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Ania Love it :). However, without the trilogy it wouldn't be as good. This is because we know that eventually (in the trilogy) Bart does become a better person. He could kill the kid at the end of book 1 but doesn't.

So in this book we get to explore Bart's wild side... I hope there's more of these side adventures to come :)

Sandar I thought it was a good book but it did feel out of place. I feel that next time I'm in the mood to read the books again ill start with this one. We'll see if it changes the feel of it.

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I loved this one more than the triligy because its all about Bart no annoying other viewpoints

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The whole series was different and original, for those who like this type of fantasy fiction and want some light reading. I loved all the asides at the bottom of the page, the way history was mixed into the tale, the mix of reality and fantasy sharing the same world but not separated as in Harry Potter...... I preferred the first and third books in the series.

Rachel Jackson I loved it! Bart was hilarious as usual and I loved the setting of Jerusalem. I felt that it was worthy of being a part of such an awesome series!
I kept waiting for Bart's pov. I did that in the original series too!

Danielle This one was terrible. What happened to Bartimaeus? Ptolemy's Gate really fleshed out his character and showed that he was willing to help people out, but only if they gave him a huge amount of trust in return. Ptolemy gave him that trust, Kitty gave him that trust, Nathaniel just barely gave him that trust. Asmira did not. She did nothing, and yet he helped her and risked his life for her more than any of the other characters he trusted in this series. It really ruined all the other books for me.

If you're going to do a prequel, you need to remove all the character development you did in the books that come later in time. Bartimaeus should have been more selfish, more of a trickster, more willing to backstab, more evil than he was in any other book. Instead he was totally spineless and pathetic.

On top of that, what made the other books interesting was that all of the characters were unlikable. They were all mostly selfish and did things for their own motives. If I wanted a bland fantasy story there are a lot more I could have chosen that are better written.

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