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Make a text to self connection with the main character, Jonas.

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message 1: by Andrea (last edited Feb 24, 2012 08:41AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Andrea Dillard Have you made a personal connection in any form with the main character, Jonas? How are you like him? How are you different from him? How would you have reacted to receiving all these unknown memories?

message 2: by Lesly (last edited Feb 24, 2012 07:28AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lesly Laboy I can connect with Jonas cause I too have felt confused about things & not being able to have an anwser to all my questions. I feel different sometimes, but I know i'm not alone. But are differnces are varry, i'm very outgoing & when somethings wrong sometimes i just put a smile and act like nothings wrong , I don't share my feelings . If I was to be the reciver of memory i'd find it fasinating ! But strange at the same time , cause all of those memories wouldn't be mine but the whole world's .

message 3: by Kaylah (last edited Feb 24, 2012 07:35AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kaylah If i have recieved all those memories that i didnt know about ill be confused.Because its like tasting food that you don't know about and you don'y know if it will kill you.Me and jonas will probably be the same because I care for friends and family. But also i like to have fun and joke around like Asher.

message 4: by Darius (last edited Feb 24, 2012 07:36AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Darius Sosa-Griffin I think me and Jonas are kind of the same. The first time I ever felt snow was amazing.But we are still different in many ways.Like how he dreams as an example.I love to dream because it is interesting.And we experince different types of weather. We also don't have the same birthdays!Lastly if I was to react to the memories I would have been interested too.

message 5: by Alondra (last edited Feb 24, 2012 07:33AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alondra Valenzuela I guess that i dont have any connection with him because the way his life is is really different to mine. I'm like jonas because I'm really caring for my family and friends. I'm different from him because he seems like a really smart kid and im almost there but not close enough I do have my ups and downs but I know that I can get good grades. I would of been shocked because im reciving all of these memories and they are just really shocking amd then some of them are really hurtful. But out off all this book is really great!

message 6: by Hylan (last edited Feb 24, 2012 07:36AM) (new) - added it

Hylan Clayton Jonas and I are alike because we both ride bike.We also love to work with the old and help take care of them. We are way different because he is the reciver of memory and i am just an ordaniary kid. by that i mean i like to do kid things and he has no choice but to do what the commiettie members tell him to do.My reaction to recveing the the unknow memories whold probaly not be great. If i was Jonas i would want to be released because i have no freedom. So i really cant relate to him.

message 7: by Sayez (last edited Feb 24, 2012 07:30AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sayez Cohens I can realate to Jonas . Because at times I am very worried and also very confused on things that are not to be worried about . Also if I was in the same situation as jonas I would go insane as he was going , but soon learn to be braver. I wouldnt be as scraed as he was but ill be a little bbugged about it.when gettin all the memories I would be in disbelief beacause its something you have never felt before , and to just have memories thrown into you would be an terorfying idea to even think of . So i can relate to him.

message 8: by Alejandro (last edited Feb 24, 2012 07:30AM) (new) - added it

Alejandro Perez My personal conection with jonas is that if I didnt experiance an event I wouldnt understand the meaning of it.Im diffent from Jonas because i dont have pale eyes and my appearal is diffent than his.If I was like Jonas recieving all of the worlds history I wouldnt belive it, beacuse I would never have been exposed to diffrent envirements. It would have scared me and confused me , and maybe left me in shock in awe.

message 9: by kary A.K.A odalis (last edited Feb 24, 2012 07:31AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

kary A.K.A odalis Well he keep his grades ups and help elder people and I think that same connection we have,but maybe we have more connections that I don't know of but I have to wait and see. If I was chosen for these memories I literally will just faint or stay still and just looked surprise maybe a little nervous because the cheif elder said it going to be painful, who knows what pain you going to feel. So far this book is intresting.

Emily Newberry I am like him, because i have had the same memory of snow, and a sled. I am Different from him because I don't live in a "lock down" Community so to say. I would have acted very mad that I didn't have those experiences.

Ranika Williams I'm like Jonas because I'm confused about everything and I'm always asking myself why me! I'm different from him because first off I don't live in a community like his. I'm also different because unlike Jonas, I know what I want to be when I grow up and he was toatlly unsure of what he wanted to be. Me personally recieving all of those meomries would have felt special that the world "trusted me" with all of It's memories. Although the pain, like sunburn, may have been the part where I couldn't take it.

message 12: by Aminata (last edited Mar 02, 2012 04:20AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Aminata Fofana I connect with this book because, i too have felt confused and alone. I relate to Jonas because, i have once been put in a place that i have never known exist, but i enbraced my surrounding! I am quite and respectful just like jonas. I have many questions that have not been answer like Jonas but, i sometimes feel i need the answers to make much sense and stablity with my life. Sometimes i feel like i cant make some of my own choices, but atleast i have a choice to make about what i eat and wear. In many other ways, I feel like me and jonas are very different. For one, he is a boy, and i am a girl. He has pale eyes, however i have dark eyes. Jonas has only a sister, but i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers! Though Jonas and I have our similarities; i expected differences because we live in different communities and very seperated periods of time!

Donte Yeah;an to have so much fun of reciving all of those memorys,and but to have them constant thoughts of wondering ,is there more to just sleding down giant hills of snow and getting painful sunburns.

Efrain Ramirez I think me and jonas are kind of alike because we both think snow is awsome and really fun. Some things that we dont have in common is that he is the most important person in his and im not. If iwas the most important person in my community I would feel just like Jonas.

message 15: by Eros (new) - rated it 5 stars


Guadalupe I don't have any connection with him because his life is different to mine.I'm like Jonas because I really cary about my family.

message 17: by Zabdiel (new) - added it

Zabdiel Ruiz I can connect with Jonas because I also get anoid by my little. But more importantly, if I were selected to be Reciever of Memory I would enjoy it. It sounds like great expirience to go through. I am different from Jonas,well, because i dont have pale eyes. But other than that i am very much like Jonas. We are both smart and out going.

Francisca Arellano I can connect with Jonas because i have felt confused about some things.I am differant because i am not as alone as he is.In my case i always put a smile in my face no matter what happens.

Rakeem T Jonas and I are alike because we are smart boys and when things happen like geting called on we are liked shocked because we like to fit in we dont like to stand out of the crowd. In a way we are different because he have the same day rutine like every day he have to do the same thing. Also he is a quite little boy like everything he say is soft and gentile. Im loud I talk when im sopposed to talk. I belive i couldnt take all that pressure that he have to face in life like remembering all the past memeories in the world. He going to have to fast alot of things some may be hurtful some may be nice but thats alot of pressure thats palced on a little boy like him.

message 20: by Moises (last edited Feb 24, 2012 08:35AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Moises Ramos :) I connect with Jonas' because when i was in the 5th grade we had to tell are dream that what happend on your dream. Also,I hated to tell are dreams every day.Can you believe that??I am so different because I have brown eyes and Jonas' had pale eyes.And also I like to joke around with people.

message 21: by Dondre (last edited Feb 24, 2012 08:28AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dondre Overton I think jonas doesnt like his community because its just not normal because of all the weird and crazy rules. I think jonas is tired of following the rules and he will start taking advantage of the new rule

message 22: by Jay (last edited Feb 24, 2012 08:32AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Patel Andrea wrote: "Have you made a personal connection in any form with the main character, Jonas/ How are you like him? How are you different from him? How would you have reacted to receviing all these unknown memor..."

I would be shocked about the memories that i never knew about. I would be like thinkless. I cannot connect with Jonas because he's like i guess kinda too normal. Jonas and I are different by like he has a normal routine and i don't have a normal routine like everyday like Jonas.

Vision capone paul Jonas and i are both smart , bave, and sometimes defiant. though he is a boy and im a girl , he has one sister i have 3 and im related to my mother and he is not we have some comparisons and most differences.

message 24: by Wendy ; (new) - added it

Wendy ; Terraza♥ I haven't really made any connection with Jonas. I have alot more freedom than him. I can go out to play whenever I want, I can wear whatever I want. For example , I got my first bike when I was six ! "WOW" , if I was in Jonas community I would sertanly be releaseed! If I were living what Jonas was living , ha; I would totally be freaked out. It would be something so strange, I wouldn't know how to describe it.

message 25: by Trenton (last edited Feb 24, 2012 08:30AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Trenton Powers I am not like him in any kind of way but, I have been seleted for something like that but, not the same thing through.I am diffenent form him because I am not that smart like he is and I dont have pale eyes. well because if that was me than I will be just like that happy but, then when it came to the pain I would be sad or hurt in a way.

message 26: by Brandon (last edited Feb 24, 2012 08:31AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Brandon I feel I am as pail as he is. That's the one connection I have with him. Also he is a very curious guy just like I am. I'm different from him because well I live in a normal enviornment. In personality traits i'm different because i'm more interactive with stuff hes not. I think if I were introduce to these meomories i'd probably be surprised id never want to leave but I know I would have too.

message 27: by Erik (last edited Feb 24, 2012 08:46AM) (new) - added it

Erik morales Jonas and I are alike because we are both smart. We both like to work and sometimes we break the law. Jonas and I get confused alot of the time. We are both shocked that we could lie. When we both were 12 we got our jobs. I think Jonas and I are brothers. We act alike, we are confused and lost. I bet if Jonas is getting tired of the city he will run. I would do it if I"m sick of tire of the city.

message 28: by Mitchel Dang (last edited Feb 24, 2012 08:35AM) (new) - added it

Mitchel Dang No, I don't feel like I have made a personal connection with Jonas. I feel like he's way different than me. Like the only thing we probably have in common are our smartness, 'cause I think i'm pretty smart. Our differences is his personaily wise. He knows how to speak up when told to. My feeling towards receving all the unknown memories would have been kinda terrified, but how he described it made me think different.

Laura Pacheco The only way I think can connect with Jonas, is where he cares for his friends and family . But besides that , theres nothing else we can connect with. I think I would have felt pretty wierd.

message 30: by Michael (last edited Feb 24, 2012 08:46AM) (new) - added it

Michael Stylezz I can relate with Jonas because I also am confused of what I want to be when I grow up. If I where selected to be the reciver of memroy I would love it because I would know things other people dont know.Also iI have two brothers and one sister an Jonas only has one sister.He also has clear eyes and I hve hazel eyes

message 31: by Ashlley (last edited Feb 24, 2012 08:41AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ashlley Ouk I think that Jonas and I are alike, but at the same time we have our differences. We have the same connection by being so curious. We both ask alot of questions, that cannot be answered. I hate when that happens, because that makes me even more curious and makes me want to ask even more questions just like him. Also, I think that we are both kind of quiet in a way. Jonas and I are different in many ways. He gets to see from beyond, and I dont. Jonas wears a tunic. I wear jeans and a shirt. His eyes are pale and mine are big and brown. I live life without rules,and he lives in a community with a bunch of rules. If I received unknown memories I would be really confused, because I wouldnt know what it is or how its like.

Estrella Bailon I am different from Jonas in the way that I already know what I want to be when I grow up. Therefore I would not want someone else choosing my career. I am like him in the scence that all that is going on is not making any scence to him.I am kind of lost like he is. I am also diffent because we have different life styles. In a way I would be very excited about receiving all those memories. Learning about new experiences and different seasons. I would also be a little scared because of the pain that I would have to go through to receive the memories.

Kevin Valencia I have not made a connection with jonas,so far.he is like me because we both have tunics. We are different because he lives another planit, and I live in america. I would not flip out instead of being so calm.

message 34: by Juwann (last edited Feb 24, 2012 09:37AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Juwann Ash I am like Jonas in a way my first time seeing snow was just amazing to me.Then me and him are way different because i know abut the past of the world in school and i just enjoy it.If i was given the job he has i would have to leave ,pain is something i will just be afraid of it I willn't won't to indoor it.

message 35: by Kevin (last edited Feb 24, 2012 09:37AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kevin I really havent made any connection ,in any form, with Jonas. We're because I dont like dream telling in the morning. We're different because he lives in a dull, boring world and mine is full of exitement and what not. If I were to recieve these memories I would feel prety chill and calm but worried because the "pain" is still to come.

Maritza I can relate to Jonas. Because i've been in a time where i didnt know what i wanted to do with life. I've been confuesed with all the mized emotions i've had. I dont really know how im different from him. He's such a quiet person and kind of shy too. My reaction to reciving all those unfamilar memories for me would be frightening and kind of tramtizing. I would be excited for the new expreiences but at the same time creeped out.

message 37: by Mary (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mary Nguyen I dont have a connestion with jonas,yet. Maybe i will. He's like me because, i like to mess around with my sister. I bully her,tease her, and things like that. He's different from me because, i'm a girl and he's a boy, that one thing about us. Another is that he received memories and mine disapper in a second. If i received these memories i will be alittle scared of the unknown memories that i will see, but i be happy to get them.

message 38: by Asaf (last edited Feb 24, 2012 10:16AM) (new) - added it

Asaf Frias I can relate to Jonas because ill get confused time to time .Also the first time I saw snow I thought it was the best thing ever!
My differnce from Jonas is that I dont live in a community like him,thank god..
I would have a shocking reaction from all the random memories ive recieved.

Tavaris Scott My connection to Jonas is sort of similar I really do feel lonesome when everyone's scattered amd im all alone in a spotlight room.It becomes unoticable though considering all the great friends I have.

message 40: by Efrain (new) - added it

Efrain Gomez if i recived all those memories i would be confused and feel weard

Chyna Tucker I havent made a strong connection between Jonas, But he is respectful like I can be. He also asks alot of questions which I do too. Im different from him because I cant live in a place that is plain and has so much rules. I also cant live in a house that has no color or decorations.

Summer Lawrence I have somewhat of a connection with Jonas . Me and him both are caring . Jonas was really kind and respectfull to his elders and i am also that way .

message 43: by Chontavious (last edited Feb 24, 2012 11:22AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Chontavious Glover I have made a connection with Jonas,because if I was in this book I would feel confused too.Jonas and I are alike because he the one that always like to make a good first impression.We are different because I am not precise with my language, like I could really careless what anyone says.When the giver would have gaven me all the memories I would have been excited.Receaving all those memories that no one else knew would have amazed me. I would have been scared also to recieve all that information and not being able to tell it to anyone.

message 44: by pedro (last edited Feb 24, 2012 11:25AM) (new) - added it

pedro well me... personaly I havent made a connection with jonas. He is a boy realy hard to get and I am not realy carefull with my words not like him anyway. Ror the second question I am nothing like him not at all like him he is too careful and I am reckless with my the third question I like and I guess I know what I want to be when I grow up and he dosent. well I would fell that I would be very cunfused, and exited but also scared with the unknown memories. becuase of the horribly undescrible pain that awaits me with these memories i could not want that to happen.

James Stephens I have made many connections with Jonas. One connection that I had made with him was when he tried to find an answers when he is confused.Another connection that I had made with him was he thinks about what he says before he says it. This is important, so in some situations you wont get introuble.This book is very intresting and i cannot wait to finish this book.

message 46: by Makaila (last edited Feb 24, 2012 11:29AM) (new) - added it

Makaila I can sorta relate to Jonas. I get confused alot usually. Just like Jonas I'm caring and respectful. I follow the rules in school, like he follow the rules of his community. If I was in Jonas' shoes I would have been shock as weell as scared. Being the Reciver of Memory is a big deal in his community and to have that big of a responsiblity over my head would be terrifing. Besides being scared and shocked, I would be excited to recieve everyone in the world memories and to experience things others have been through. I love this book so far. Can't wait to see what happened to the other Reciever of Memory.

message 47: by Margaret (last edited Feb 24, 2012 11:29AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Margaret Gonzalez Im not sure i've ever felt anything that Jonas has felt. He has experience some different things in his community than i have...such as he cant lie or he gets punish.Its different in my community, because in my community if you lie nothing realy happens...You just hurt the people you love. You should NEVER lie; and also in his community you cant realy ask questions because that is consider disrespect...In my community they actually encourage you to ask questions.

I have NO similarities with Jonas...I do have differences such as that Im a girl and he is a boy and also that my name is used in more then one person in my community. In his community there names meaning the people in the community names are recycle. If i recieved all those unknown memories i would feel REALY scare because it would feel strange and since they said there would be pain i would feel extra frighten. Im not even sure if i would be able to stay strong.(: <3

message 48: by Aaliyah (new) - added it

Aaliyah Scott I don't have that much connection to Jonas except one time I was getting a award from a award cermony I didn't know about and i was confused and nervous,and my mom new about it and I didn't. I dont have a family unit, only one other sibling and a bicycles. I would feel akward. I would hate the idea of a crusty, old dude that touches my back to transfer memory. It would give me a sudden chill down my spine and I would race out of there.

George Have you made a personal connection in any form with the main character, Jonas? How are you like him? How are you different from him? How would you have reacted to receiving all these unknown memories?

No i havent made any personal connections with Jonas so far. We both have alot of questions to ask when we don't know what is happening. He has pale eyes and i don't .`I would have been excited but, scared because I dont want to recieve all the pain he is going to recieve.

message 50: by Jazmen (last edited Feb 24, 2012 11:41AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jazmen Rowe I get confused alot just like Jonas. Not having all the answers to my questions all the time. Life can be scary but he shows that you got to face it. I think of how scary it can be taking over the biggest job of your life. Many times not knowing what its going to feel like. I would have been really scared and nervous.

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