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Which was the first book you read? At what age?

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message 1: by Vikas (new)

Vikas Agarwal (vikasagarwal) | 4 comments Mod
Just wanted to see when you people started reading books as a hobby.

I started off at 11 with comics, moved on to Harry Potter and was hooked on to it. They were the ones that really caught my attention and helped me discover the love for books. (apart from being the only ones available in the school library)

message 2: by Nishant (new)

Nishant Chandra (nishantchandra) | 4 comments Mod
well i was not an early boomer. once i got hold of a book of one of my college going cousins and got hooked to it. i was in class 8th (about 12 or so) and think what you may, but the book was, "The monk who sold his ferrari".

I realised i am not even close to any life crisis as they were talking about(i might be now though) but something in the book did hold my attention.

And then there was harry potter. i somehow got hold of HP4 and there was no stopping from then on. I borrowed till HP6 from a guy who had them and read the last part in front of the monitor within days of its release. first marathon read.

and of course, there were raj comics and such in the earlier childhood.

message 3: by Nemo (new)

Nemo (captn3m0) | 4 comments I used to read children illustrated classics in my childhood. Kidnapped, Black Beauty, Oliver Twist and the likes. Kidnapped is the first book that I have a clear memory of reading.

Started swapping novels with one of my friends in school after that. Read through HP, da vinci and other stuff. One good thing was that I subscribed to Reader's Digest Select Editions (condensed bestsellers).

My parents tell me that I'd read Nirmala (premchand) by the time I was in 1st or 2nd grade, although somehow I doubt that I understood even a single word of it.

Then came kota, where I read lots of books on hire. Tried to read up lots of fantasy (wanted to write something, maybe will one day).

Just saw the question again, and I see that I've veered way off-topic :)

message 4: by Rushil (new)

Rushil | 2 comments I think the first book I ever read was either oliver twist or Tom Sawyer when I was 11 or 12. I'm not counting enid blytons and nancy drews.
I think the first book I ever bought was the godfather in the 9th.

message 5: by Sukun (new)

Sukun Tarachandani | 1 comments I wont count the famous five and the goosebumps, because I don't remember the story of any novel of the series. The earliest book about which i still have a vague idea of the story line is Swami and Friends.

message 6: by Tanuj (new)

Tanuj | 1 comments Famous five and secret seven in class 8 though I don't remember any story. (or may be I remember famous five on secret island)
then I moved on to harry potter.

message 7: by Priyadershita (new)

Priyadershita Singh | 1 comments i read an agatha christie novel in class was my first mature novel apart frm secret seven and goosebumps which i wont count.... :D
then ofcourse i moved to harry potter....

message 8: by Mohit (new)

Mohit Choudhary (mohit70007) | 1 comments it was treasure island in 5th which i call a proper book ... before that was mostly enid blyton !!!

message 9: by Yashvardhan (last edited Sep 20, 2013 10:09AM) (new)

Yashvardhan (yavvee) | 1 comments Biography of Vivekananda. I was probably in 4th or 5th class. I don't recall anything from the book, only the fact that I was hooked to it till the end!

message 10: by Naman (new)

Naman (nmnxplrr) I read Dale Carnegie's 'How to win friends and influence people' in class 12th. I wanted to improve my social skills. I had read a paragraph of the book when I was in class 10. I could very much relate that to real world. Since then I always wanted to read it which I did at railway station.
The title of the book is kind of awkward but do read it. It will help one and all.

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