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Everly Anders | 71 comments Hi All,
I am a Sci-Fi/Fantasy author and Kindle Addict. Yes, I actually own two. I had the regular kindle and then I was given the Kindle Fire and love it, but I can't let go of my old one so I just use both. Maybe I am as crazy as my cat has been telling me I am. :)
Here are my Short Stories:

Displaced by Elle Lapraim
When Abigail was twelve she discovered something in the woods behind her house; something that would destroy everything it touched. Fifty years later, after America is nothing but a memory, Mr. Brown shows up to interview Abigail in her London home. Haunted by his own terrifying dreams, Mr. Brown must find out why this is all happening and if there is anything they can do to stop it from obliterating human-kind. The conversation that transpires will either be the salvation he is so desperately seeking or the haunting realization that nothing can be done for any of them.

The Seamstresses by Elle Lapraim
The Seamstresses
Death is just a career change.

When Yin opens her eyes at the beginning of the story, she realizes two things. She is in an old abandoned seamstress shop – and she is dead. This afterlife is filled with laughing snowflakes and endless city streets. The only person here to guide her through this world is her older sister, who also happens to be dead.

Yin soon discovers that they must use their abilities to sew together the relationships of the living. Although Yin finds this prospect thrilling at first, not everything in these snow-lined streets is as it seems. She will soon discover that good and evil are woven more tightly together than she could have ever imagined.

The Colors of Qua by Elle Lapraim
The Colors of Qua
Sofia has been The Grim Reaper since she opened her eyes after her death and found she was holding a clipboard of names. She helps people transition to what comes next, though she has never seen it for herself. She believes that she is being kept out of the afterlife because of the secret she keeps inside her.

It’s not until she runs into a man at the theater that everything changes. He can see her and that knowledge thrusts her into a part of this world, full of people just like herself. Here, she may finally be able to atone for what she has done.

I also have a blog to help support other writers at :
Happy Reading!
Elle Lapraim

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Erika Tamblin (ETamblin) | 1 comments I just read Displaced and loved it, I just wanted you to know. I just bought my next short story of yours. Your stories got me into reading short stories. I was never really a fan of them before because I felt like most didn't really have a point. Thanks for showing me the light!

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Everly Anders | 71 comments Thank You, so glad you are hooked on short stories now. They really are fun!

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Ben Guilfoy | 42 comments Hi Elle,

The description for 'Displaced' sounds fascinating and I marked it to-read! I look forward to checking it out. I'm a big fan of short stories myself.

message 5: by Everly (new)

Everly Anders | 71 comments Thank you so much Ben. I love to meet another fan of short stories. I would love to know what you think!
Have a great day.
Happy reading,

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Ben Guilfoy | 42 comments I caught some downtime at work and read it, and loved it. :) I really enjoyed the whole premise, you name dropped a couple of my favorite movies (and really nailed the 'alien invasion' genre in general there) but most of all I love the tone. Well done!

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Everly Anders | 71 comments Ben wrote: "I caught some downtime at work and read it, and loved it. :) I really enjoyed the whole premise, you name dropped a couple of my favorite movies (and really nailed the 'alien invasion' genre in g..."

Wow, I am so glad, both that you enjoyed my work and that you had down time at work. Don't worry I name dropped some of my favorite as well. I can't wait to see prometheus!
Thank you again for your support.

message 8: by Ben (new)

Ben Guilfoy | 42 comments No problem! I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

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