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message 1: by Erika, Dream Thief (new)

Erika (livingforthebooks) | 5168 comments Mod
Share your thoughts about Clary

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) | 109 comments Since we are fellow redheads I really like Clary.

message 3: by Ela (new)

Ela LOVE her

message 4: by Ophelia ॐ (new)

Ophelia ॐ Love her! So sometimes she's really annoying, but she brought out the gentle, protective side of Jace that no one else could! shes fearless and strong and is really pretty too :)

message 5: by Annabel ♥ (new)

Annabel ♥ (cinnamonbliss) | 4398 comments I love her! She's the perfect herioine.

message 6: by cy (new)

cy Clary was great.....but I think Tessa was so much better and relatable...and seriously with Simon?? Is it even possible for someone to be that blind??

message 7: by Erika, Dream Thief (new)

Erika (livingforthebooks) | 5168 comments Mod
Cy wrote: "Clary was great.....but I think Tessa was so much better and relatable...and seriously with Simon?? Is it even possible for someone to be that blind??"

I think I might like Clary better but that might be because I'm annoyed that Tessa (view spoiler).
I see that all the time actually so its very possible so I don't blame her for that because she looked at him as a friend so the thought never even crossed her mind.

message 8: by Ela (new)

Ela I prefer Clary to Tessa, but I have only read the first Infernal Devices so far.
I do agree that the thing with Simon was annoying.

message 9: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (ladyfalcon) | 45 comments Cy wrote: "Clary was great.....but I think Tessa was so much better and relatable...and seriously with Simon?? Is it even possible for someone to be that blind??"
Agreed. Tessa is the better of the two heroines.

message 10: by Daria (new)

Daria  (blame-the-nargles) For the most part, I really liked her!!! But at some parts I got really annoyed with her

message 11: by Kirstyn (new)

Kirstyn | 32 comments Clary is interesting. She is a tornado, always moving with very little regard to what's in her path until she "clears." That's not necessarily a bad thing and Cassandra Clare did a good job of portraying that trait in her novels. I also like how deeply she cares for people and how like a teenager she seems instead of an adult like in some books I have read.

message 12: by Kayterbug (new)

Kayterbug | 6 comments I believe BOTH of the series are epic! Clary AND Tessa have their ups and downs. But over all I Love them BOTH same with Will and Jace!! So excited for the next two books in the series to come out!!

message 13: by Alaina (new)

Alaina (bibliobarista) | 9 comments I love Clary, and for the first book I liked Clary and Jace better. But now Tessa, Will, and Jem are my favorites.

message 14: by Stormy (new)

Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 3463 comments I'm not a big Clary fan. She's very whiny and a bit selfish how in the later books all she cares about is her boyfriend, though at the end of COLS, Clary showed some true bravery and selflessness in the end. I found Tessa a lot more relatable and mature than Clary. Heck, I love the TID crew a lot more than the TMI one!

message 15: by Faery (new)

Faery (1234ideclareathumbwar) | 465 comments Clary is awesome! Go Clary!

message 16: by Harlee (new)

Harlee I guess I liked her, but I don't love her.

message 17: by Afrah (new)

Afrah (afrah_hi) Harlee wrote: "I guess I liked her, but I don't love her."

Same here. Awesome, yup shes stubborn and reckless, brave and she more importantly brings out the compassionate part of Jace. But definitely not my favorite female protagonist.

message 18: by Suzi Evelyn (new)

Suzi Evelyn (suzievelyn) | 1538 comments I didn't love her in TMI, more of just an appreciation. In Lord of Shadows, though, even though her appearance was very brief, I loved her and how mature she was.

message 19: by Anika (new)

Anika (downthefoxburrow) | 43 comments I like Clary but at some points she annoyed me. Most of the time when she was with Jace. Don't quite know why. Maybe because at some point in City of Ashes I got sick of their love drama. Then in City of Lost Souls she kinda redeemed herself to me and she became one of my favourite characters in the TMI

message 20: by Kaseadillla (new)

Kaseadillla | 13 comments Never a HUGE fan of Clary, but didn't necessarily dislike her. But, has anyone seen the show? I dunno who cast that actress, but she's wicked whiny and annoying. Major misstep I think.

message 21: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Jean | 6 comments (I know I’m late to the discussion)
I never really related to, or liked Clary much.
However, I realize that a lot of the things I dislike about her are understandable given that she is a teenager thrown into really difficult circumstances.
And she does grow a bit as the series goes on.
Still likely one of my least favourite heroines, but I understand why she is the way she is through the series.

message 22: by Aaliyah (new)

Aaliyah Riley | 28 comments When it comes to Clary I have my likes and dislikes about her at first she trust a lot and then as time goes on she becomes much more tough sometimes and yet at times very insecure even too tough with her personality even though she doesn't mean too much harm who could blame her. So much has happened to her in such a short amount of time and I end up feeling bad for her at some points but I do love how much she's grown throughout the series itself.

message 23: by Dalia (new)

Dalia | 285 comments She feels a little childish but I love her.

message 24: by Ana (new)

Ana | 1 comments Sorry for just getting into the discussion now, but, I LOVE Clary with all my heart! and as a psychology student I can say that a fifteen year old teenager is quite normal act without thinking, as they are in a process of self discovery and personality development

message 25: by Alex (new)

Alex  Lantsov-Vanserra (alexthebookish) | 93 comments I don't love her, but I don't hate her. I just tend to dislike a lot of minor things about her, and she seems a bit childish to me. However, I like her because I love how Jace is when he's with her, so that makes it worth it because I love Jace so much. (Well, not as much as Will but y'know, Will's a hard competitor)

message 26: by Ari (new)

Ari (manilabread) | 152 comments Clary has to be one of my least favorite protagonists. She was coddled a lot in the first few books and her relationship with Jace really annoyed me initially. I did end up liking Clary in the 5th and 6th books

message 27: by Ronza (new)

Ronza (lunakamell) I really don’t like her. She doesn’t think things through, she’s so rash. When Simon was in trouble in the first book for example and she wanted to save him so she’s like i’m gonna save him myself and whatever. But she can’t save him, that’s the thing. She didn’t have any training and she was just gonna get them both killed. Alec, Jace and Izzy help her so much in the first book even though they technically don’t have to and she still shouts at them for like “having no feelings” or whatever. She ANNOYS me.

message 28: by Beenish (new)

Beenish (beenishamir) | 506 comments she annoyed me most in city of glass. I'm gonna reread city of ashes this month and see how I feel.

message 29: by Zara (new)

Zara  | 745 comments Clary is one of my favorite characters. I love her. I have to admit that she annoyed me a few times but I like the way she loves Jace and cares for Simon even more than her life. She is brave and knows that she can make her own desicions.

message 30: by Zara (new)

Zara  | 745 comments Clary has flaws but I guess that's how everyone is. Like come on she is a teenager aren't we all like that..??

message 31: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 147 comments I didn't like Clary in the beginning but i absolutely loved the charecter growth we see with her like come on! When you compare City of Heavenly Fire and City of the growth is amazing and i really appreciate and respect that.

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