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message 1: by Erika, Dream Thief (new) - rated it 4 stars

Erika (livingforthebooks) | 5215 comments Mod
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Stephanie (hotpinklady420) However much I love Jace and Clarys chemistry together these books wouldnt be what they are without Simon. With his smart quips and fierce protection of Clary I would have give anything to have someone like this in my life at their age in my mundane life lol

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Simon is cute and nerdy :-) I love him

Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 3463 comments I love Simon, I personally love him a lot more than Jace!

Elizabeth (lizz_marie8) | 12 comments Simon is like my child in a way. While I don't like him with Clary (I love him with Izzy!), I still want him to have a happy life. He's such a complete dork and a lil cutie.

FloorM | 106 comments I love him! He's the quirky best friend that gets drawn into the big mess that is the shadow world just because he cares about Clary so much.

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) | 336 comments Yeah; Simon would go absolutely anywhere for Clary, and having that sense of loyalty and friendship before the parabatai ceremony is actually kind of rare. I mean, would Jace do anything for Alec? Almost anything, but in truth,if it came between saving Clary and saving Alec, I really think he would save Clary. I know it's against the parabatai oath, but still. Will and Jem - I don't have anything to say about them except for that they are the best pair of parabatai ever to me. (Simon and Clary come second!)

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Dalia | 285 comments Simon is a cinnamon bun

message 9: by Kit (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kit (arcaneshadow) | 25 comments Simon and Dr.Montgomery save the world!

Beenish (beenishamir) Simon was a really great character and a great best friend, yeah he loves Clary so what, he's been with her so long and it's not like he gets hurt and abandons her, he stays even then through everything and the best part is he gets over Clary without ruining their friendships and boy!! that scene where he was telling for IZZY IN IDRIS??! haha I laughed! Honestly he was just great and I loved him in the academy too!! I do miss George Lovelace... and I love that Simon chose Lovelace.

Sophrosyne | 25 comments He is my most favourite character in the series .

Zara   | 807 comments I am a big fan of Simon. I really loved him at first things were awkward between Simon and Clary but the way their relationship evolved I really liked it.
I think everyone needs a loyal and caring friend like Simon.

Zara   | 807 comments In fact Simon is really important to the plot of TMI. He made a lot of sacrifices. He summoned Raziel and even gave up his memories at the end( *sobs in the corner*)

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daughterofathenacarli | 66 comments Zara wrote: "In fact Simon is really important to the plot of TMI. He made a lot of sacrifices. He summoned Raziel and even gave up his memories at the end( *sobs in the corner*)"

Wait what he did?? (I'm currently reading the 4th book) Oh noooooooooooooooo! I love Simon! Why would he do that?

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