons away must consult the Readerboard Names discussion thread to set up or verify the name they will use to post completed tasks. See the details in posts #1 and #2 of that thread.

3. It's fine to change your mind about which books you plan to use for which task at any point...just explain in your post if you have already claimed points for a task and are moving that book to another task.

4. See POSTING REQUIREMENTS for what to include in your posts.

Task Requirements
1. For tasks that require a word in a title, only the title and the subtitle may be used. Series subtitles will NOT apply ex. "a novel of Series name", "A Series name book", "Book # of Series name", etc.. Task creators may allow series subtitles if explicitly included in the task description.

2. For tasks that require a specific image or color on their cover, the player must read the book edition that has the required element.

3. For tasks that require reading a book from a Goodreads listopia list, the book must appear on the list when you access it and the player may not add books to the list to be used for that task.

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25.12 What Comes Next
Option 3
The Second Horseman
The Third Bullet

25.18 Adventures @ your library
Option 3 Insurgent
Option 6 The Read-Aloud Handbook

25.19 Schools out
Option 3 Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
Option 4 Hush by Jacqueline Woodson

30.3 Kickin' Back
R- Recommended All the Lovely Bad Ones On the 7th grade recommended reading list. I will be teaching 7th grade next year.
A- Acquired Jacob Have I Loved

Points this post: 105
Total points: 105

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