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Speculation > How many tributes did Peeta kill in the 74th Games?

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Firefox | 33 comments The Careers said that Peeta was good with a knife & we know he fought at the Cornucopia because of his bruised face, limp, etc... How many do you think he killed & since Suzanne Collins helped write the screenplay for the movie do you think her vision of this will be shown int the movie?

An Extremely Avid Reader's Reviews (literarymary) I don't think he killed anybody....LAME!!!!!

Jules:) No he did....remember he finished off the girl that started the fire.

Leah | 159 comments The girl that started the fire and Foxface..although Foxface was unintentional.

Beth (beth_jones8) i know it says he finished off that girl but i really think that considering the character that peeta is, the compassionate soul, he would've avioded killing anyone at all costs. If he did you know he would've been totally cut up about it... unless it was to protect katniss of course. He's so baben!!!

Firefox | 33 comments We read that he killed district 8 girl but what I am speculating on is who he killed at the Cornupcopia, we didn't get insight into that because Kat wasn't there to witness it. The way she described him when she saw him with the Careers was that he was bloodied & bruised. And they stated he was good with a knife so I would assume he killed someone during the blood bath at the opeining of the games.

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